[Oneshot] The First Move [Neji Hyuuga]

And my first oneshot...

Created by minx1005 on Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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Usually I would have given up on something like this; I definitely wasn’t desperate. Strong, attractive, influential guys like Neji Hyuuga just came around once in a lifetime. Well, maybe not once. But as granny would say to me, “You aren’t getting any younger and your body isn’t either. No one’s going to want to see your fifty-year-old naked booty after coming home from a long day of training.”

What a perverted woman…

Along with being once in a lifetime material and drop dead gorgeous, you wouldn’t expect Neji to be the type to shop for weapons. With the way he acted sometimes you’d think he pulled throwing stars out of thin air and that they were made of pure gold, but every Thursday he’d be in the same store at the same time. Thursday also happened to be my day for shopping and more often than not we would run into each other.

Not literally “run into” thanks to Neji’s hawk-like eyes, cat reflexes and ability to avoid normal human behaviors, but whatever. I could handle that. I might have had a huge crush on him but I wasn’t stalking him. I was much more subtle in my approach and like I said, I wasn’t desperate. Cough, Sakura and Ino, cough.

At first I would make observations or try to make small talk. I’m normally a calm, intelligent person, but my sentences around Neji always came back to slap me like a PMSing woman.

“Man, that thing is huge!” I commented on a katana hanging on the shop wall. Several seconds ticked by before my face turned a nice shade of scarlet, clashing wonderfully with my green eye and purple eye. I smacked my forehead with my palm. My statement definitely could be taken the wrong way. I saw Neji glance at me afterwards. He said not one word.

I quickly muttered about the savings you’d have after buying a knife sharpener rather than buying kunai all the time.

Still no response.

Nice going, Tanaka. You looked like a real genius out there…

“Better luck next time, Nonta.” the shopkeeper’s young daughter said after Neji exited the shop. She knew of my attempts to woo the Hyuuga boy.

I remember one occasion when a new fish restaurant had opened in Konoha. Tenten, one of my confidents in this little endeavor, suggested I bring the subject up with the pale-eyed nin. Sit down dinners were uncomfortable, especially for first dates. I was willing to give it a shot despite that fact. Neji seemed more of the sophisticated type anyway.

The following Thursday I made my way over to Neji, disguising my movements as browsing the bargains. I pretended to look at vials of poison.

“Hm, I could really use some fish right now.” I said.

Neji was silent. He placed a handful of kunai in his basket gently before reaching for more.

“Do you like fish?” I asked.


Damn it to hell. Well, he spoke. That was a plus, right?

A year and a half had passed since our first meeting in the shop. Sure, I had been on a few dates since then. Neji seemed to be my chief interest though. I couldn’t shake the urge to pursue him.

On the year anniversary, if you could call it that, everything was as usual.

“Hey, Nonta!” the shopkeeper’s daughter yelled to me.

I raised my hand in greeting and grabbed a basket.

“A new pouch and knife sharpeners...” I muttered to myself.

Glancing up from my list I saw Neji walking in. He strode with purpose to the stand of kunai and picked up a few. Suddenly he turned around to face my direction. I stared at him through my curtain of thick, curly brown hair.

Today I would be silent. He was probably growing tired of me verbally attacking him. So that day I walked the aisles silently.

“I have been waiting almost a year for you to shut up.” he said quietly.

I looked around in alarm. The shop was empty apart from us and he was looking straight at me. Fuck, I was the only person he could be talking to.

“W-what?” I said. How eloquent of me…

Neji made his way closer to me, dropping his basket on a random shelf of shuriken. His face was devoid of any expression.

“Sorry, I’ll leave you alone.” I muttered while looking at the floor.

“I thought everyone knew the male is to make the first move.” he said calmly. I looked up. He was now two feet from me, his light eyes drilling into mine. Hot damn he was… hot.

“First move?” I questioned dumbly.

“First move,” he repeated. “For example...”

And with that he grabbed my shoulders. Despite my reflexes, I stood still as he captured my mouth with his. My arms drifted to his neck as his went down to my waist.

“Finally!” the shopkeeper’s daughter roared. “I’ve been watching you two ogle the other for over a year!”

He pulled away.

“Hey now,” I complained. “I wasn’t done yet.”

Neji actually smiled.


Hope you liked it ;)

"I could really use some fish right now". Does that sound familiar? I realized it sounds like Airplanes by B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams. Eh, might just be me...

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