"Seventeen Forever" Teen Titans Love story Chapter 2

Two chapters in one night..

Created by ShadowMuncher on Friday, July 16, 2010

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Chapter 2:

I woke up from dreamless sleep feeling awfully hungry so what did I do? I got up grabbed some money and jumped down from my cliff gracefully. I pulled my hood up covering my ears and then hid my tail and started walking twords the direction of the city. I looked up at the sky and wondered what time it was I must have woke up very late since people were already walking around on the streets. I made my way to the pizza place and sat down outside and waited for a waiter to ask my order.

It didn't take long as soon as I sat down someone was there. It made me smile and chuckle a bit. The waitress smiled at me it seemed like a real smile. “Can I help you?” I blinked underneath my hood “Yes, I would like a small cheese pizza and a small soda.” The waitress's smile widden and she gave me a flirtatious giggle “OK.” I looked up at her surprised. She turned and walked away Had I given a wrong impression? I bit my lip do I look like I fancy women? Perhaps I do a little bit (Some people like this kinda stuff so ima give it to them ;3). I sat for a few moments pondering the situation. “No way im a Vegetarian! I DONT like meat!” A loud voice rang out. I looked over to my right side and there sat the teen titans. There was Robin there leader which was the only one I knew there name. Beside him sat a girl with long red hair with orange tinned skin. There was a very big looking fellow who was half robot he was arguing with a green skinned boy who had made the comment and beside them were two boys one with a boy and arrow with a mask over his eyes and orange hair and a boy with a blue swim suit he had shoulder long black hair and very nice purple eyes. A girl sat beside him she wore a black outfit with a blue cloak over it. She had a hood over her eyes so I couldn't see what she looked like.

Does it look like I care? I want MEAT!” The robot man cried out. A full blown argument exploded from the group all seven voices talking loudly at once. It sounded like an annoying buzzing to me. A few seconds later and I started to lose my paicents I nearly stood up with a growl but a giddy voice said to my left “I got your order!” I turned my attention to the waitress “Thank you.” I said cooly lifting my arms to get my food. I brushed my fingers against the girls and she blushed. I chuckled lightly and took a sip from my soda. The girl blinked and sighed dreamily “Just call if you need anything, my name is Jessica.” She smiled and walked away. Maybe I do look like a lesbian? I don't know I don't care much either.

I took a bite out of the pizza and felt someones gaze on me. I looked sideways and the cloaked girl from the argument was looking at me strangely her hood was now down and I could see her face fully. She had purple blue eyes and short blueish purple hair. I caught her scent and stiffened up for a moment. She had demon blood I could smell it strongly. I could tell she saw I had demon blood as well. The arguing had died down much to my liking I smiled at the girl for a moment before turning my attention back to my food. In a instant I felt a rush of air I removed my hood letting my hair flow and reviling my ears. The girl gasped “Your father was Zepar?” She asked in a quiet voice. My eyes flashed “Still is.” I growled my father was the only fox demon left except for me. I stood up and let my tail show I looked at the girl again “You are the daughter of Trigon?” I asked. (Obviously the prophecy hadn't happened yet.) She nodded slowly. Her friends had stopped arguing all together and they were looking at us. I glared at the girl but she didn't glare back. “I've never met another person wit demon blood.” My glare soften and I nodded “Neither have I.” She gave a soft smile “I'm Raven.” I returned her smile “Ash.” We shook hands.

Raven who's this?” Robin stood up and walked next to her looking at me. “My name is Ash.” I said softly looking at him. Im quiet can you blame me? I haven't really spoken to anyone much for years. “I'm Robin.” He smiled and shook my hand. Raven spoke up “She has demon blood in her like me.” I almost laughed she sounded excited. Robin looked shocked at Raven before looking back at me “Do you have any powers?” He asked. I nodded “I can control shadows and fire.” He looked at me confused for a moment but a loud explosion caught his attention. I looked in the direction it came from there were three teens a girl with pink hair a short boy and a very tall buff boy. The girl had a small object in her hands, I wasn't sure what it was but it looked important enough. I growled and was consumed by shadows Robin looked around confused. I appeared at the girls side surprising her and snatched the gatchet out of her hands. She glared “Hey Give that back!” She cried. I growled “Titans GO!” Robing called out. I ducked as the girl swung her fist at me I kicked out tripping her and jumped back She followed me and shot out pink with her hands I shot fire back deflecting the hit and burning her hand she cried out and jumped back cradling her hand.

I turned to see Raven being attacked by the tall one, I lifted my hand and took control of his shadow. “What?” He struggled “I cant move!” He cried. Raven looked in my direction I smiled. We took down the three easyly and Robin smiled at me “Well done.” He said as I handed him the stolen object. I smiled “Thanks.” “Dude! That was great!” The green skinned boy said running up to us. I giggled the other titans walked over “Would you like to see our tower?” Robin asked. I looked at the other titans they smiled well most of them did I smiled and nodded “Sure sounds fun.”

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