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this is my first story. so its probably not that good of a story. which is why i need alot of help and for anyone that reads this to message and/or comment on the story so i can improve it. please and thank you

Created by honeeychickk on Sunday, July 25, 2010

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1210461490_9425_full.jpegName:KumikoAge:16Type:Dog/Wolf Demon
neko-boys-anime-animal-guys-3812411-468-700.jpg Name:KekoAge:10Type:Dog/Wolf Demon

I was wandering the forest looking for food for my little brother and me. When I caught hold of an unusual scent. The scent led me to an open area with a well in the center of it. The unfamiliar scent was getting stronger, so I decided to take cover in a tree. Then appeared a strange looking girl with long black hair and an exotic outfit. I assumed she was a priestess. Except she was carrying some sort of yellow sack, that had a delicious aroma coming from it. My stomach began to rumble.

Young Priestest: Hello? Whose there? Inuyasha this isnt funny!

I jumped down from the tree and looked at her. She jumped back a little.

Young Priestest: Who are you and what do you want?

I didnt answer. I quickly took the yellow bag from her and ran off. When I got back to the cave my brother was still asleep. So I took the time to go through what I had just retrieved. Inside the bag there were a couple of things I suppose were edible. A while later, my brother awoke and I showed him the food.

Keko: what is that?

Me: Its food. Now eat it. You have to keep your strength up if you wanna survive.

Keko: No, thanks I think ill pass.

Me:Keko do as I say!


After we ate Keko wanted to spar for a little bit. He was trying to become as strong as our father was. Our father was one of the greatest dog demons throughout the entire land. His name was Senshi. Him and my mother were one of the most powerful demon couples, everyone was afraid of them. So as a child my brother and I did not have that many friends. We grew up alone. The sun was setting and it was getting late so I decided that it was time for bed. The next morning I was woken up by a loud uproar. I left Keko behind, so I could see what was going on. When I arrived at the center of the noise, I saw a young demon in red, a monk, a demon slayer, a small little demon, a cat demon, and the young priestess from before. The group had been slaying a demon in order to gain the sacred jewel shard it possessed I suppose. I was about to walk away when the girl from earlier began to yell at me.

Young Priestess: HEY! You’re the one that stole my backpack!

Everyone stared at me with a confused look on their faces.

Young Demon in Red: Huh? Her? Are you sure Kagome?

Kagome: Yea I’m Positive.

Demon Slayer: She looks so young.

Monk:Yes, you’re right.

Young Demon in Red: Well it doesnt matter how old she is. I’m still gonna kick her ass.

Small little demon: hey uhh...whose that next to her?

I look to my side to find Keko standing next to me.

Me: Keko get out of here.

Keko:*yawn* Why don’t you just kill them and get it over with?
Me: I dont want to harm anyone.

Keko: Whatever.

Young Demon in Red: Who are you?

Me: Hi, im Kimiko and this is my younger brother Keko. Im sorry young priestess for stealing your yellow sack. It’s just...

Kagome: Oh? Its alright I guess I have plenty more food at home.

Keko: Why are you apologizing to that human?

Young Demon in red: Hey kid ! Why dont you just mind your business!

Keko looked at the young demon with disgust.

Demon Slayer: Are you two half demons?

Keko: How dare you insult us like that! We are the children of the g-

I put my hand over his mouth.

Me: Excuse my younger brother. He hasn’t had much training on manners.

Young Demon in Red:hmph...

Kagome: Would you like something to eat? We were just about to settle down for the night.

Me:Oh thank you that would be much apprecitated.

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