I've been chatting to this guy on the internet about my complicated life, and it turns out I'm talking to my badass crush!Ch.31

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Chapter Thirty One

The concert was the greatest excuse for a distraction, a way to forget everything that’s been going wrong in my life, because to be honest with you, a lot was going wrong in my life. I had managed to ‘sweet talk’ my father into letting me staying the night at Harriet’s so he wouldn’t have to worry about me.

I was the reason we got there on time, but that line was still one of the longest thing I had ever seen. [Author’s note: This true, at the Paramore concert the line went out of the entrance of the park (Luna Park in Sydney) and right under the Harbour Bridge. We waited for about an hour before we actually got inside, but we still got near the front]. Zeke was a lot more cheerful than I had seen him for a while. He was talking to Kane and Mike while Harriet, Cassie, Jen, Jess and I had huddled together.

Inside wasn’t the biggest place I had ever been. It could fit maybe three to four thousand people in it. There were a lot older guys in here, and hopefully they wouldn’t get in my way. I wanted to get near the front, but Zeke was against that. Wouldn’t say why, and we didn’t bother arguing with him because he was the reason we were all here in the first place.

The band that was playing before was a band called Amy Meredith [Author’s notes: Don’t know if you guys have heard of them, pretty sure they’re Australian, but listen to them because they’re awesome. Listen to Lying and Faded White Dress. Best songs of theirs so far]. When they finally came on after about ten minutes of yelling you me at six I did totally forget about everything.

Zeke was now just a guy in the crowd, while Blake didn’t exist. My sister was alive, and she knew I supported her, and the whole Tara thing wasn’t that big a deal because she wasn’t here. Man, I shouldn’t get too caught up in a world that didn’t exist, you get too distracted.

I needed a drink a half way through and hell I didn’t want to miss any of it, but I think I was about to die of hydration. I got through crowd and wasn’t looking where I was going and felt something collide with my head and things got funny... dizzy.

Zeke’s P.O.V

When Alex didn’t come back I got worried. I followed her towards where she hopefully had gone and when I saw her started to run. She was on the floor leaning against the poll looking a bit out of it.

“Alex?” I asked bending down in front of her.

She moaned and moved her head to look at me.

“Hey, I was wondering where you were,” she whispered.

“Man, are you okay? Alright, that’s blood,” I muttered, after touching the spot on her head then checking my hand.

“Mmm, I’m okay,” she whispered.

“You’re bleeding from your head. I know I don’t know anything about medical stuff, but I know that’s not good. I need to get you to a hospital or something,” I told her.

“No! No, no hospitals,” she complained.

“Alex, do you even know where you are, what happened?” I asked her.

“Yes, I’m at a concert, and some jerk knocked me into the pole and I hit my head,” she muttered.

“Okay, so that’s better than nothing, but that does not mean I’m not going to get you help,” I said.

“I’m not going to any hospital, okay?” she said annoyed.

“Fine, alright, come on. I need to clean this blood off your head at least,” I muttered.

I had trouble getting Alex up off the floor because every time I got her up right she threatened to fall back to the floor. I lifted her off the ground so she wasn’t even touching and made sure I had my arms firmly around her before I let her starting walking again.

Alex gripped onto me until we were near the bathroom where I placed her one the ground. I went to the shop they had there and got some napkins and went back over to Alex. I put one of her head where it was bleeding and she flinched and breathed in sharply to hide the pain.

“That’s a fairly big bump,” I told her.

“It’s going to hurt of ages,” she complained.

I laughed at her but she didn't even smile.

“What?” I frowned.

“I’ve been a real bitch to you,” she said.

“No you haven’t,” I said immediately.

“Yes I have,” she insisted. “The first time you played Romeo I practically yelled at you, and before that I was literally refusing to do that assignment. I’m so sorry, Zeke. I didn't mean to treat you like that, you’re… you’re actually a really great guy.”

“Alex, you don’t need to say anything,” I whispered, moving her hair out of face.

“No, I do. The other day, I was stressed… and you were there, and then you said all those things about me. I’ve never realised what a good friend you are to me. It’s like old times, ah?”

“Old times? Alex, we’ve both grown up, changed,” I said.

“I know, but we still are the better than we used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I like this… new you, but I liked the old one too. He was a lot more open, not as dark,” she muttered.

“You know what? I like the new you better, you’re not as shy, says whatever she thinks,” I told her.

She smiled. “I did used to be a bit… distant. I like the new me better too.”

I moved the napkin off her head and saw not as much blood as I thought there would be.

“There’s no way you can go back in there, but the good news is you’re not dying,” I said.

“Well, thank you, doctor,” she smiled.

“But I should get you out of here,” I said quickly.

“Oh, but it’s not over,” she complained.

“Alex, you can’t stand, that loud music will not be good for you with a sore head,” I warned her.

“Okay, okay, fine, but I said I was going to Harriet’s tonight. Harriet won’t leave now, and I wouldn’t make her either,” Alex said.

“That’s fine, you’ll just come to mine,” I shrugged.

“But-,” she tried to protest.

“But, what? This is a good solution,” I pointed out.

“Fine,” she sulked, “but… thank you. You really are there for me, just like you promised.”

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