Neji oneshot

Hello this a oneshot for XxNejisgirlfriendxX, hope u like it. Sorry i can't think of a better name :(

Created by Gaarafromthesandvillage on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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animeblonde.pngName: Bronwyn
Age: 15
Village: Sand
Rank: Special Jounin
Hair colour: Blonde

*sigh* I can’t believe we are on a mission with some Leaf ninja’s.”
“ Yeah I know, I wonder if you’ll see Neji.” Inari said
“Hmm I wonder what he looks like now?”
“Yeah.” Inari chuckled.

You and your best friend / team mate made your way towards the leaf village, where you would meet lady Tsunade, the two leaf ninja’s and go on your mission. Sadly the minutes passed by like hours, but once you saw the gate of the leaf village your heart raced a million beats per second.

“Ooh there it is.”
*grins* I’ll race you to the Hokage’s mansion.”
*nods* Your on.” Inari nodded.
“On three.”
“ONE” Inari said
“THREE!” you both yelled and raced off.

Dodging people as you ran ahead, as you reached the door you accidently ran into someone causing you both to hit the ground.

“What where you’re going.” He snapped
*opens eyes* I’m sorry, I’m sometimes a little clumsy.” You said
“Hmm, *gets up and holds out hand*
*smiles warmly and takes his hand* Thank you.

You smiled as you watched him walk away.

“You can’t go anywhere without running into someone.” Inari said walking up to you
*blush* yeah I know”
*sigh* let’s go see Lady Tsunade anyway.”

You and Inari knocked on the door and waited for a reply, after a few minutes you both heard a loud ‘come in’.

“Hello Lady Tsunade, we are here on your demand.”
“You two must be Inari and Bronwyn, am I correct?”
“Yes Lady Hokage *bows* you said bowing.
“Welcome and thank you for coming on such short notice. As you may know many of our jounin’s are out on very special missions and they won’t be coming back anytime soon. This is why I ask of your village to send some of your jounin’s to help our remaining jounin’s complete this mission so that our villages will once again be allies.”
“Uh I don’t quite understand.” Inari said
*exhales* your mission is to help protect a rare and valuable vase and take it across the border to the mist village.”
“A vase?” you asked confused.
“Yes, it may not seem like much but trust me this village will be dangerous, and will take time and precision.”
“Your other team mates are waiting for you at the gate, understood?”
“Yes.” You both said in union.
“Move out.” Tsunade yelled.

You nodded and exited the room first, you and Inari walked back towards the gate, seeing it in your sights your hearts started racing again.

“What’s wrong, you seem flustered?”
“Oh I’m just nervous who is going to be on the mission with us.”
“I hope its two really handsome, skilled ninja boys.”
*sigh* that would be nice.”

“Are you two going to transport a vase?” Inari yelled as you two became closer to the gate and two boys who stood there.
“You know you really shouldn’t yell stuff out like that.” A boy with hair like a pineapple said
*blush* Oops.” Inari blushed
“Are you Inari and Bronwyn?” A boy with hair in a pony tail asked.
“Um yeah, who are you?” you asked with a small blush.
“I am Neji Hyuga and this is Shikamaru Nara.”
“Oh um I just know you from somewhere, that’s all.”
“Where would that be?”
“Just a mission when we were younger.”
“Oh ok, are we all ready?”
“Yes.” You and Inari said
*groan* this is going to be a drag, two girls who talk as one.”
*Inari glares at Shikamaru*
*sigh* we need to hurry, so come on let’s move out.” Neji said
“Ok Neji *salutes* you saluted to him and you swore you saw a blush spread over his face.
“I don’t know your strengths Bronwyn, what is your biggest?”
“Probably my nin jutsu.” *blushes*
“Hmm, I will be first, then you, Inari what is your biggest strength?”
“So it will go me, Bronwyn, Inari then Shikamaru, agreed?”
“Agreed.” You and Inari said happily.
*groan* fine.” Shikamaru groaned.

You four started walking out of the gates into the great unknown, you walked behind Neji. After hours of walking it finally became cloudy and it started to lightly rain.

“Oh no, it’s raining.” You said sadly
“We best set up camp under the trees, it will partially shield us from the rain as we set up camp.”
“Oh you’re so smart Neji.” Inari said cheekily.
*Shikamaru snickers*
*Neji glares and you giggle*

You and Neji began setting up the tent as Inari and Shikamaru bonded. Once the tent was up you went and gathered up some dry wood, not long after you started Neji appeared behind you startling you.

