Backstage~Adventures~With~Stacey&Mendez (An Andy Sixx ? story)

ok im giving a second story a chance

Created by xxaxkidxnamedxlovelessx on Monday, July 05, 2010

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< Stacey Way : She is a misfit, a rebel and a stunner. She’s a bitch to anyone she thinks deserves it which is everyone.

She only has snake bites no other piercings and she has a star tattoo on her left cheekbone, hardly noticeable because of her bangs. Took her parents a month to realize she even had a tattoo.

Mendez is what everyone calls him. He’s Stacey’s partner in crime. He worships the ground MCR walks on. She makes him take the fault for

All the destruction she gets caught doing.

My Chemical Romance : Stacey finds both her brothers (Gerard and Mickey) irritating to hang around with. They get on every one of her nerves. But they do it out of love and amusement. Frank was Stacey’s partner in crime way before MCR got famous. She and Ray are in the longest prank war ever against each other. She and Bob have never crossed wrong paths with each other.


Andy Sixx: Lead singer of Black Veil Brides as everyone should know by now. He’s a sweetheart to anyone and a jerk to anyone that disrespects him.

He is Stacey’s “soul mate” and he likes to call it. He doesn’t play games but as long as

Playing is what Stacey does he does it too.

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