-tmnt- Fallen honour

ok this story may have been seen befor like on fanfiction or even here on quizilla that is because on quizilla i deleted it cuz i wanted to do alot of editing then i lost my password for that account so i did not copy it i was the origonal writer and the only auther of this story..........story opener ->will Leonardo control his sudden rage and anger after splinter was kidnapped by the foot. can leo and his brothers save splinter at the same time as falling in love?....

Created by xXDreamLightXx on Sunday, July 04, 2010

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Warning: this story contains interspaces romance.

Rated T: violence, language, and mild sexual content

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the Ninja Turtles or any of their comrades/villains they are copyrighted by Nickelodeon. Although I do own the characters Rebecca (Becky) and Jessica

Fallen honour

Chapter 1- kidnapped-

There was something about the air when it blow that makes me feel free. Something about the stars that made me dream. But when I looked in his eyes I felt like total bliss was taking over me. But deep down I knew if I was to fall him he would let me crumble to my death. Wow what a love story, well I'm used to guys hurting me that is why I have no trust in anyone. But I'm used to it seems every guy I have ever liked, has hurt me and slowly killed me with every snarl or every smile. I think I'm destined to live a life all by myself. The other kids see a lonely sad teenager and they pushed me down and leave me there alone and helpless. But inside my heart I new there was someone out there for me some one mysterious and different some who would love me for me some one who could never hurt me, or let anyone else. I wish every day that he would find me and be my knight in shining armour. To take me away from every thing to save me.

"Get ready for your trip you're not even packed yet. You leave at 6:00 tonight now get ready." my mom yelled through the door. I did not even want to go to New York all the rumours of some lunatic gang call the purple dragons and some secret freakn ninja association, it would make anyone scared to go but this was a trip my parents planed with Jessica's family. my mom thought it would be good to send me to new York and get some advantageous experience I was little excited but I hate plans and something inside me was telling me something bat was going to happen …well hours passed and it came time to leave. We boarded the plan and descended on our long flight to New York when we got to New York and got to some hotel.

"I'm so excited." Jessica giggled with a smile that could make the stars be in awe.

"Oh yeah." I smiled actually getting excited for the new adventure. but the plan ride was so long and right now all I wanted to do was go up to my room and sleep and hope I wake up to a nice day with no creepy killers at the hotel door. When Jessica and I got up to my room I flopped on the bed. The blankets flew around me

"I'm on a cloud!" I said as Jessica and I laugh at my sudden comfort. Finally my personality was coming back because I was not all worried and stuff… I still hate plans though then the lights went out I did not even get into my p-jays but still I fell into an endless slumber...

~The world spins like a tornado, screams and cries from every direction. Then I stand in a room brick wall with blood pouring down seeping onto the floor. The room had candles all around it. They were flickering and dimming. I was like a ghost observing the situation there was a silhouette of a man he was using two katana and it seemed that he was training fighting. He then falls to his knees yelling and panting

"What's happening to me" he yelled. Then the room began to change the candles blew out and I found my self in some odd place that looked like a sewer. There was Jessica she was standing there crying then the man in the trench coat held a knife as he walked up to Jessica

"Jessica watch out Jessica!" I yelled but nobody could here me.

"What's wrong Jessica my love? You look nerves!" a voice came from behind me.

"Get away you fucking bastard." Jessica yelled as she was pushed to her knees. A knife was on her neck she looked in a puddle to see it was some man she seemed to recognize. I could see two beady eyes peering out at her.

"Awe you sound mad, to bad you had to cheat on me!" the man yelled

"Why are you doing this!" jess cried at what seemed to be an endless light. I was just standing beside her looking at my friend about to die but I could not move and nobody could here me speak. The wind began to howl and scrams filled the air around me. My ears rang and I began to cry.

"You're a cheating bitch so you die, I loved you so you die." he whispered as he dug the knife into her flesh. And she fall smashing into the water.

