If I lay here, will you lie with me, and we can just forget the world? [19] Pins and Needles

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Created by everLively09 on Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Chapter 19:

I didn't have an answer for the question, so I just shrugged and ran ahead to catch up with Jessie. I seemed to be doing that a lot. Running away instead of answering questions... Someday it'll catch up to me.

In my mind, there was something more than friendship....

But how could I tell that to Lucas? It would just ruin our relationship.

But all I knew was that sometime, I'd tell Lucas how I really felt.

I had to.


"Melissa Rose! Stop moving!" My mother exclaimed as our dresser was fitting me for a new dress.

I rolled my eyes. "Mother, I have a gazillion dresses at home. I don't need a new one, and besides, it'll cost a shit load of money for another dress." I stressed to her, looking to my dresser for help.

"Language." My mother warned.

I rolled my eyes, and yelped once another pin or needle stabbed my side. "Ouch!" I exclaimed, trying to rub my waist, to no avail. Do you know how much getting stabbed by a needle hurts?

"Sorry, Miss!" The person who was trying to fit me exclaimed.

"It's fine, don't really. And you can call me Melissa." I said sweetly. She smiled.

"Okay, Mi-- Melissa." She said, correcting herself.

This whole formal that my parents were making me come to for their work was basicaly a ball. You had to have the elegant ball dresses, the high heels, the everything. You had to be prepped, prim, and posh. I only survived because Ben and Zane were with me. Without Ben, and Zane with his girlfriend, I'll be extremely lonely. Yay.

"OOO! Lissa! Come look over here! There's an amazing looking dress!" Aira cooed, looking through a dress book. My mom agreed to let her come to the fitting, seeing as how I invited her to come to the formal/ ball thingy with me.

I laughed, which got another pin stabbed in my waist. "I'm a little busy?" I joked.

She pouted, but I could see the small smile playing at her lips. "Fine, but once you're done getting fitted, I think I've found the perfect dress for you. And Mel, when I say perfect, you know me. I mean, PERFECT." She told me, pointing furiously to whatever dress was in the book.

I rolled my eyes, but still smiled at her determination. "Sure sure, Aira, whatever you say."

"If you don't like it, then I'm so going to take it." She told me, grinning.

While the dresser was wrapping a tape measure around my waist, I told her, "If you like it that much, it must be amazing."

She smirked darkly, one of her Aira smirks, which makes her look like a menacing angel. It was hilarious. "It sure in fucking hell is."

As my mom was flipping through the magazines, she nonchalantly said, "Language." Aira and I both simultaneously looked at each other and rolled our eyes. My mom hated when we cursed, but we did it anyway. Her warnings didn't really mean much, but I listened to her when it came to all other things.

Then the door opened, and you'll never guess who came sauntering through the door.

"Hey Ben." I said casually, grinning at him.

He looked up, and grinned. "Hey, Mel. Didya hear? I got the night off, so I can be your escort."

I grinned, and a rush of relief flowed through me. Then, seeing Ben again made all the holed up feelings come back. I got the warm feeling in my stomach, the self-conscious feeling, and the slow blush creeping up to my cheeks.

"Thank god. I was worrying about who to bring because---" I started to say, but then look down at what I'm wearing. All I'm in is my bra and spotted grey panties. Lovely, right? Oh, and the tape measure that was wrapped around my hips, waist, and boobs too.

Soon enough, the blood has risen to my cheeks.

"Ohhh, shit." I mumbled.

Soon all the fidgeting I was doing rewarded me. Yet another needle poked into my side by mistake. "Ouch!" I yelped for the billionth time. The dresser was in another room looking for her clipboard to record the measurements.

"You okay, Melissa?" My Mom asked. I nodded, rubbing my side. I got over the fact that Ben was looking at me half naked. Me, him, and Zane used to take baths together when we were three (or so I've been told).

"Okay! I found the clipboard." The dresser says as she comes out of the room.

"So can I take these pins and needles and the tape measures off?" I asked her politely.

She nods. "But first, let me just get the measurements." She told me while looking at all the measurements. As she writes them down, I look at Aira who is furiously pointing at the dress in the book, whilst grinning at me.

"Okay! Let me just measure this guy over there--" She pointed to Ben, "And then you can tell me what you want for your dress." The lady told me while undoing the tape measures.

"Okay. Thank you." I told her politely while putting my clothes back on.

"Anytime." She said brightly. "Now you...." She said trailing off, dragging Ben up to the little place.

My Mom put down her magazine and looked at me brightly. "So are you excited for the formal? If you're lucky, it'll be your last one. I know you hate these things. Your Dad just wants to show you off." She told me, smiling.

I rolled my eyes while laughing. "I know. They aren't that bad. But why are there so many of them?" I stressed. "I mean there are all these formals for just the simplest things."

She nodded. "But at least you'll have Ben and Aira going with you. Zane will too, but he's going to busy with his new girlfriend." My mom told me, rolling her eyes. God how I loved how we could talk just about anything, and she was still a strict Mom at the same time.

Just then Aira comes springing up behind me and drags me over to the book filled with dresses, flips a couple pages, and then jabs a finger to one specific dress in the book.

"Oh. My. God." I say, staring at the page.

