Gustav hears strange noises comming from the twins' bedroom. He and georg go investigate.

Created by thcbmcrfob on Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Georg and Gustav sat in the kitchen drinking coffee when they heard some odd noises coming from the twins' room, so they went to the door to hear better.
"Tomi take it out!" Bills shaky voice said.
"Be quiet it won't hurt once it's all the way in!"
The boys looked at each other.
"Should we go check it out?" Gustav asked.
"No, "Georg said.
They continued to listen.
"Okay Tom just put it in already…"
"I can't…"
"Why not! I've done it before!"
"Well, that being the case or not your whole is(grunt) too small…"
"It went in last time."
"Well that was a few years back when you first did it, you're whole was able to expand then, besides it wasn't this big then." Tom said.
"Okay we're going in." Gustav whispered.
"No, just chill."
"Okay Bill I'm just gonna push it in, it may hurt a little."
"Okay now we go in." Georg said.
"Three!" They both opened the door to see Tom on top of Bill. Fully clothed.
"What are you two doing?"
"Nothing…"Bill said with his tongue out of his mouth.
"Bill needed help changing his tongue ring…" Tom said holding up the black barbell.
Gustav felt his face flush with embarrassment.
"Wait you guys didn't think that we…"Tom said smirking.
"Well…you guys made sex noises."
Tom laughed.
"Well Bill I think the fan girls got to them!"
"Whatever. See Gusti I should never have listened to you!" Georg said leaving.
"But they were sex noises!" Gustav said following,
Tom looked back down at Bill smirking.
"No Tom…"
"What? I didn't say or do anything."
"I know that look."
Tom traced Bill's stomach.
"What if they come back,"
"We can always say you bit you tongue."
"It's good they didn't hear you last night when we were really doin it, we would've been busted. You scream so loud."
"Shut up and kiss me asshole!"
Bill smiled and Tom happily obliged.

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