Where My Heart Belongs...With You...( Leah Clearwater Imprint ) - 7

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Created by SweetSarah1106 on Friday, July 16, 2010

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Chance’ POV

I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone like this before…I loved my mother, but look what happened there. I remember the nights I used to lie awake listening to him beat and rape my mother. I felt so helpless. I wished my dad was alive, my dad was awesome. He died when I was 11 years old, he was murdered when he was riding the subway one day. He was only 31 when he was killed, he had so much to live for. I remember just sitting in my fort we built together thinking of all the old legends of our people he used to tell me at night, why did those thugs choose him out of all of the people on the subway to kill? He wasn’t dressed up in a suit or anything, he didn’t have anymore money than anyone else, so why him?

I used to think that it was my fault that he was killed, which makes no sense but as a kid I guess that’s what you do, blame yourself. We used to live in Detroit, maybe we were just asking for trouble, I mean that place has murders happen everyday. When he was alive we lived in this cozy house kind of out of the city, more towards the suburbs. He didn’t want me involved with any gangs or drugs so he worked two jobs to pay for the house. My mom was a stay at home mom, she used to bake things and sing while she did. It was so perfect and at the time I never knew things could change. I was so stupid and naïve then.

The day it happened I don’t remember much, I think my mind sort of repressed it. I remember my mom in the kitchen singing and washing dishes, and I was at the table working on some homework. Then the doorbell rang and my mother answered it, then I remember her falling to the floor and shaking, bawling her eyes out. I’d never seen my mother cry before that day, and little did I know that it wouldn’t be even close to the last. Then we were at his funeral and everyone was crying and hugging me. I didn’t hear they’re voices though, I just blocked everyone out. Mom had explained to me that Dad was gone, and that he wasn’t coming back. She said I’d see him again someday and that we’d all be happy like before.

After a few months my mom couldn’t find a job that was good enough to pay for the house, so we had to move. We moved out of the suburbs and into the city. Leaving behind the place where my dad had played catch with me in the yard, the place my dad had shown me how to ride a bike, the place where I grew up. All for some scummy little apartment in the city, if that wasn’t bad enough a couple of months later my mom began drinking, and she stopped singing, I remember her bringing home a different guy every night that would just be gone in the morning.

After a few years of her bringing home random scum off the street she finally went ahead and picked the scummiest she could find. His name was Jerry Hansler. He was just a loud mouth in the beginning, ya know, making my mom get him a beer every ten minutes, calling me a snot nosed brat, the usual. One day though it all changed, he came home from work like every night, he worked at a fast food place somewhere, he had this look in his eyes like he was a mixture of drunk and just…crazy. My mom and him started fighting over her not paying for his gas bill or something, and the next thing I knew she was on the floor. She had a huge handprint across her face, I was stunned for a few seconds. It only got worse, every night he’d come home and eventually end up beating the shit out of either my mom or I.

I tried to pick the most fights, because I didn’t want him to hurt her. I was supposed to take care of her now that my dad wasn’t here to protect her. That scum bag didn’t care though after awhile he’d just get bored of hitting me and then move onto the couch for some TV. time. After that he made it a routine to go into their bedroom and lock the door, what happened there I never could stop, I tried so many times. I was disappointing my dad, I was supposed to be the man now, but instead I was just a coward. This went on for a couple of years. Every morning when he’d leave for work, I’d ask my mom, “Why don’t you just leave him?” and she’d answer back the same thing every day, “He’s just stressed out right now, don’t worry things will change soon”, then she would kiss my cheek and walk into their bedroom carrying a bottle of schnapps. Finally one day I just stopped asking her, because I knew that things were never going to change.

Four years, six months, and three days later it all changed. That was the day that I finally snapped. I was sitting at the table, I had just turned eighteen two days ago, I was so happy I could finally leave and take my mom with me, we would finally be free of this bastard. My mom was in the kitchen cooking supper for when Jerry got home. The door swung open at around 6:00 PM and Jerry entered. The first thing he did was he told my mom to get her ass busy and bring him a beer. I tried to remember that I was going to be taking my mom and me out of here soon so I just ground my teeth and kept my mouth shut. I guess she didn’t move fast enough, because soon enough he was shouting at her calling her a whore and then finally hit her across the face.

