Welcome to Candyland (Blood on the dance floor/ BrokenCYDE)

Created by xMcCakex on Wednesday, July 07, 2010


"Oh my fucking god...were here!!!" I yelled ecstatically to my best friend, looking at the downtown Orlando area. It was nice here.. the air was clean, the sun was shining, everything seamed perfect.
It would be a fresh start... no more life ruining rumors that almost killed me from last year.. no more nagging high schoolers with no lives. no more snow. everything here would be different. (well im hoping anyways.)
We pulled up to the apartment building that we would be renting the summer before we went to art school. this would be the summer toremember we kept telling ourselves.
wegrabbedour luggage and went up the stairs..5floorslater we stopped..this was a work out. so we decided to chill in the stairwell for a few.
"Are we soposed to be hereAlyssa?" Sky said.
"why the fuck not its our apartment now too.." i replied.
we than heard a door open from three floors up. who ever it was they must be angry.
"what do you fucking mean? no i will not fucking calm down. those were important bitch!!! and you just had to fucking loose them!!" he yelled as it echoed.
"im scared...." whisperd Sky.
"its fine dude. lets see who this man is.."
and than i saw his face..it was Dahvie Vanity. his hair was perfect, his cloths were bright, he looked amazing...
I was starstruck. Sky had to shake me to realize what was going on. he came down the flight of stairs and saw us sitting there.
"Do you guys need any help?" he said.
"n-n-oooooo....yes! yes we do dont we sky?" i said while shoving my elbow into Sky's side to make her agree.
"uhhh...sure.." she said.
"Ok. what floor are you on?he asked.
"uhhh.....the 7th." i said looking at the paper the man at the front desk gave me.
"cool! i live up there too. thank god you dont live below us though, we throw some massiveparty's and things do get way the fuck out of hand!" he said looking me in the eyes.
"nice. well have to come to one of yourparty'ssometime they sound like fun." i said.
he nodded and grabbed mine and Sky's bag. He walked it up the three flights of stairs we had left and than to the apartment door. i unlocked the door and we all went inside.
"thank you so much man. were weak we could not have done it without you." i said.
"no worries, wanna come to a party tonight? its at my house. i live right across the hall from you. show up when ever man. and whats your names?"
"im Alyssa and this is Sky."
"cool im Dahvie, ill see you guys around. toodles." he said.
i looked at Sky and screamed.. we had just got invited to a party by Dahvie vanity! oh my god. Sky was so happy. and so was i.
"lets unpack shall we?"

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