Pet Akito and Tohru Lemon Story :) Chapter 2

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Created by HelloKittyFanFreak on Friday, July 16, 2010

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Tohru pulled in a shaky breath, before ringing the doorbell of the large estate before her. The door opened shortly, to reveal a middle-aged woman who greeted Tohru with a bright smile.

"You must be Akito-sama's guest, Honda-san, please come in."

Tohru hesitated, but entered the house after the other woman gently tugged on her arm.

"I'm sorry," she said as she followed the woman down the hallway. "What is your name?"

"Oh, sorry about that. I'm Ayako, the chief maid. I'm in charge of the other workers."

"Oh. Ayako could you please call me by my name? It's nothing personal, but I prefer for people to call me Tohru."

"Sure," Ayako said as she stopped infront of a room, and knocked on the door.

"Enter," the dark voice of Akito said.

Ayako pulled open the door and lightly pushed a frightened Tohru into the room. The older woman closed the door behind her, leaving the young girl with the Sohma head. Tohru looked around and saw Akito staring out of his bedroom window but immediately bowed in respect when he turned to face her. When Akito reached her, he kneeled down to her level and began to play with her hair. Tohru jumped slightly at his touch, but otherwise remained still.

"Do you know why I had you brought here?"

"No Akito-sama."

"You are a very intriguing little girl. Not only have you squirmed your little way into the hearts of my clan, but you have also managed to capture my attention as well."

Tohru's eyes shot up to his, burning with questions.

"That is why I've decide to make you my new pet."

Tohru's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to protest, but Akito silenced her with a look.

"Is there a problem?"

Tohru shook her head no.

"Good," Akito said as he pulled her to her feet and over to his bed.

"Akito-sama, why do you…EEEEEEEKKKKKK!" Tohru yelp as a sharp swat was delivered to her bottom, which was barely covered by her school uniform.

"You are to refer to me as 'master,' at all times, is that understood?" Akito ground out as he swatted her twice more before gently rubbing her bottom.

"Yes Aki… Master."

"Good girl." Akito said as he kissed her on the lips, his tongue demanding entrance into her hot mouth. Tohru gasped and his tongue entered her mouth, battling her own. She fought it at first, but Akito was persistent and she finally kissed him back. His kisses trailed to her neck, distracting her as he pulled off her clothes. It wasn't until a breeze touched her heated skin, that she realized that she was completely naked.

She squeaked as she tried her hardest to cover her body, but Akito grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto the bed, so that she was lying down.

"Don't ever hide this beautiful body from me," he said as he undressed, before returning to her mouth.

When they parted, Tohru had a deep blush on her face and the familiar feel of arousal coursing through her veins. Her blush intensified when she felt something hard and long being pressed against her thigh.

'Please tell me that's not what I think it is.' She prayed as she looked in-between their bodies. 'Oh crap…he's going to kill me.'

Akito saw where her line of sight was directed, and let out a dark chuckle.

"Do you like what you see my pet?"

Tohru couldn't tear her eyes away from the impressive symbol of masculinity before her.

"Huge." Was the only word that she could manage out of her dry throat. 'That's not a cock, that's a fuckin' monster! He has to be at least a foot long, and from the looks of things he's about as wide as a soda can…great, just fuckin' great.'

That creepy dark chuckle filled her ears again and she finally tore her eyes away from her master's cock and looked up at his smirking face.

"This is what a real cock looks like," he growled as he rubbed the tip against her clit, causing Tohru to through her head back as a moan escaped her lips.

Tohru, feeling a little brave, reached down and squeezed his hardened length. Akito froze above her, in shock before smirking.

"So, my little slave wants to be bold huh?" he chuckled darkly as he trailed a burning path of kisses down her body. He stopped at her breasts, lavishing them with attention. Tohru squirmed beneath him as he sucked, nibbled, and bit her caramel peaks. He pulled away with an audible pop before continuing his journey beneath the covers. Tohru watched as her master's head disappeared beneath the covers. He trailed a burning path down to the heat in-between her legs, stopping briefly to flick his tongue into her belly button before burying his nose in her center and breathing in her intoxicating scent.

'What the hell is he…?' Tohru's train of thought was interrupted when her master's skillful mouth devoured her virgin center. "Oh sweet kami!"

He groaned at her scent, and flicked out his tongue for a taste of her. Tohru arched her hips as Akito's skilled tongue began to torture her tiny little clit. Akito placed his hands on her bucking hips and held them down as he continued to suckle on her pearly nub. Tohru gripped the sheets beneath her and bit her lip in a vain attempt to keep from moaning. Akito smirked against her burning center before slipping two fingers into her passage, instantly finding her sweet spot.

"Ahhhhh," Tohru screamed as her back arched completely and she bucked onto his hand.

Akito smirked against his pet's center and sucked harder nibbling lightly on it while his dexterous tongue continued to swirl around her little nub. He shifted slightly, letting his tongue penetrate her as two long fingers expertly squeezed, pinched, and rolled her clit. Tohru threw her head back and moaned deeply as his tongue and fingers switched places. Akito dragged his long tongue around her swollen nub lapping at her demanding more and more of her juices.

