I Wanna Be Your Dog[Sid Vicious] 43

Created by IWannaBeMe1977 on Thursday, July 15, 2010

''You're not coming into my store dressed like that!'' Vivienne said, pointing at Sid with a disgusted tone and look on her face. The leather jacket and leopard print vest was fine, but it was his pants that were the problem. Pink bhostle creepers trousers. ''Sid, I'm sorry, but those will have to go, darling.'' Vivienne told him. She showed no mercy and began ripping them off Sid with her bare hands. ''Let me go!'' Sid demanded, jumping slightly every few seconds. ''Don't be such a baby.'' Viv replied. Sid looked at Sheena, who was doing absolutely nothing and just stood there watching like she was helpless when she clearly wasn't. ''Don't just stand there!; Do something!'' Sid shouted at her, while in the process of slipping beneath the fabric of his pants, and falling on the floor. Sheena smiled at saw this as a perfect opportunity to help Vivienne. She grabbed a pair of scissors of the counter and started cutting the other side of Sid's jeans.

He squirmed and struggled on the floor, making it harder to get the rest of his pants off him. Vivienne held him down while Sheena carelessly and quickly snipped off his pants, cutting a few times by accident. ''Oi!; That hurt!'' Sid screamed, noticing a cut on his leg that was starting to bleed. ''It's just a scratch!'' Sheena told him, throwing his pink bhosle creepers at Vivienne. ''We'll see how you like it!'' Sid said, snatching the scissors from Sheena and playfully poking her. ''Stop it, Sid!'' Sheena said, half laughing and half serious. He changed his actions and suddenly hugged her out of nowhere with the scissors still in his hand. ''I love you.'' He whispered in Sheena's ear, gently stroking her hair, so light and so soft that he almost wasn't touching it. Sheena let herself ease up and melt into his arms as she hugged him back. ''I love you, too, Sid.'' She told him, kissing his cheek. He was now red as a crying baby's face.

''Vivienne, I don't care how much you tear them up, I'll find a way to wear them again.'' Sid told her. ''Really?; Because I highly doubt that.'' Vivenne said, holding them up in one hand, and lighting them with a match in the other. Sid was frozen where he stood, with a shocked and upset look on his face. ''You vile woman!'' Sid pointed, as he shouted at her. Vivenne smiled and chuckled. ''Why thank you, Sid.'' She said, taking it as a compliment. ''Come, let me fix your hair.; You look too much like James Dean.'' Vivenne told him, motioning her hand for him to follow her to the bathroom that was in the back of the store. After minutes of Sid hanging his head low in front of her, he finally got the finished image of his hair being spiked. ''What did you put in it?'' Sid said, feelingeach strand of hair between two fingertips. ''Gel.'' Vivenne simply said. ''It feels all sticky and stiff.'' Sid said, touching itrepeatedly like he had a severe case of OCD. ''Well, leave it alone and it won't!'' Vivienne told him, smacking his hand.''Now throw this on.'' Viv told him, throwing a pair of leather jeans his way. Sid looked at the plain black interiot and back up at Vivienne who was nodding her head in the direction of the changing rooms. Sid sighed angrily, stomping off into one of the stalls.

''Guess who just got signed to EMI!'' Glen shouted, prancing in with his arms waving like a little boy, all happy. Johnny wished he wouldn't have seen that, and at the moment, wanted to staple his eyes shut. He gave a slight shudder to Glen's enthusiasm, but at the same time, totally typical of him. ''They signed the four of you?; You're all talentless!'' Vivenne joked. ''We're so bad, we're good.'' Steve said in defense. ''Think what you want, but I'm the best singer in the world!'' Johnny said, acting all proud with his small chest out and a fist over his heart. ''The most prolific genius poet of our times.'' He continued. ''Who gave you that title?; Deaf people?'' Sheena asked. Johnny shot her a glance and showed his crooked smile. ''People like you, dear.; Are you calling yourself deaf, then?'' Johnny asked, as Sheean's words and comments backfired on her, leaving her speechless. ''And now you're a mute.; It's wonders what I can do!'' Johnny said. ''I'm more magical than that silly man in the white robe.''

''Oh, Johnny, I just madea new t-shirt and you were my muse for this one, I must say.'' Vivenne said, holding up a long white sleeve t shirt that had small ripped holes in the bottom, the word ''DESTROY'' all across the top, a swastika sign, a red band that had the word ''CHAOS'' in white, and a small anarchy sign. Johnny helped it up in front of him and smiled. ''This'll teach that posh wankerAndy Warhol to fuck with art and fashion.; It's brilliant, Viv.; Thank you.'' ''You know, Vivenne invented the anarchy sign.'' Sheena said, using emphasis on the word ''invented''. Johnny turned towards her and couldn't help but be amused by her choice of words. ''See, folks, this is exhibit A that people will believe everything they hear.'' Johnny said. ''It's true!'' Shenna spoke in defense. ''Yeah, and the swastika sign was originally a symbol for peace but people go off their tits now as it's a symbol for destruction.; Who knows, maybe ina few years we can achieve peace through anarchy!; Everything will be backwords and the people will be more stupid and ignorant than they are now.'' Johnny said.

''Johnny!; Look at my new pants!'' Sid said, strutting his stuff like he was a runway model. ''Miss.'' Johnny judged. ''Thanks for playing.; Unfornutately all I saw was your scrawny legs and boney ass through the jeans.; Thank god I didn't see your willy that is shorter than a bloody pencil.'' Johnny commened. Sid pretended to look hurt and crosses his arms. ''No, I will not be your mother and pity you.; I won't be your father, but I will say ''Quit your sobbing, you sod.'' Johnny said. Sid smiled at his brutal, sarcastic, funny friend. ''Apparently, they got signed to EMI.'' Vivienne said, informing Sid on the subject. ''You did?; That's great.'' Sid congradulated them. ''Yeah, it's great if you want to be on the label with The Beatles and fucking queer Queen.'' Steve chipped in.

''Oh, well, Glen will fit right in with that one.; He's a faggot, just like the whole bloody lot of em.'' Johnny commented. Sid busted out laughing hysterically. ''Ugh, I saw Freddie Mercury in a couple of photos and he's absolutely hiddeous.; He's like an old turk, and light blue eyeshadow that comes right under his eyes and this disgusting voice!'' He spat, on the 'disgusting voice' part. ''He wobbles away and talks about ''Oh, the ballet was quite good this evening, yes.'' Sid said, imitanting Freddie Mercury by skipping about, and walking elegantly in the most uncomfortable way, while he held his breath in and talked in a deep/high voice. Now, it was Johnny's turn to laugh, followed by the whole band. To come between all this excitement and fun was Malcolm. He had a sneaky grin on his face, which told Johnny that Malcolm had a plan. ''Viv, could I steal these four boys away for a moment?'' Malcolm asked, poking his head through the front door. ''Certaintly.; Congrats on getting signed, by the way.'' Vivienne told him. ''Thank you, love.'' Malcolm said, nodding his head with gratitude. ''What are your plans now?'' Vivienne asked. ''A single.'' Malcolm answered.

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