Percy Jackson One shot.

I got bored, this is just something i whipped up, in the matter of 2 weeks....

Created by XxTeenQueenxX on Friday, July 09, 2010

I walked into the pool at yancy academy only to see my one of my best friends sitting by the side of it.
“Hey what are you doing in here Grover?” I asked
“Percy’s in the water, but what’s good Bella?” Grover asked
“Nothin’, How long has he been under water?” I asked
“In 10 seconds it will be 7 minutes.”
And 10 seconds later Percy comes popping out of the water.
“Damn bro” I said as he swam over to the edge and hopped out.
“How do you do that?” Grover asked even though we both knew he was the all powerful son of Poseidon, and well me I’m his more powerful cousin Isabella Robinson daughter of Zeus…But Percy just don’t know that I’m his cousin yet… And for us that isn’t a good thing…I have had to turn him down several times because I know I’m his cousin and he’s hot no denying it, and it is hard to turn that face down…
“It’s just I love being in the water….I can think in there.”
“Just like that I can think better when I’m closer to the sky.” Grover glares at me I just smile, I’ve been the one who has been wanting to tell Percy about who he is and that his father is Poseidon.
“Well we have to get back to whatever you want to call it were I cant see jack..”
“You mean class?” Grover asks
“Uh Ya that shit…”I said
Percy smiles, man she’s so much like me why wont she just say yes to me , we would make a great couple. Percy thinks.
-Percy’s house-
“Hey mom” Percy says
“Hey Sally”
“Hey Percy, Hi Izzy.” Sally Jackson says.
“How was school?”
“I think this dyslexia thing is getting worse, want some lemonade Bella?’
“Shore Percy.” I reply and smile.
“Ok I cant do this, bells I need to talk to you.” Percy says and I just give him a weird look but say ok and follow him to the porch.
“Ok we all know you like me, I mean Grover has said it because you’ve told him, But why wont you go out with me?”
“Percy I told you I cant tell you, I promised I wouldn’t” I said and started to walk away but Percy caught my arm and pulled me close to him.
“Please just tell me”
And the next thing I know is his lips were on mine and we were half way to making out, I pull away and look at him.
“If you want to know it is because I’m your cousin ok.” I say and walk away leaving Percy standing there shocked. When I walk away there are tears forming in my eyes and sally was standing there.
“What’s wrong Bells?
“It’s just that I cant take this being Percy’s cousin only because of fucking Zeus and Poseidon, I love Percy but I cant show it because IM HIS FUCKING COUSIN.” and with that I went to my room since sally was my legal guardian after my mom died.
Little did I know that when I said all that Percy was standing right there listening to everything.
Then Percy walks into my room
“Nothing….” he said and walked out.
-The next day at the museum-
I walked onto the bus only to see Grover had saved me a seat
“Hey Izzy, I saved you and Percy a seat.” Grover said and when he said that name me heart stung.
“Where is Percy by the way?” Graver asks
“He’s coming.” I said, and when I said that Percy walked onto the bus.
“Yo Perce, I saved you a seat, next to Bella.”
Percy came and sat down next to me, I turned to look out the window.
-At the museum-
“There are 12 Olympian gods” after that I zoned out.
The next thing I heard was “Percy can you tell me what the offspring of the god and the human is?”
“Demigod” Percy answers
“ Percy, Isabella we need to talk.” Ms. Dodd’s says.
“Uh ok” Percy said
“ So are we in trouble or something” Percy asked
“Miss Dodd’s where’d you go? Whoa how’d you get up there?”
“Where is it” She screeched.
“Daughter of Zeus, you must know who has it.?”
“ What the fuck is she talking about?” Percy asks
“I don’t know where it is, And, ouch, I didn’t know it was stolen, maybe that’s why I’m getting, ouch, weaker.” That’s where it goes black.
The next thing I know is that I feel myself being picked up by firm arms.
“Finally” Grover said.
“Huh what?” I say, I’m in Percy’s arms
“Groan, camp half blood?” I ask
“Yes” Grover answers.
“Babe, you can put me down.” And then I fall because I realized I just called Percy babe.
“Whoa I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you that” I said standing up with my face bright red and rubbing the back of my neck.
“It’s fine” he says and smiles.
And that was the beginning of a amazing relationship.

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