-Falling Stars Are Like Fireworks From The Heavens- A Bleach Jushiro Ukitake Love Story Info.

Im starting to think i have an obsession for Jushiro ^^' I think this is the fourth? love story ive done for him. It might even be the fifth. Heheh.

Created by xAngelOfDestructionx on Monday, July 05, 2010

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Sazume Yamamoto
(Head Captain Yamamotos adopted granddaughter)

New Captain of Squad 9.

You have long, reddish-pink hair with choppy bangs that hang around your eyes. Your eyes are a deep yet soft shade of purple. You wear a black beaded choker around your neck. Your shinigami robes are slightly different. You wear the bottom half cut into short shorts, showing off your toned legs. The top has a V in it. Not as drastic as Rangikus but it does show a little skin. Your captains haori is the normal length and has long sleeves.

You are a very sweet girl. At times you can be childish, but if the situation calls for it you are serious. Many times you tend to get shy and become soft spoken. You are energetic and very much playfull.

-Shine HoshiMegami (Star Goddess)-
When you put your sword in shikai you have to hold it out to your side. Spinning it around in your hand as you say the command. When you do say the command it spreads out into ten blades formed into a large circle. Its basically a ring of swords. There is a ball of light in the middle of the ring, where you keep your hand. If you need to you can ditatch the blades. Using them seperately. Or you can use your rietsu to propel the blades towards your target.

-Rain down from the heavens-
Its rare for you to release your bankai. It can be very destructive. But when you do release it a large circle of light forms at your feet. Spreading out to however large you want it to be. When you're satisfied with the size, beams of light shoot up and all gather at the top. Creating what looks like a cage. After this you say the command above anda black light shoots out in all directions from the point at the top. Going down to the ground of the outline you created. Making it completely dark inside. As soon as this is done small orbs of light rain down from nowhere. At a glance they look like snow. But they are stars. Extrememly hot and extremely powerful. If you arent concentrating the slightest touch can make them explode. Luckily the dome is created to where the rietsu can escape. So you arent smothered under it.

When you were a small child you were taken in by Head Captain Yamamoto. He said that he could sense you would be a great soul reaper one day. And boy was he right. You finished the entire academy in the matter of a couple months. Something that was completely unheard of. You dont let people know how strong you are. You just think its not that big of a deal. You are able to use kidou without having to say anything. Something which is unheard of as well. Having trained with your adopted grandfather means you are very well skilled in your swordsmanship. Although it seems like you have a wonderful life, on the inside you are in turmoil about your real family. Yamamoto wont tell you about them. He said that it was better if you didnt know. At many a times you feel lonely and tend to think that nobody would notice if you disappeared. Something you find out is very untrue.

(I got the inspiration for this story from the song Would It Matter by Skillet. Its an amazing song by an incredible band. I suggest listening to it.)

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