One Piece: Spirit Of Change #5 (Portgas D Ace Love Story)

(WITH PICS) Chapter Five - Brotherly Love !!!!No copywrite Infringement Intended!!!!!

Created by XFlipen-MentalX on Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Chapter Five - Brotherly Love


I stopped breathlessly. I had to admit defeat. I was lost.

Scanning my surroundings I found to the right of me buildings, to the left buildings, in front buildings, behind me buildings, it resembled a stone maze.

Gazing upwards I could see an escape into the sky, if only I could manage to scale the tall stone walls that barricaded me in.

Then there came the sound of a blaze, followed by the smell of burning, the blue sky covered in thick black smoke.

That’s where they were.

Rounding a corner I stopped dead in my tracks.

WHAT LUCK! My mind screamed.

Sitting on top of a barrel full of water, looking more confused than I, the captain of the straw hat pirates.


“Luffy!” I yelled, my voice echoed down the passageway

“Kali!” beamed Luffy clearly pleased to see another being

I strolled up to him trying not to give any hints away, when I was within reaching distance I curled my fingers round his neck and begun to shake him violently while screaming all sorts of curses.

All Luffy seemed to do was gurgle like he was on some kind of rollercoaster ride.

“I guess giving you a chance to escape was pointless,” the voice came from above

Myself and Luffy examined the rooftop as I released the rubber male.

“YOU!” I pointed an accusing finger.

“Hiya Ace,” choked Luffy

Ace leapt down from the rooftop landing steadily on his feet, he made it look effortless. Oh the wonders of the anime world.

I could feel the heat radiating from Ace’s body, his well toned abs, his cute freckled face graced with that stunning smile. NO!. I couldn’t think like that.

My rage had dwindled away, I think I might have spent it all on the poor straw hatted captain.

I watched in amusement as two brothers reminisced over an arm wrestle, I sigh, men.


“It’s nice to know you two love birds have found each other but we need to head back to the ship before the marines catch us,” I announced tactfully

We started to walk in the direction we thought could be the docks when Luffy told Ace all about his crew, there was a sense of pride in his voice that made me smile.

“Oh and you’ve already met Kali, she’s psychic,” boasted Luffy excitedly

Ace stared at me with curious eyes when Luffy introduced us, I needed to avert my gaze to the floor hiding the suttle blush that appeared along my cheeks.

“Psychic aye?” questioned Ace raising a brow unbelievingly

I needed to put Luffy straight “One, I’m not psychic and two I didn’t say I’d join your crew.”

During the conversation I couldn’t help but notice the eerie sensation of being followed, neck hairs stood on end and my body covered in goosebumps. Then I remembered about the little confrontation.


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