"Jessica!" I cried as Blood rushed around us the cool air chilled my skin making my body shiver my reflection shot back at me in the pool of my friend's blood

"Good night." the man said as he faded in the darkness. Bats flew around her dead body picking at the flesh tearing it away they then came to me and also began tearing me away limb from limb. ~

I shot open and my body launched up I was gasping for air I looked around remembering I was in the hotel room and it was just a nightmare. But it felt so real I could even hear the scrams as if I was really still there. I looked at the clock it Shawn red blinking lights that read 3:00 in the morning. I slowly got up. Jessica was snoring and you could here the faint wiper of her parents in the room next to us. So I got up rubbing my eyes, black eye liner smudged and left a mark on my hand I decided to go bathroom to fix my hair and put on some makeup. I grabbed my writhing bag which had my diary, not to mention most of my stuff for the trip all stuffed into one small side bag, but I'm to lazy to take it out. I climbed out the window and climbed up the escape ladder and went up to the roof and went to the edge. I sat down and looked at the large city. The lights were so bright it could be seen miles away, all u could here were sirens and guns shots, screams in the distance not the most comforting place but it was something new. I grabbed my bag and pulled out my poetry book I let my penile guide me, the words just seemed to flow when I felt peaceful.

I then herd a man yelling at someone come from the ally on the other side of the hotel I quickly put my book in my bag. I ran over to the edge of the biding on the other side my bag dangling on my shoulders I kneeled down and to a man in a trench coat and hat. He had a katana drown to some wired guy in a ninja suit or his Pjs.

"Where is my master!" the man in the trench coat yelled at the ninja looking guy

"I will never tell a pathetic freak like you!" he yelled back. Then the man in the coat grunted as swiped his sward killing the other guy instantly. I gasped he then looked up seeing me. I covered my mouth and grabbed my bag and ran across the roof. I looked behind me to see the man at the edge were I once stud looking like a shadowy ghost from once of those horror movies.

I let a scream out and he covered my mouth with his large green foot. my eyes widened at the sight if his foot now ether he was human with a disease or a mutated monster or I'm seeing things in the mist of the night He drew his katana and aimed it at my neck. I then recognized him from my dream. I was speechless I could not scream or even move to run. I just stared up into the darkened eyes of the man whom brought death. I began to shiver from fear I covered my eyes he lifted his foot and slowly placed it back on to the roofs floor.

"w-what do you want?" I stuttered he just looked shaking his head

"What did you see?" he asked in a dark voice as he bent his body down to look at me more.

"Nothing I swear!" I blurted out. He raised his head slightly.

"I can't believe you." he sighed

"So you're going to kill me?" I asked giving him big puppy dog eyes, as they filled with water

"I-I have to you are a witness" he stuttered and he dropped his head and looked down at his feet.

"I promise I won't tell anyone, but there is no honour in killing me, that's not a way to deal with your problems there are other ways to avoid killing an innocent witnesses!" I said trying to reconcile with the dark mysterious man before me.

"What do you know of honour!" he yelled. Then another shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. I stared at him then the man standing before me look towards the shadowy figure also. Then he emerged from the darkness he was a large turtle my mouth dropped and I began to shake. Goose bumps rose from my skin the cold air began to crease my cold body soothing and calming me.

"Don't do this Leo." the voice said in a dark New York style accent. "She has done nothen to ya!"

"Then what am I gunna do Raph?" Leo asked mysteriously. Looking at me then back towards Raph. Leo grunted then pulled a cotton bag from his pocket. He pulled me forward and slipped the bag over my head, I started to squirm.

"Stop squirming!" Leo ordered. "Here Donatello" Leo said as I was picked up and swung over someone's shoulders.

"Put me down!" I yelled as I started to try and kick him

"If we put you down ill kill you so shut up!" he announced. I just lay there a limp body, turns out the more I yell the harder it is to breath in this thing.

"Don't worry you'll be okay." a soft soothing voice muttered to me. It must have been the one they called Donatello, the one carrying me.

"Rebecca! Put her down you fucking bastard" Jessica yelled then I felt the thing that was carrying me get hit by what seemed to be jess. Then Donatello fell over dropping me to the ground. Well Jess did no how to kick hard!

"Jessica run!" I yelled from inside the cotton bag that was over my head. Then I herd her scream.

"No don't!" she yelled. Then it went silent, I could here the ruffles of her body hitting the ground.

"Don't hurt her!" I yelled losing my breath. I wiggled trying to get out of Donny's grip

"Take her to!" Leo order "and try to shut that one up." Donny picked me back up and we began moving, jumping, and running I was tired and everything was spinning

"Don't worry she's ok just unconscious. And I apologize for my brothers actions we are trying to calm him we don't know what to do." Donny sighed in his soothing voice "And sorry for the way you have been treated. I know it's not right but if we say something to Leo to keep us from kidnapping you two he may end up killing you both." i just stayed silent.and the silence continued as we walked through a place that smelled like a sewer...

"Were almost there." Donatello whispered...

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