Haven't You People Ever Heard Of Closing A ***damn Door?-1

Mah first tragedy! I was (obviously) inspired by the song "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" by PANIC! At The Disco. Enjoy! =)

Created by MrsDezzEvans on Sunday, July 18, 2010

*Present Moment-2010*

Making last minute preparations, I slowly walked through the church, passing the mostly empty pews for the last time as a bachelor. In just a few minutes time, I was about to join my life with Amy, the most precious thing in my life. Sitting down on a hard wooden pew, I shook my head and smiled, remembering how I knew I'd fallen in love with Amy for the first time.


"Hey, is this seat taken?" A thin, pretty brunette girl asked me indifferently. We'd never officially talked, but I knew who she was. Amy Westfield, the most popular girl at Lincoln High. Golden-carmel eyes; thick, black lashes; pouty lips; a luscious figure, and blonde highlights made up the most beautiful girl in my high school-no, the world, even.

"Sure." I tried to come off as suave, but my heart sped up, and pounded so loudly I was surprised I didn't have a stroke right then and there.

She didn't seem to notice, she merely said "thanks", and sat down, not bothering to make any conversation. As the minutes ticked by, and class started, I found myself simply gazing at her. The more I stared, the pinker her cheeks grew, until she finally turned around and lookd at me.

"What?" Amy broke the silence.

I quickly turned my attention to Ms. Garmez, the Spanish teacher, replying hastily with "nothing."

"There's obviously something on your mind. So out with it." I could tell by her tone that it wasn't a request, but a command.

"You're just so...beautiful." I spit out the words, knowing that if I hesitated, I would never be able to say it aloud. Amy blushed, to my intense surprise.

"You're different than any other guy I know, Tyler. I like that." She quickly scribbled down something on a scrap of paper, then flicked it towards me. I picked it up, and saw a series of number. I looked at her, uncomprehendingly.

"It's my digits. Call me." And suddenly, the bell rang. And just as suddenly, she bent down and kissed me on the cheek, then walked away to catch up with her popular friends. And at that moment I knew I would never be complete without her.

*Present Moment-2010*

As I finished reflected on that fateful day, I heard giggling and whispering behind me. One of the waitors, Sebastian, and a bridesmaid, Merissa, were talking softly, but not so softly that I couldn't hear them. I knelt at the entrance of a side room, and listened curiously.

"This is going to be such a beautiful wedding!" Merissa gushed to Sebastian, who laughed.

"Yeah, but the poor groom doesn't know that his sexy bride's a whore."

"Really? How do you know?" Merissa inquired suspiciously.

"Because I slept with her last night." That was I needed to hear. I ran from the room, my head a swirling mass of angry thoughts. How could she do this to me? Why Sebastian? Didn't she love me? Did I mean anything? I'm going to kill Sebastian. Steeling my nerves, I walked back to the side room, and stepped inside.

"Hey, do either of you know where the priest is?" They froze, and looked up guiltily.

"Uh, I think he's at the front of the church." Merissa tried to sound perky and clueless, but her voice quavered.

"Thanks." I breathed irregularly as I looked for the priest, feeling hot tears sear my eyes. "Father, I'm so sorry to waste your time."

Father Jerkins whirled around, looking confused. "Whatever do you mean, son?"

"The wedding is off."

24626018-Nick.jpg Tyler Hemsley

raisa.jpg Amy Frieddman

julianne-hough.jpgMerissa Franksworth

13f9c8fe9dbdafe8aa2e25b6d6035df3_ashton_kutcher-4969.jpg Sebastian Marks

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