soi fon love story- chapter 1

ok this is going to be a very horrible story, so as many hate comments as you want. but i would also like some good ones. oh and the only way i can write is if i sneek sorry if im late on some of them.

Created by firstdollrozenmaiden on Saturday, July 10, 2010

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"but ichigo!" i yelled.
"i said no!" he yelled back.
"why not?" i asked.
"because, their is not enough room!" he yelled at me.
"fine!" i ran out the door and well back to the soul society.
soul society-
shirohana's pov-
gosh, i finnaly got in to the damn place...
took long enough!
i kept walking and found a really relaxing place. it has cherry bloosem trees and flowers everywhere...ok maybe not everywhere, but pretty much every where!
i sat down by one of the trees and shut my eyes. just thinking.
my name is shirohana, i have been marked a traiter of the soul society...i only have a couple of friends here, but hay what cha gonna do?
i left with my sister ,yoruichi, to the world of the living. so thats why im marked with that name... life has a deal on some people, some others get thru it like nothings wrong. i guess in there minds everything is perfect. but in mine the world has changed...
"what are you doing here?" someone walked up behind me.
"well my bad, so what? im not allowed to relax?" i said turning around to face...not only but toshiro hitsugaya. nice.
"well my house is right there." he pointed.
"oh. well sorry i can leave...if thats what you want?" i said just when i turned back to leave a hand on my shoulder stopped me.....
sorry i have to stop here, i got caught.
next chapter will be...when ever i can get on the computer!
see ya!

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