“Yes Neji, what’s up?”
“I just wanted to know about your abilities.”
“Um well what do you really want to know?”
“What is your favourite jutsu?”
“Oh um, *blush* there are so many I really don’t have a favourite.”
“Hmm *nods* Do you have enough wood?”
“I think so.” You nodded, grabbed the wood and headed back to camp with Neji walking closely behind you.
“I wondered where you two went.” Inari said cheekily.
“I was just gathering wood, and Neji joined me.”
“Hmm yeah I bet.” Inari said sarcastically
*rolls eyes* Whatever Inari, anyway it’s getting late don’t you think we should light the fire?”
“Yeah I guess that would be a good idea.” Inari smiled.
“I’ll set up the wood and light it, if one of you wouldn’t mind setting up some food, and I can cook it if you want.”
“I’ll gather up some food.” Neji said emotionless.
“Thank you.” You said smiling

Shikamaru and Inari didn’t bother helping with anything, so you lit the fire and Neji and you both cooked up some tea. Once the food was ready you four sat around the camp fire in silence.

“Hmm whose gunna break the silence?” you thought to yourself while eating some rice.

At that very moment Neji jumped up and said “Everybody quick into your fighting stance.”
“Why Neji?” you asked swallowing your food.
“We are about to be attacked.” He said calmly.
*CHOKE* EXCUSE ME!?” Inari yelled
*groan* this is going to be a drag.” Shikamaru groaned.
“Well looky here, looks like we got a bunch of kids.” A boy seemed to say
“This will be easy.” A girl said.
“W..who are you?!” you yelled
“It’s rude to ask someone’s name without giving out your own.” Someone said slightly behind you.

You slashed your kunai around but ‘she’ wasn’t there.

“Ooh feisty, they won’t go down without a fight. That’s a shame I was hoping to go home before bedtime.” The girl laughed

You stood next to Neji and Inari held onto Shikamaru’s arm. Two people then appeared in front of you, a boy about 19 or 20 with silver hair. >>>> Animeboy14.jpg

And a girl not much older then you with blonde hair. >>>Animegirlly.jpgin front of Shikamaru and Inari a girl that wasn’t much younger than you all were and with fox ears and a fox tail. >>FoxGirl.jpg

“Shouldn’t you of attacked from a distance catching us off guard?” Neji asked emotionless.
“Excuse me?!” The girl with blonde hair snapped.
“I was just wondering?”
“What would you know you, you stuck up, nosey, *pause* jerk!”
“Calm down Maria, he’s just a stuck up kid.”
“Eh what would you know either, you can have the girl here, the jerk’s mine.”
“W..What about me?” the fox girl asked.
“Eh *shrugs* you get those lazy looking two”
“who are you calling LAZY?!” Inari screamed and attacked her.
“WHAT, oh yeah this is on now.” Maria said attacking Inari back.
“What about the vase?” you whispered to Neji.
“Don’t worry it’s safe, now let’s finish this before it gets to out of hand.” He whispered back.

You then attacked the guy, Shikamaru stood back and Neji attacked the fox girl.


“Dam, why did we decide to pick a fight with these?” Maria said with an egg on her head, bruised arms and legs, black eye and her right arm cut.
“I don’t know but I’m out of here!” the boy yelled limping away.
“Wait up!” the girls yelled limping after him.
“WOO HOO we did it!” Inari yelled pumping her fist into the air.
*weak smile while holding you right arm*
*Neji looks at you* Are you ok Bronwyn?”
“Huh, oh yeah I’m fine.”
“You’re bleeding.” Neji said looking at you blood stained sleeve and blood running down your hand.
“It’s fine, I’ll be right.”
“Bronwyn let me have a look at it.”

You sighed as you removed your hand.

“Bronwyn, you are bleeding severely. Inari pass me a bandage.”
“I’m fine really.”
“Bronwyn your must be wrapped whether you like it or not.” He said pulling out his kunai.

