~{sasuke x oc}~

i got bored one day while i was waiting on my step dad, so i started writing.... its unfinnished, but i wanted to post it ^_^'

Created by AiroLover on Sunday, July 11, 2010

~~chapter one~~

sasuke was yet agbain listening to Ami's antics on how their missions were always to easy, and how they wernt long enough but then they were to long at the same time. she was always eager to get away from her father but hated leaving her mother and little sister. in all honesty, Sasuke hated her father as well. Ami's father was a good for nothing drunk that liked to hit her, and Ami wouldnt ever hit back unless he was hitting his hardest and had hit 2 times before. he never understood why she would take that from him. at the moment, Ami was complaining that she missed her mother (who ironicly had the same name as her) and her little sister. Naruto was on a seperat mission with Sakura and Kakashi, so atleast it was some what quite. the stand in member of their squad happened to be Kiba, who Ami liked thankfully.
Sasuke sighed and kept watching Ami as she looked heart broken about her sibling and mother being gone from her as they raced threw the trees. this mission was going to be a week long, minimum, Tsunade-sama finaly broke down after constant annoyance from Ami to get a harder mission, and they had to take down a group of missing ninjas, B-rank. Ami finaly stopped and fell silent as she looked up at the moon. her pail skin seeming to illuminate in its light, a purple bruise still remained on her cheek from her father's last out burst. that one had been in public, so Ami didnt fight back at all and had told Sasuke not to fight either. he didnt listen of course; after her father had realed back and punched her in her face, causing her to fall back wards and slide a few feet, Sasuke had jumped at him and punched him twice as hard and broke the man's nose. then Ami looked back at Sasuke to see him staring at her. her starburst hazel eyes seemed to glow in the moon light, much like her skin, and Sasuke acumulated a slight blush when she smiled at him, "what cha lookin' at, Sasuke-kun?" she chirped out. Sasuke looked ahead of him, "nothin." he mumbled under his breath, acting like he hadnt looked at her at all.
Kiba was behind the two of them with Akamaru already asleep in his shirt, "guys... can we stop for the night, please?" he begged for the third time.
Ami looked back at him and then stopped on a banch Sasuke and Kiba stopping on seperat branches a second later, "sure... it is pretty late now." she looked down and saw that there was an adiquite place 3 metters from wear she was standing. "there!"she pointed. then she leaned back and seemed to fall untill she flipped and landed on her feet like a cat.
'hnn, such a show off...' Sasuke thought to himself. when Sasuke finaly jumped down, Ami and Kiba were already setting up camp.
Ami tripped over nothing and fell with all her equipment right on her face. Kiba laughed histaricly at her, and when she proped herself up she laughed a bit too. 'clutz... shes gunna kill herself!'Sasuke thought as he helped her up.
"thanks Sasuke-kun..." she said, slightly embarresed.
"hey Sasuke-kun~"
Sasuke stopped and looked over his sholder at her with a questioning, and slightly annoyed (but that slight annoyance was always there with him), look "what, Ami-chan?" he said with the same tone.
"um, sence ur all 'mr.fire jutsu' all the time, do you mind making the fire tonight?" she asked in a sweet innocent voice as she smiled at him.
"Get a room." Kiba commented from inside his tent.
Sasuke shot a death glare at his tent, with a slight blush mustering up on his face. "yeah sure." he said not looking at her. he got the wood togeather in a pile and then used 'phinox flower jutsu' on the wood. he had actully used that jutsu while fighting more and more latly sence he found out that Ami liked it the best.
Ami watched him and smiled, she thought the fire birds were beautifull as theyflew torwards the wood as if they had a mind of there own and were going for a kill. then she smiled at Sasuke and tilted her head to the sime with her childish, almost Naruto-like smile, "thank you Mr.fire~" she teased playfully.
"mhmm..." was all Sasuke responded with as he went into his own tent.
Ami frowed when Sasuke was out of sight. she un rolled her sleeping bag and layed on it, she didnt like tents sence she liked to look at the stars... and the moon, she thought it was the most amazingthing ever, in all its beauty. she reached out torwards the pail orb that hung in the sky, seeming just out of reach. 'its almost the same color as Sasuke-kun's skin... and the night sky is almost as dark as his hair... its so...' she sighed and gave up on reaching for somthing she could never touch and just looked at the fire. she hummed her mother's lullaby to help her sleep.

