A/N; My computer broke down. Now it's all fixed, but there's another problem....

Please read;;;

Created by OscarxThexGrouch8 on Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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So, like four days ago, my co puter shut down but now it's fixed.

The problem is that when it shut down, we had to copy all of our information onto a disk. So, I have the stuff I wrote but, for some reason it's hard to get the stuff downlaoded onto the computer. I'm not sure when it'll be downloaded back on, but when it does I can update again.

It'll either be today or tomorrow I think. But I want to make up the wait for ya'll so, when I can update, I'm going to do a few chapters for each story.

Please don't be mad it's taking this long! I hate this computer... it sucks. But soon I'll have my own, so I cn update way more(:

Hate the computer, not me! ahaha(:

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