Star Wars Seven Minutes In Heaven

This is my first Seven minutes in heaven so please go easy. I would love it if you would rate and message!! thanks alot and enjoy!!

Created by hedleyfan on Thursday, July 22, 2010


Blue: you got Anakin Skywalker! (by the way: he is mine but i'll let you borrow him for 7 minutes ;) ) You pull out a blue piece of paper out of the hat that was thrown at you by Han. Nervously, you manage to whisper "blue. Who has blue?" and none other then the hot, smokin' Anakin Skywalker stands up. He walks over to you and smiles extending his hand to help you up. You've never played this game before so you didn't know what to expect. You always did have a huge crush on Anakin and you knew that he wouldnt be a jerk about being in a closet with you. Leia closes the door behind you guys. You start to tremble and decend to the nearest corner. "Are you scared?" you hear Anakin's soft voice. "A little.... i mean no!..... im... i mean.... like... ive never really... you know..?" you stutter. 'Great.' you think 'he must take me for some freak now.' but all the thoughts were wiped out of your head when you suddenly feel Anakin comming closer and closer to you until he has both his hands on the walls on either side of your head with you trapped. He can feel you trembling and soothes you"Shhh.. i won't hurt you. Don't be scared." He gently strokes your cheek as he leans closer and closer. Now he is only a couple of centimeters away from your lips. "I love you so much. There is nothing i've been wanting more then to do this." and with that his soft lips brushed against yours. Your hands moved around his neck and his around your waist. Its a good thing he was holding you because after a moment of kissing him, your knees went week. You guys were totally enjoying that moment of bliss when it was ruined by Leia opening the door. You guys sit together for the rest oof the night cuddling and you were so happy. This game, afterall, was not as bad as you thought =)

Black: You reached into the hat and pulled out a black piece of paper. You hold it up so everyone can see and to your horror, Darth Vader stands up. Everyone looks at you with a "sorry" look in their eyes. Han puts his arms around you protectivly and at that, you can feel Vader rolling his eyes under the mask. He picked you up out of Han's grasp and carried you to the closet shutting the door behind him. He sets you down gently which surprises you. For a minute both of you just stay silent. The only sound is Vader's heavy breathing. You are expecting him to kill you at any moment. But then, he breaks the silence.. "So i know i'm supposed to kiss you and all but i kinda can't do that because of the mask." you just glare at him. What makes him think you would let him kiss you after everything he has done? When you don't say anything Vader continues.. "i know you must hate me and think i'm a total monster for everything but you have not heard the real story behind everything. Please just let me explain everything and maybe we can understand eachother better" he tells you about Padme and how he only wanted to save her but ironicaly ended up killing her, he told you about Palpatine and after the story, you had tears streaming out your eyes. You launched yourself at him and embraced him. "I'm so sorry! What can i..... can i do? This... this isnt fair! you are a good person!" Vader hugged you back "shhh its ok. Just please do one thing for me. Look after my twins. The force is strong in Luke. One day he will be great. And as for Leia, i always wanted a daughter. She is my little princess...look after her for me." you nodded "i promise i will" when the door opened Vader got up and stormed out of the room. "Are you ok?" asked Obi- Wan "i will be" you whisper drying your eyes. (Yes I know evil Anakin is Vader but I really don’t hate Vader because Luke and Padme were right. There is good in him!)
Red: You reach in the hat and pull out a red piece of paper. Imidiatly Han Solo stands up and walks you to the closet. "have fun you two.. oh and Han? PLEASE use protection with the poor girl!! I don't need any neices or nephews just yet!" jokes Anakin before shutting the door and smirking at the fact that he made you blush redder then the piece of paper you pulled out. Han gently pushes you against the wall. His lips are really close to yours. He rests his forehead on yours."you sure that this is what you want?" he asks gently "yes! deffinatly! but its just thhat... welll ive never kissed anyone before" you admit. Han smiles tenderly at you and says "Wow i'm pretty lucky! first i get to be here in the closet with you and now i get to be your first kiss!" " yes but Han? i'm probably bad at it" you say and he decides to play along with your little line from 'A walk to remember' and says "Its not possible" and with that he gently presses his lips to yours with so much care and love. You wanted this moment to go on forever when suddenly "SIR SIR!! May i inform you that the seven minutes of this round are done!" don't get me wrong... you love 3PO but on days like this you wanna take him apart and throw him out "THANK YOU!" growls Han sarcasticly "oh your very welcome sir! I'm always glad to help...." continues the droid. Han gently whispers "Be mine?" and you whisper back "I was yours from the start"

