I Invented Sex;Trey Songz Story

yet another Trey Story lol this idea come to me from a dream i had so here's the first chapter, p l e a s e tell me what you think, I haven't been getting any feedback

Created by NoMoHeartBreak on Sunday, July 18, 2010

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“OKAYYY LADIES ITS FREE DRINKS TONITE! THAT’S RITE THE ONE AND ONLY TREY SONGZ IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT AND HE’S PAYING! HE’S UP IN VIP SO THANK EM.” The DJ yelled as I danced thru the crowd. “ohh la la your boo is here tonight.” my friend Sydney smiled. Last week I had too many drinks and ended up going home with Trey, it was a one night stand that was it, nothing more. Okay so maybe I enjoyed, alright you got me, that was an understatement, I loved it and couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since. I’m not a whore, let me get that straight, I would never do things like that but my friends dared me to drink a lot. “Whateva! Let’s just dance and enjoy the night.” I laughed.

Trey POV

“Do you see her?” I asked impatiently. “IT would help if you gave us a little more description.” Ron my security guard said. “Like I said before I wasn’t all the way sober and when I woke up she was gone.” “So how do you know she was great?” “Yeah what if she ain’t all that.” added Drake, we were great friends before either one of us got famous. “I just know it, okay? Just help me find her!” Hopefully, she’ll hear the DJ and want to come find me too, I mean she thought it was great too right? I wasn’t used to girl not being all clingy after, but this girl she just left without asking for an autograph, my number or anything. Girls were already lining up at the rope to be let in. I struggled to remember something, anything about her. I guess all I could do was wait for her to come to me, man I hope she came soon.

Ambrielle POV

“Can I have a glass of ciroc?” I asked handing the bar tender a 5 dollar bill. “Yeah, and it’s free, didn’t you hear?” he asked me. “I heard but I don’t need no free drinks, so make that two glasses.” I grabbed the drinks and left a 20. “oh yeah and give Trey this message.” I scribbled it on a napkin, kissed it and slid it across. “Will do pretty lady anything else?” “Nope thank you though.”

Trey POV

“Here Trey.” said the bartender handing me a napkin and a 20. “What’s this for?” “This chick gave it to me to give to you.”

I read the note.

don’t need your free drinks, I got my own bt thanks anyway btw let’s just pretend that night never happened, don’t want you to think I’m that sorta girl. CUZ IM NOT.

She kissed the napkin and drew a heart. “Damn look at this.” I said handing it around. “I gotta find her.” I whispered as we got in the limo. All I could think about was her, I smelled the lip gloss and it smelled like vanilla. I thought back to kissing her and it did taste like Vanilla.

Ambrielle POV

“OMG girl, did you see the commercial on TV, where Trey Songz is looking for a mystery girl? He nicknamed herVanilla Kissbecause apparently that’s what kind of lip stick she wears. Anyway, he’s asking for her to meet him at the pepsi center.” my cousin Ashley exclaimed. I laughed and rolled my eyes, “How stupid! He could have any girl he wanted yet he’s wasting time looking for m- her?” “I think it’s cute.” she shrugged leaving. “Cute?” I asked myself laughing, Trey was an egotistic jerk. He took random girls home and then made songs about it, bragging about it. Don’t get me wrong, Trey was amazing in bed but it’s the principle that mattered the most. And now, he had the nerve to look for me? I wondered why though, I thought that was his game. Smashing then Trashing. Oh my gosh, what if he had an std and gave it to me and wants to tell me about it? Naw, that’s stupid. He’s jerk but I think he’s a safe jerk. Then again…he never knows who he’s taking home if their drunk. I ended my mini monologue by grabbing my cell phone and walking into the kitchen. I lived in a loft with my cousin Ashley, we split the rent because we were both in our last year of college. I groaned looking at my unfinished homework on the table, this is not how I planned to spend my Sunday.

Trey POV

“Number 234.” I said into the speaker, I didn’t know this many girls would show up and I know for a fact I never slept with this many of em. “Oh my gosh! I’m your mystery girl, it’s me! Can I have your autograph?” she screamed. I sighed and signed her paper, I knew they were wasting my time but I hoped the real girl would come. “Man this girl better be worth it.” one of my guards complained. “Is your job worth it? Then shut the fuck up and help the next girl up here.” He did as I said. 300 girls later and no luck, some of them had Vanilla Rose lipgloss, but I had the best cosmetologist find out exactly what shade it was and it was Midnight Kisses number 3 special edition. None of the girls that showed up had that kind.

. “I want to stop for coffee.” I told my driver as we left, we stopped at a Starbucks near the university.

Ambrielle POV

I was working tonight and business was slow, which was good because I could get some studying in. I worked at Starbucks part-time so I could pay for my part of the rent, we were a 24 hour Starbucks but my shift ended at 12:00 pm. I glanced at the clock as people walked in, 9;45. “Hey welcome to Starbucks how may I help you?” I said trying my best to be full of cheeriness and welcominess(yup that right I made my own word up!) I was looking down at the computer ready to type in the order but they were taking forever so I looked up and was

surprised to see, that’s right, Trey Songz. He finally stopped looking at the board and looked at me, he stared a minute, “wow damn, I mean uh can I have a Vanilla Bean?” he asked me.

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