Sasuke layed there in his boxers, imagening Ami in her tight black t-shirt and baggy jeans that were only held up by her ninja headband, her elbow langth fingureless gloves and black ninja shoes. her hyper, childish smile that she always had... it made her asian looking eyes turn up into 'n' shapes, and ever her fangs that always poked out when she laughed or smiled. her fuzzy brown mess of hair that some times her bangs shaded Sasuke's favorit feature about her. her always sparkling hazel eyes that as happy as they seemed, if u actully looked at them, they were sad and hurt.
'i want to make her happy... take the sadness from her eyes, her soul. i want to be her every thing!' sasuke growled as he thought to himself. 'why does she have to be so damn... her!?' he crossed his arms over his eyes to try and rid himself of her image. he bit down on his lip as he felt his dick twitch when his mind wondered under her cloths. he couldnt help it, he had caught her changing once. they were on a mission to the hidden mist and she was just comming from taking a bath in a river they were camping by. her normaly sholder langth hair was flat down her back and over her breasts some with her nipples still visable... some clung to her face, and her bangs feathered above her eyes. 'get out of my head Ami!!!' he screamed inwardly. he hated how her cloths made her seem unattractive. he wished she would just take them off.
he groaned as his dick was fully errect. 'damn you to hell Ami'he tasted his own blood in his mouth from biting so hard.

.::the next day::.

"HA! you look like shit dude!" Kiba blurted out as he saw Sasuke stumble out of his tent, Akamaru barked at Kiba to warn him not to fuck with Sasuke to much. he and Ami were eating fried eggs, she jumped up and went over to Sasuke and grabbed hisshoulders and looked into his onyx eyes with compliet concern, "Sasuke-kun, are you alright? did you not sleep well or have a nightmare or-"
Sasuke had to cut her off, "im fine, i just couldnt sleep is all." he looked at her telling her that he was fine and could handle it himself. she looked back, still concerned but she knew not to push him, she stepped back, "well... i made breakfast for you" she smiled reasuringly at him.
"thanks Ami-chan." he said as he sat between his team mates and she handed him a plasic plate she had packed and he ate slowly. 'hnn... i wouldnt mind doing this every day.... waking up to and eating breakfast with her.' he glanced at her, she was talking to Kiba about how he caught Hinata and Neji togeather making out and half naked. 'damn it Kiba! dont fucking touch her like that!' Sasuke scowled at Kiba, trying not to just maul him then and there for touching Ami's sholder. that one simple gestrue was enough to send him off into a frenzy of hatred torwards any one. "if you guys are done, we should pack up and head out." Sasuke said as he set his empty plate down and stomped the fire out before going to take his tent down.

Ami looked at Sasuke, worried. 'why does he act like that... hes so sweet when its just us... i dont get it.' she looked at Kiba and smiled appologeticly at him, "sorry, Kiba-kun... we should get ready to leave though."
Kiba smiled at her, "yeah, sure. c'mon Akamaru" he said as he and the puppy went to take their tent down and pack up. Ami started packing up as well.

they had all finnished packing and were once again speeding threw the trees, Sasuke was the leader of out squad so he was in front, and Kiba in back. seeing as Ami was always needing to be saved, she always had to be in the middle. Sasuke lookedback at his comrads,"we should be close by now, according to our sorces atleast. ...Kiba, you and Akamaru take lead and sniff them out."
"all right! time to get goin' Akamaru!" Akamaru barked in responce and they both sped up while Ami and Sasuke fell back.
Sasuke looked over at Ami who was not beside him, "stop thinking about them Ami." he said bluntly, reading the familiar expression on her face, "you need to stay focused."
Ami looked over at him, a bit shocked at him, "Sasuke, i wasnt-" she was cut off by Kiba.
"thier here!"

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