I couldn’t control myself anymore, “Don’t talk to her that way and never touch her again!” I said firmly. He then laughed without humor before saying, “Oh really? So you’re going to try to tell me what to do in my house? No punk bitch little snot is gonna tell me how to talk, and maybe you’d know that if you weren’t as big of a dumbfuck and your fucking dad was, he deserved what he got!”. That’s when I snapped, a piece of me just broke and the next thing I knew I was this gigantic wolf and I was shredding Jerry. It felt so good to finally get him back. I heard a long scream, I cleared my head enough to see that not only was Jerry dead, but I saw my mom with wounds all over her body and she was barely breathing. I tried to speak but I couldn’t it came out as a whine instead. I walked closely to her and lied down next to her with my head on her hand. All I could think of was I killed the last person who ever cared about me. I could hear my mom’s breaths become heavier before they finally stopped. I let out a long howl, I lied their all night crying inside this wolf body that was now my own. I had no answers. No place to go. I was alone. That’s when I remembered what my dad used to tell me. The legends of the Quileute. Before I knew it I was running away and headed towards La Push, Washington. Hoping that something would start making sense.

I would never let anything happen to my Leah, no way in hell. If someone every tried to harm her they wouldn’t live long enough to see it through…


Leah’s POV

I woke up in the morning feeling like electricity was running through all of my nerves. I smiled as I thought of last night, Chance’s lips on mine, my pace quickened with excitement. What is that boy doing to me? I smiled and grabbed some clothes to change into before running to the bathroom and starting to strip down for a shower. As I looked in the mirror I gasped.

“Are you kidding me?” I said shocked.

There were large love marks covering the right side of my neck and down my chest. Chance is so dead when I see him. My lips were still slightly swollen and I just sighed. What can I do about it now right? So I just finished stripping and jumped into the shower. I could smell Chance’s scent on my skin and I loved it. I finished up my shower before stepping out and drying off. They were still there just as big as before. Wow one of the downsides of dating a hormone stricken werewolf I guess. I applied a ton of makeup over the marks and slipped on my denim shorts followed by a more covering shirt than I had prior thought needed. I blow-dried my hair and straightened the bangs. I decided makeup was a must and applied some eyeliner, mascara, some blush. I then walked to the kitchen and saw a note on the table.


Went to Sam and Emily’s for breakfast, you’re more than welcome to join and just in case I’ll save you back some food. By the way you might want to hurry, because I will be trying to hold back food from these guys, so I give it like 15 minutes max.

Love Your Favorite Lil’ Brother,


I smiled down at the note and decided that I had nothing better to do right? So I grabbed my keys and drove over to the little cottage nestled in the trees. I walked over to the front door and decided against knocking so I just went on in. What I saw was anything but pretty, the boys were eating like they had been on the brink of starvation. Nothing’s changed their that’s for sure. I smiled and walked over to Seth. Of course I admit I looked around for Chance first, but he wasn’t there yet.

“Seth, my favorite little brother, where is my food?” I said as my tummy rumbled loudly. He gave me this guilty look, like a child with their hand in the cookie jar type of look, before he pointed to his stomach and smiled sheepishly.

“Really Seth? You rock at saving food” I said sarcastically. I sat down in the last empty chair and pretended to pout as the boys rubbed their full tummys. Assholes. Right then I heard the door open and close and heavy footsteps entered the kitchen. I was to busy pouting to notice Chance standing behind me with his eyebrow quirked in question at the other boys. Again my tummy growled and I groaned. I then felt myself being relocated, and by relocated I mean someone picked me up and placed me on their lap, but by the scent that surrounded me I knew it was Chance.

“What’s wrong, is someone a pouty pants this morning?” He asked playfully.

“I’m not a pouty pants, but your going to be if I’m not properly fed soon” I said growling lightly ignoring the other guys at the moment. Chance’s smile only brightened before he placed a bag on the table and pulled out a breakfast sandwich and an apple juice for me. I quickly scarfed down my sandwich and drank my juice as the others started talking to each other. When I was finished I looked up at Chance and smiled like a little girl on Christmas.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you” I said snuggling in closer to him. Which made his heart quicken lightly.

“Oh whatever you only want me, because I feed you” He said jokingly.

“Aww you know that’s not true, I love you because you’re nice enough to bring me food when my brother decides to be a pig and eat mine” I said kissing his cheek. He laughed and wrapped his arms tighter around my waist pulling me closer to him.

“Ehh good enough for me” He laughed and started twirling a strand of my hair around his fingers.

“Can you guys try not to make me throw my breakfast back up, please and thank you” Quil said in fake disgust.

“Oh whatever Quil, atleast he’s not a pedophile” Paul said smirking at Quil’s face.

“Oh yeah, well atleast, I’m not doing my alphas sister” Quil said back thinking he was being witty. We all burst out laughing.

“That is my point exactly” Paul shot back still smirking.

“Aww come on guys, that’s seriously not cool, that’s my sister!” Jake whined.

I look over to the normally giddy Seth and see that he is glaring down at his plate like it killed his pet fish.

“Seth are you okay?” I ask concerned.

“Just peachy” He sneered back at me.

I was completely taken aback by his comment, usually Seth is the fun easy-going one and now he’s just being a jerk.

“Ok…” I said feeling slightly hurt that he snapped at me.

