I love you, I need you, and I want you are all 8 letters...So is Bullshit. Ironic isn't it?^^Vampire Love Story^^Intro^^

Ok here we go, deep beath in out in out... :D This is the first story I have made that is not fan fiction because *Cough* All my stories were deleted by i dunno what! *Cough* Whatev's so I'm going to post the next chapter in like 20 minutes or something... Haha.. Hope you guys enjoy my first non fan fiction story EVER! Message'n'Rate pretty please. I wanna know how I did... :))) Love you all! ^^

Created by FuNnYpUmPKiNs on Thursday, July 22, 2010

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“Nana?” I looked over at my grandma as we made it past the intersection.

“Yes,” she said flipping through the map as she tried to steer the car.

“Are we there yet?” I leaned down on the cool glass, pressing my head against the window. She rolled her eyes from behind her huge sun glasses.

“How many times do I have to tell you Violet? We’re moving to Maine… Its like a 3 days drive and we have been driving for just 2 hours. I have no idea how in the world you past your geography class.” She snorted at me.

This is why I like grandma or Nana as I like to call her. She’s not optimistic, she fun and pretty random, but umm yeah on with story. So I’ll tell you why in the hell me and my grandmother are moving to the o so cold state of Maine. We used to live in Nebraska. Ever since my mom died I’ve lived with grandma, so I’ve lived with Nana for 7 years in total. I’m sixteen so, you do the math. My dad left my mom when I was 2 so I never really got to meet him. I don’t really want to meet that son of a b with an itch either.

Grandma had my mom when she was 17 can you believe it? She’s 54 now, still young; for an elderly person. Ok that doesn’t make sense but on word with the story.

By now you’re thinking who the hell are you? I’m Violet, Violet Hurst. Oh and guess my middle name… Ursula. Like that eviloctopus ladyin the little mermaid, I don’t like telling people this but since I won’t be telling anyone except the person whose reading this. Now your wondering why would I write my life down? I keep a journal on my computer that’s why. And now you’re wondering then why the hell am I reading it now? Ugh god just wait till the end of the story…

3 DAYS AND A HORRIBLE RASH ON MY BOTTOM LATER… (you really didn’t need to know that part… LOL)

We arrived in front of a castle looking house, like a miniature castle. Kind of cute, kind of freaky, am I bi-polar or what? Seriously if I was 10 and went trick or treating around this areathis was the kind of house kids would tell ghost stories about and say it was haunted. Lucky me…

“Grandma, are you sure this is the right place?” I asked still not sure if I wanted to enter the deserted looking piece of crap. I threw my back pack over my shoulder and stared at the place.

“Oh it’s the right place alright.” She said wiggling her eyebrows at me. Ugh someone just kill me now…

“Nana its like deserted, not to mention utterly creepy.” I went to the back of the car and leaned on it as my grandma started writing something down on a sheet of paper.

"Oh come on don’t be such a scaredy pants. The moving truck will be here soon so go inside and pick your room. Go!” I shrugged and made my way up the marble front steps and opened the door.

Holy fudgesicles! The hallway was amazing in a old kind a way but it still looked really ravishing. I looked to my right to see a huge dinning room area, the cream paint on the walls brightened the room as the sun shown through the huge windows. The floor was chestnut wood, it was sparkling as I walked across it, it looked newly waxed. I looked to my left and saw the kitchen. The kitchen, I couldn’t even explain the kitchen. It was so white and big and white! For gods sake leave it to grandma to rebuild this place. As I made my way down the hall way, ther were numerous rooms and closets and such, not bothering to go and explore them all. I would have a long time to explore this house er, castle looking place later. I went up the amazing looking staircase ending up at a fork.

One right, one left, there was a door in the middle I supposed it was the grand bathroom or something. At both end of the hallways were huge windows overlooking the whole town.Eenine Meanie Miny Moe catch a tiger by its toe if it hollers lethim go eenine meenie minymoe.Sew me I'm a dork...I picked the right hallway and started walking to the endtowards the window and opened the door next to it to come across my future room. The room had two window seats a indoor closet that was the size of my old bedroom and a private bathroom, with a bath and a shower!! I was in heaven… Something inside me told me that living here would be fun but there was this feeling in my gut that said something different, if only I knew what it said..

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