Soul Eater: Why? (Justin Law Oneshot/Lemon) For HikaruElric

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Created by XFlipen-MentalX on Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Memories don’t always remain in chronological order or return the moment they’re called, preferring to remain stubbornly locked in secret compartments deep in the filling cabinets of the mind. Memories come back unexpectedly and often it would have been better to remain lost.

A female sat upon the academies roof top her silky long black hair swayed slightly in the passing breeze, her dark eyes shimmered off the reflection of the sun’s rays as she peered skywards, even the grinning sun seemed to be mocking her this day.

Fiddling with the cross pendant that hung loosely around your neck you exhaled a deep sigh, this location had been the beginning of the end.

Lord death himself had proposed a reunion for recent and former meisters, demon weapons and death scythes, you recalled his announcement word for word.

“A reunion party is just what we need to spice up the life.” That’s what he had said.

You had attended not only because you wanted to show respect to Shinigami but in the hope of seeing….him. Your first true love, your soul mate.

When Shinigami first laid eye on you he considered you to be a valuable ally, he suspected you of possessing a careful soul and he was correct. Shinigami was the one responsible for changing you into the first kishin well aware that you would be capable of controlling such a power as Kishin Alucard he made the decision to seal him within your body.

(I hope this is the right picture)


With great power comes great fear, people of death city coward in your mere presence, they shunned you from day to day because of your special ability.

Terrified that madness would overtake your mind and that you would begin to obsess with power Shinigami took drastic action with pairing you up with the only demon weapon he felt trustworthy of the task, this chosen male coincidently was the only one who dared to speak to you, he feared nothing and no one.

Justin Law. The executioner. Thus making you his Meister.

However, this didn’t last for very long, it wasn’t because you were incompatible with one another but your bond went deeper then just Meister and Weapon, far from companions, it was more like love.

And it was this emotion of love, made the subconscious vault open, releasing one of those memories you would of preferred to forget. The day you ended it all.

Yourself and Justin were an unstoppable duo, it had only taken two days for you to collect 99 souls, today was the day when the witch hunt began.

You approached your destination fast.

“You ready Justin?” you asked twirling the thin lollipop stick fixed between your lips.

What? Yes, you did have a slight obsession with candy, the sweet alluring taste of strawberry lollipops to be exact. It was one of your traits, a habit which Justin not only hated but loved at the same time.

No reply from the latter.

Those dam earphones you cursed to yourself, equally it annoyed you for him to constantly listen to music when he should be concentrating, yet he looked so cute when he stood there pretending not to hear.

*Go on get him, make him squirm, he should be paying attention!* Alucards voice popped up in the back of your mind.

Instead you stopped straight in front of Justin blocking his pathway.

“HELLOOO!” you practically yelled right in his face

Justin stood there with a puzzled expression, he smiled and raised a hand “Hi.”

Not forgetting the fact he still had his music blaring into his ears, it amazed you how he hadn’t actually gone deaf. The blue eyed teenager had an unnatural talent for lip reading.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” you grumbled lowly mainly to yourself

“SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU,” shouted Justin, proving it he pointed to his earphones.


*Hee-Hee Nice one* congratulated Alucard out of the blue

“You can pipe down as well,” you hissed

Huffing angrily you continued up the path, into the unknown.


The pair of you shared the same dream, for Justin to become a death scythe. You were grateful to him for caring so much and the only thing you could think of by repaying him was to aid him in becoming a death scythe.

The witch proved to be troublesome. She had the power to destroy and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

Blasted backwards you landed gracefully on your feet.

Alucard appeared *Is that all you got, you witch* he taunted

The pores in the palm of your hand started to secrete a clammy sweat, you had never felt fear before, you had a taste of it and it wasn’t nice.

Nevertheless, the emotion of fear you felt wasn’t from being afraid of the witch but being scared to lose Justin, one slip and BAM it might all be over.

*Oh come on* whined Alucard growing impatient

“Hikaru?” Justin’s concerned voice pulled you back to reality.

Pulling a strawberry lolly from your pocket you shoved it quickly into your mouth, preparing to attack but something held you back.

Your mind screamed at you to advance but your body disobeyed.

Unexpectedly your hand begun to get scolded, instantly you dropped your weapon who just had to be Justin.

Suddenly it was to late, the witch charged and everything went black.

Your eyes fluttered open, instantly aware of the throbbing pain and the right side of the bed dipped, averting your eyes to the person it was the executioner himself.

*Oh goody she’s awake….DO YOU KNOW HOW BORED IVE BEEN!…talking to myself, I thought I was going insane!* exclaimed Alucard to which you ignored

The blonde hared male wasn’t listening to his music, a bad sign.

“The witch, did you get her soul?” you asked cheerily but that soon faded

He didn’t utter a single word, only shook his head in a no gesture.

*Get her soul, HA! Are you kidding me, you choked kid* sniggered Alucard but you didn’t find it very amusing.

“Not now Alucard,” mumbled Justin barely audible

You had shifted position to be sitting directly in front of the blue eyed demon weapon, you could feel his shallow breath on your skin.


“Justin,” you paused your eyes meeting innocent blue orbs “I’m sorry.”

You didn’t expect the reaction you got, Justin surprisingly pushed his lips onto yours causing your body to tense, it took a second to realise what was going on before you returned the kiss.

You sensed Alucard shudder to disappear into the upper reaches of your mind.

It was a gentle, passionate kiss as if Justin had almost lost something precious to him.

Lying back down into the bed, Justin sidled beside you and you lay your head against his chest feeling it rise and fall, he wrapped an arm around you embracing you tightly and you both fell asleep.

Morning came quicker then expected, Justin still had his arm snaked around your body, he looked so peaceful asleep.

Remembering the witch event, it was you who held him away from his dream, you couldn’t bare to lose him, so you decided to take the cowards way out and leave.

“Thought I’d find you here.” a familiar voice brought you back to the present day.

An image of you jumping from the roof top entered your mind, you would rather face death itself than to face him but even in death there would be no escape.

The newcomer seated himself besides you accidentally connecting fingertips, you whisked your hand away quickly. Glancing out the corner of your eye you studied the familiar face, he hadn’t change much. The same ocean blue eyes, the same perfect blonde hair.

“Hi,” you acknowledged. Justin smiled as he looked you up and down.

“What?” you asked in a genteel tone

“Why?” he asked you rolled your eyes staring ahead “Why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

“I did,” you defended sternly

“A flimsy note,” there was amusement in his tone at your discomfort

You bowed your head but a hand cupped underneath your chin persuaded you to lose yourself in them familiar enchanted blue eyes. There was no fleeing this time.

“I did it because I lo…..” you begun but were cut off

The renown death scythe had cut your words short by pressing his lips sensually onto your own in a long kiss.

That emotion of love you once felt before, came flourishing back.


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