Chance’s arms were now securely around me as he glared over at Seth. I tried to keep this from escalating by getting Chance in conversation with me.

“So what’re you going to be doing today hun?” I asked him trying to catch his eyes in mine and keep them off of Seth.

“Well I suppose I’m going to be wherever you are” he said finally looking away and smiling at me.

“Well…what if your presence is not required?” I said playfully.

“Hmm…Then I suppose I will have to follow you anyways, don’t you remember what I said last night?” he whispered into my ear, as I thought about last night chills ran up my spine, causing my heart to skip a beat. And I’m pretty sure he was thinking about it too because he growled sensually into my ear. I couldn’t help but to giggle and blush.

“Really? I’m trying to digest my food! And I can’t be turned on and digesting at the same time, it just doesn’t work!” Quil said after seeing Seth start to shake after he heard those words escape Chance’s mouth. Sam was gone long before now, in fact I haven’t seen him since Chance showed up. In fact the only ones left at the table were Paul, Quil, Seth, Chance, and of course me.

“Wow Quil, whole new level” was all Paul could say as he tried not to laugh and keep a straight face.

“I’m leaving” Seth said in a dangerously low tone as he stormed out of the house and slammed the door behind him.

“Well sorry to leave you pups alone to cause trouble, but Rach needs me” Paul said before waving and getting out the door.

“We should go to the beach” I said trying to get the mood happy again.

“Actually I have to get heading home too, but I have a slight, tiny, little favor to ask of you Lee” Quil said with a puppy face on.

“What is it Quil?” I said in a fake sighing way.

“Well…I have to go help my grandfather clean out his garage, but at the last minute Claire’s parent’s needed a babysitter, so I said yes, I have to help my grandfather today, but I need someone to watch Claire…” He said hoping I’d get the point.

“You want me to watch your imprint? Wow I’m actually flattered, this is major for you” I said actually shocked.

“Yeah I know, but he really needs me, and I trust you. So please can you?” He said with a pouting face.

“Yeah, totally, I love Claire” I said smiling brightly. I felt Chance’s arm around my waist and I smiled even more.

“Ok, Thanks so much, you know how to do everything right? You know how she gets cranky without her nap, and if she does get cranky, there’s a book you can read her in her bag, so you should be all set right?” Quil asked nervously.

“Yep sounds like everything’s good to go Quil, just drop her off at my house on the way to your grandfather’s house” I said smiling.

“You got it, thanks a lot for doing this for me” He said with a serious face on, he really cares about that little girl. He then left after I assured him everything was going to be fine.

Chance and I laced fingers as we made our way to his truck, I was just going to leave my car here till later then pick it up later. As we got into his truck he turned to me and crashed his lips into mine. I immediately started kissing back, missing the feeling of his lips on mine. Finally we needed air so we pulled back. But he didn’t let me move very far away from him, his arm was wrapped securely around my waist.

“What was that pleasant surprise for?” I say catching my breath.

“Well I had to wait all morning for that, and I am not a very patient man when it comes to my Leah” he said teasing me. The way he said ‘My Leah’ drove me wild, to think that I was his and he was mine was mind blowing.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” I said

“Yeah, somewhere between the sandwich and the apple juice” He said smiling at me with that playful glint in his sea blue eyes.

“You’re a jerk, here I am proclaiming my love for you, and you joke about apple juice, hmm…see if I ever proclaim anything to you again” I said pretending to be snooty and looking out the window.

He immediately turned my chin back around so that I was looking him in the eyes. It looked as if he was remembering something and pain flashed over his face, but he covered it up immediately.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” He said with a serious look on his face.

“Hmmm perhaps” I said still looking up at him.

“I love you more than anything and don’t you ever forget it, you’re my everything” He said looking at me with more love and adoration than I’ve ever felt in my life. I immediately hugged him tightly against me, I breathed in his masculine scent and sighed. I finally let go and we started driving to my house to change and wait for Claire. When we reached the house, I grabbed his hand and made him stop before he got out.

“I want you to know Chance, that I love you too, and I mean I really love you, the kind of love that digs into your soul and won’t ever let you quit loving them, you have me forever, I’m yours” I said looking him dead in the eyes before I leaned in and pecked his cheek. I then got out of the truck and started walking towards the door to my house so I could prepare myself for the tornado that is Claire to come sweeping into my house. Such a cute girl, but she’s a wild one, Quil’s going to have his hands full when she grows up.

I got into my house and left the door unlocked for when Chance was ready to come inside. We kind of have these weird moments. I mean not weird in a bad way, but like, I don’t know. I think we are both starting to realize that we aren’t going anywhere, and it’s all real. And that’s a lot for two heavily wounded people to take in. As I enter my room I see my windows open, that’s odd I didn’t leave that open…

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