"Oh kami…there should…unnmm…be a…oh yeah… law against thhhhiiiiiiiiisssss." Tohru screamed the last part as Akito's skillful fingers found her sweet spot at the exact moment that he sucked hard on her clit, causing a squeal to escape her lips as her orgasm flowed through her body.

Tohru fell back onto the bed trying to catch her breath, as her body trembling with the after shocks of her orgasm. Akito trailed a path with his lips all the way up to her ear, aligned his erection to her burning core, and murmured a quick apology before impaling her on his rock-hard member. Tohru let out a pained cry as he took her innocence, and tears streamed down her face; it felt like he had torn her in half. Akito bent down and licked away her tears, murmuring sweet nothings into her ear. Slowly but surely, the pain faded. After what had seemed like an eternity Tohru shifted her hips. She let out a gasp as Akito's tip landed directly on her sweet spot. If she had thought that having his finger rub against it was pleasurable, having his cock on it with the majority of his weight behind it was pure bliss. Akito took her gasp as the signal to keep going and slowly pulled out before slowly sliding back in. He took his time, wanting to save his energy. Tohru gasped and shuddered with every thrust he made into her body. Tohru groaned and bucked against him impatiently, wanting something but not sure what.

"Master," she cooed as he buried himself to the hilt, hitting all the right places.

"What is it pet? Tell me what you want."

"Ha…harder," she panted. "Faster!"

Akito smirked down at her and hoisted her legs onto his shoulders, changing his angle slightly before he began pounding into her. Tohru arched her back and let out a breathless scream.

"Oh Gods, right there!"

Akito smirked wickedly and speed up to a nearly demonic pace. Tohru lost her ability to keep up with her master and simply held on for dear life. Akito reveled in her tightness, he had never had a hotter bed partner; his little onigiri was very responsive to all of his touches, and, it appeared that despite her innocent nature, she was full of unadulterated passion. Tohru trailed her shaking hands up his muscular arms and grasped his shoulders, the coil in her stomach threatening to explode. Akito felt her walls quiver as her release drew near.

"Scream my name," he demanded as he gave the hardest thrusts he could manage. "Let everyone know who you belong to!"

Tohru came doing just that, her walls clamping down on him like vices. Akito gritted his teeth together to prevent from coming. He wasn't done with Tohru just yet. He pulled out of her, turned her onto her side, lifted her leg, and entered her again. Tohru howled as he began pounding into her in this new position. He seemed so much bigger in this position that she nearly swooned at the feelings he was currently invoking within her. Akito leaned down and nibbled her neck while the hand that wasn't holding her waist, began playing with her tiny clit again.

"Yeah, ahh, fuck me," she cried.

Akito was only too happy to oblige. He placed her knee over his shoulder and pounded into her.

"So tight," He murmured as he captured her mouth with his. "You feel so good around my cock."

Tohru groaned at his words and bucked against him as best she could, as the tightness in her belly returned. She squeezed her walls, determined to get her master to join her on cloud nine. Akito, however, was having none of it. He roughly pounded into her, once again becoming too fast for her. Tohru tried holding back from her release, but her master wasn't even about to begin to let her have her way. He circled her clit faster and gave it the occasional twist before he once again sent her over the edge, his name repeatedly spilling from her swollen lips. Akito continued to pound into her even as her orgasm seized her body, refusing to give her a reprieve from his cock. Tohru looked up at him and pouted as best she could.

"N…n…no…f…fair," she groaned as she threw her head back again.

Tohru lifted an amused brow at her and thrusted hard before speaking.

"What's not fair Onigiri?"

Tohru bit her lip as he hit her spot again.

"Y…you…haven't… c…cum…AHHHHH!" She screamed the last part as he repeatedly gave her sweet spot quick and forceful thrusts.

Akito clicked his tongue at her and continued his assault. Tohru writhed in pure pleasure beneath him, barely able to form a coherent thought. Her little toes curled and she once again tried to hold off her release.

"I don't think so," Akito growled as he bit her just behind the ear.

Tohru came with a scream so loud, that even the people in the other end of the neighborhood could hear her. This time however, her climax forced Akito over the edge with her. He came with a loud bellow, his warm seed coating her vaginal walls and she cooed at the feeling. He slumped against her as they both tried to catch their breath. Akito was in complete and utter shock, none of his previous bed partners had ever had an orgasm so intense that it made him release as well. They stayed as they were, trying to catch their breath. After a few moments, Akito groaned as he slid his now flaccid cock out of her tiny body and got out of bed. Tohru tiredly watched him stretch. Feeling her eyes on him, the Sohma leader turned and knelt down to give her a kiss, sending a jolt through them both.

"You'd better get as much sleep as you can Tohru," he said huskily as he pulled away and walked to his personal hotsprings. "It's the weekend, and I'm nowhere near being through with you."

The moment Akito disappeared Tohru flopped onto her back in a boneless heap.

"I was right," she mumbled to herself as she fell asleep. "He's going to kill me."

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