The dress....

It was beautiful.

The dress was all black, with little intricate white designs throughout it. There weren't any sleeves, so it was strapless, and it went down to right above the knees, or so it looked in the book.

If it was possible to be in love with a dress, I think I just proved it.

"Excuse me, Miss?" I asked the person who was now fitting Ben for his tux.

"Yes?" She said, her voice slightly muffled because of the pencil that was in her mouth.

I looked at the dress one more time before telling her, "Once you're done, can you tell me if you have this dress available in a size 4? [I don't really know what an average dress size would be, so just ignore the number :P]

She smiled, looking over her shoulder at the dress. Taking the pencil out of her mouth, she said, "Sure! I love how you picked that one, because that's one in the set I made. It's helping my college fund," beaming.

My eyes widened, and then I smiled widely. "Then I'll definitely get it. It's amazing."

Her eyes widened, and then softened, the beam never leaving her face. She went back to measuring the now shirtless Ben, and started humming a song. I started smiling happily and played with a string on my jeans. I could recognize the tune anywhere. It always reminded me of Lucas.

Then she started singing aloud. "If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me, and just forget the world? Forget what we're told, before we get too old. Show me a garden that's bursting into life."

It reminded me of how the first time we met, I was thinking of that song.

How when I was with him, somehow the song was playing in my mind.

How Lucas always uses that one time I said "fancy" against me. He still does, even if I hate it. But somehow, it's our little inside joke.

It reminded me of our countless stupid bickering comments.

Breaking me out of my thoughts of Lucas was when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was the dresser girl. I only then noticed how pretty she was. She had blonde hair, evidently not unnatural, hazel eyes, and a smile on her face.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Here's your dress." She told me smiling. I smiled widely and took the dress to the dressing room.

As I was putting the dress on, I noticed all the freckles I had on my body. They annoyed me. They were like little annoying dots covering my skin, and it... irked me. Strange word, right?

I also noticed that somehow, I was unnaturally pale--ish. And no, not like vampire pale, just like, I didn't have a tan.

Suddenly I sucked into a memory of when Lucas, Jessie, and I were getting something at the grocery store.


"Ugh. This line takes too long." Jessie complained as we were waiting in a huge ass line.

I smirked. "That's why I'm reading a magazine." I told her while I was flipping through one of the gossip magazines. Don't judge me! I'm a girl. We love to read/hear all the juicy gossip.

She pursed her lips, and said, "Good Idea." With that, she picked up a magazine and started reading it too.

I was looking through all of the pictures, and got frustrated. "Ugh. It's so unfair how all these celebrities are stunningly beautiful. They look perfect, and don't have any annoying freckles on their faces." I said to nobody in particular.

Lucas scoffed. "One, the photos are airbrushed, as I've heard countless times from her," He pointed to Jessie. "Two, imperfections are what make you beautiful." He stated to me.

"So ya think I'm beautiful, eh?" I said coyly.

He didn't meet my eye. "I was speaking in general." He replied, getting distracted by something in the basket.

"Mkay then..." I said trailing off, then began looking back at the magazine.


"Melissa Rose Montgomery! I want to see that fucking dress on you. Now!" Aira's voice said on the other side of the curtain.

"Language!" My mom said. I laughed. She was so insistent on us not cursing.....

"Let me just finish putting it on?" I said, but it came out as a question. I then put the dress on, and looked in the mirror. My jaw dropped. "I think this is the dress." I said, my lips slowly curving up into a smile.

"Come out then!"

I laughed. "Pshh, girl. I don't swing that way, sorry."

I could see Aira roll her eyes. "Just shut up and get out of that fitting room. Now."

"Fine fine fine, little Miss Bitch." I told her, rolling my eyes. I then came out of the dressing room, and modeled my dress. It fit perfectly, and went just above the knees. All in all, it wasn't too short, and not too long. I loved it.

"Oh.My.God." Aira said, eyes popping out.

I smiled nervously, with my eyebrows raised. "Do you like it?"

She grinned. "I love it."

"Did you pick out yours yet?" I questioned, and she nodded. "Then go put it on!?"

"Fine!" She exclaimed, and grabbed a midnight blue dress off of the wrack.

Just then the dresser came rushing over, with a huge smile on her face. "You look amazing. I love it. I never knew my dress would look that great on anyone."

"I'm definitely getting it." I told her, and her smile got wider.

She jumped up and down and exclaimed, "Thank you so much! I love you!" And then gave me a hug before rushing back to Ben.

Aira came out in a stunning midnight blue dress. It really brought out her eyes.

Soon everything was paid for, and Aira, Ben, and I were lounging on the couch at my parents house.

"Well that was fun." I said, reading the invitation. It was only a couple days away. Ugh, hopefully my Mom was right and it would be my last. I hated these things. With a burning passion.

Soon enough, we all fell asleep because of the shopping that we had to do today. Well, Ben didn't have to do much, but Aira and I kind of had to find a completely new outfit. New shoes, jewelry, dresses, and accessories. Might I add that our parents were both doctors, and had some money to spare. That's how Aira was able to come with me.

But somehow that memory wouldn't get out of my head.

'Your imperfections make you beautiful.'


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