Neji gently tore off your sleeve where your wound was, the mental was cold as it gently brushed against your skin. Inari and Shikamaru walked off into the tent leaving you and Neji alone. Neji threw away your blood soaked sleeve, you wiped away some of the blood before he began to wrap it. Neji wrapped it tight, you squinted your eyes in pain. Neji looked at you and said
“Is that tight?”
“A little.” Neji nodded relieved the pressure a tad.
“Better?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“Yes thank you.” Neji chuckled
“What’s so funny?” you snapped
“You didn’t once complain about your wound but I pull the bandage too tight and you complain.”
“I didn’t complain.”
“You screwed your face up that counts as complaining.”
*rolls eyes* Whatever.” You mumbled.
“There all done.”

“Thank you.” You said getting up
“Try not to push it, or else they wounds will open back up.”
“Yes Neji.” You said
“Let’s talk about ourselves.”
“Why?” you said running your fingers through your hair.
“Because. Now I’ll go first, I am Neji form the Huyga clan. I am merely from the side branch I am not part of the main branch. My father died when I was young and well that’s it really. Now you go?”
“Well my name is Bronwyn; I am from the sand village. I am an only child, both my parents died when I was five. I lived with my cousin until I was 13 and now I live in an apartment with my best friend Inari. That’s it, my life isn’t that interesting. Never has been never will be.”
“Are you sure about that?” Neji said inching closer to you.
“Yes I am.” You said slightly moving back.

Neji moved his face to your left side of yours, he then whispered into your ear

“I bet I can make your life interesting.”
*blushes and turns away*
“Only problem is the others will hear us and the tents aren’t exactly comfy.”
“O..ok,’s getting late maybe we should rest up for tomorrow.”
“Hmm, ok then.”

You walked into the tent grabbed some clothes and quickly headed out. Once you were changed into you p.j’s Animegirl56.jpg(like this but with your hair colour ^^) you headed back to camp. Neji saw you and he nearly fainted from blood loss. You giggled and hopped into your sleeping bag, with Neji not far behind you.

You got into your bag facing Neji who was just zipping up the tent.

“Goodnight Neji.” You said cheerfully
“Why are you so cheery?”
“No real reason, I’m just excited about this mission.”
“Oh yeah I bet your excited because you get to spend the night with me by your side.”

“Maybe, but all I know is that I feel safe when I’m around someone.”
“Would that be Shikamaru?”
“Yes Neji that would be Shika.”
“That’s what I thought, but then again I was hoping it was me seeing how I all ready saved your butt back when we were 14, well I was you were 13 on that mission to help protect a young story teller.”
“Yea, hey I thought you forgot about that mission and me?”
“Ha like I could forgot about the one and only girl who ever liked me for who I was and not what I looked like and not to mention you weren’t afraid to speak your mind.”
“He he yeah, I’m still not afraid.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Well then, let’s put this to the test then.”
“Ok then, shoot.”
“What do you think of me now?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“Just answer it.”
“Fine, I think you have become a jerk, yourself centred and you’re a brat.”
“Well I think you’re a snobby brat, that only wants what’s best for herself.”

You looked into Neji’s eyes and you cupped his face, you brushed your lips against his, Neji smiled at you and kissed your lips roughly. You felt his tongue glide across your bottom lip, you denied his entrance. Neji growled and bit your lip instead, it bled slightly but it made your lips part. Neji stuck his tongue into your mouth memorizing every inch of it. You moaned as Neji gently massaged your collar bone.

“Neji” you moaned again as he began to push you onto the ground with him on top. He gently caressed your cheek with his right hand.
You couldn’t believe Neji was actually kissing you, you wanted to continue but Neji shot his head up in confusion.

“ everything o...ok?” you asked scared.
“It’s just I thought I heard something.”
“o..oh ok, I thought I might have done something, that's all.”
*smiles* you could never do anything wrong, not to me anyway.”
“Aw Neji, you’re so sweet.”
“I know I am.”
“But I was right.”
“You being up yourself.”
“Yeah but you love it.” He said bringing you into another passion kiss.

You kissed back, one you two broke for air Neji whispered

“I love you Bronwyn.”
“I...I t...t...too.” you said stuttering so bad
*chuckles* I love it when you stutter.” He said hugging you. And with that you both drifted off to sleep, wondering what tomorrow might have in store for you both.


Well thank you ever so much for reading this; I know it’s been so long since I said I would write this. I have been super busy :’( I’m sorry it took so long. HOPE you enjoyed reading this. This is a one shot for XxNejisgirlfriendxX. Thanks again :D

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