Grey: Obi-Wan!! (note: this Obi-Wan is from the first episode when he didn’t have his beard and was actually hot! ;) ) Really nervously you reach into the hat and pull out a grey piece of paper. You hold it up so everyone can see and start to walk into the closet not even bothering to see who you got. You were sort of dragged into this game by Luke and Han. You would rather be at home reading a book or something. You sit down against the wall and close your eyes secretly hoping you got Obi- Wan. You are interrupted from your day dream when you hear the closet door close and someone sit down beside you. Shyly looking up, you find that your wish came true and Obi- Wan was sitting right beside you. You break your gaze from his and look down. But then you feel his index finger under your chin slowly lifting it back to his gaze. His eyes were so tender and his thumb slowly stroke your cheek. “You are so beautiful,” you hear him say and at that you blush. Obi-Wan chuckles “and cute when you blush.” He finishes. “Thank you” you whisper. ‘Thank you? What kind of thing is that to say at a moment like this?’ you think to yourself. But to your surprise, he smiles and rests his forehead on yours. “You’re welcome” and with that, he slowly leans in and kisses you so gently and sweetly it makes you melt on the inside. You were in pure bliss. He slowly pulles back and whispers “I love you so much. You’re everything to me. And if you give me a chance, I promise I’ll never let anything hurt you. I will be the best guy I can for you.” You were so amazed and happy and you knew that you wanted nothing more then to be his “I love you too Obi-Wan! I always have!” and with that you both lean in for another passionet kiss.

Yellow: You slowly put your hand into the hat and pulled out a yellow piece of paper. You hold it up for everyone to see. You are terrified to see Darth Maul stand up and practically drag you to the closet. He shuts the door behind him and starts to circle you. You hold your breath and stay as still as if you are afraid he will launch himself at you and kill you at any moment. But it doesn’t come. Instead he aproaches you slowly and you back up and hit the wall. He continues to come closer until he is inches away from your face. Darth Maul doesn’t say anything at all to you but leans in and ever so gently brushes his lips against yours. You are still frozen because of fear and surprise. But feeling the gentleness of his touch and his lips you slowly relax and give in. He slowly lowers you onto the floor and starts to kiss your neck tenderly. You were so surprised that he was being so gentle to you. You have never felt this way in your life. You were interrupted by Anakin opening the door with his lightsaber ready just incase. But he saw you guys on the floor and screamed “OMG MY EYES!!!!!” and shut the door. Maul locked it and continued to your delight.

Green: You reached into the hat and pulled out a green piece of paper. Darth Maul laughed but stopped as soon as he started receiving death glares from both Luke and Anakin. You were confused but then Obi-Wan says “you should probably go into the closet so you don’t see it coming.” You are really confused but make your way to the closet. Anakin turns you around and makes you face the wall and pats you on the back. That makes you even more confused. You suddenly feel heavy presence in the closet. You try to turn but you cant because something big slimy and wet licks your back. You freeze but slowly turn, not knowing what to expect you see Jabba the Hutt. You scream as loud as you can. In seconds the door is opened by Anakin and Han. But they couldn’t get to you because Jabba was so huge he took up all the closet space. Anakin thrusts his lightsaber into Jabba’s tail or whatever the hell it is which causes Jabba to scream. Han used that opportunity to squeeze through the little space between Jabba and the wall and grabbed your hand. He gently got you out and helped Anakin lock Jabba in the closet. Luke hugs you and says “well, looks like we need to move this party to a different closet.” Everyone agrees and you guys leave the room. (PS: if you have a crush on Jabba, first, you are strange and second, sorry but I couldn’t make this result romantic because I puked everytime I tried :P).

Purple: Shyly you reach into the hat and pull out a purple piece of paper. “Purple, anyone?” you ask with a shaky voice. At that, none other then Luke Skywalker stands up. He smiles at you and takes your hand leading you into the closet. Anakin winks at both of you before shutting the door. You feel really nervous and that makes it hard to breath. You become even more nervous when you feel Luke coming closer to you. When he finally reaches you, he gently strokes your blushing cheeks and says “there is no reason for you to be nervous. We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” He says soothingly. You know you want him to kiss you so bad so you decide to make sure he doesn’t get the wrong idea. “Oh no Luke, its not that… its just…. That… well… I kinda sorta.. like you.” Luke smiles gently and whispers “I kinda sorta like you too.” With that, he presses his lips to yours so tenderly that you barely feel it, yet there is so much passion in that kiss. Luke pulls away saying “Joking. I don’t like you at all.” You look down and almost have tears run down your face. But Luke uses his finger to lift your chin so your eyes lock. “Because I’m completely in love with you.” You don’t even get a moment to take in everything he just said when he kisses you again. This time more passionately. He put so much love into the kiss that it made your knees go week and almost made you collapse. But thankfully Luke caught you and pulled away whispering “Be my girl?” all you could do is whisper back a “yes” before he leaned in again. J

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