Espada spin the bottle/1 hour in heaven! {Nnoitra!}

This is my espada spin the bottle / 1 hour in heaven story. i will only be doing a couple of the espada.the espada i will be making a story for will be:Nnoitra,Ulquiorra,szayel,and Grimmjow.

Created by overthescaryrainbow on Sunday, July 25, 2010

you were walking through Las Nochez bored because nothing fun ever happens,out of no where wonderweiss (sp?) glomped your leg and asked you to play a game,so you followed him and saw Nnoitra,Ulquiorra,Szayel,and Grimmjow."what game did you say we we're playing?" you asked. "I heard we we're playing spin the bottle/1 hour in heaven." said Nnoitra smiling. "wait,did you say spin the bottle?!" you yelled/asked. "che' yea thats what i heard,i only came cause there is nothing else to do." said Grimmjow. "Ulquiorra,Szayel, why are you guys here?" you asked. "i was forced to play..." Ulquiorra said with his usal monotone self. "i only came because i wanted to experiment the game." said Szayel. you sighed and asked,"wonderweiss why did you bring me here?". "Because i wanted to play a game with you!" said wonderweiss happy and jumping around. "hn,fine i'll play this pathethic game with you." you said sighing. "ok!______-chan goes first!" said wonderweiss. "whatever just give me the bottle..." you said grabbing the bottle and spinning it with no effort. the bottle spins and spins and you counted how many times it went around. it finally stopped on hte 500th time,you looked at where the bottle is pointing,it was......Nnoitra. you sighed and hoped that this would end fast. you looked over at Nnoitra who is smiling at you. you justed walked over to the bedroom and sat in the heard the lock and you looked to where the door was located,but no one was there. "you got 1 hour and it starts now!" said Grimmjow not caring at all.then you noticed you we're standing instead of sitting in the corner."Hello there my dear ame." Nnoitra said holding you hands above your head."Nnoitra..." you said deathglaring him.Nnoitra then kisses you roughly yet passionately.You tried pushing him off,but it was no use.without any warning he slides his tounge in your mouth and doesnt leave a single spot started moaningand Nnoitra smiled.He let your hands go and put his hands on your waist,and you put your hands around his neck,and pulled him closer.since you we're so caught up on this you just noticed you were only in your panties while he was in his boxers.He brings one hand to your now wet treasure and slides one finger in moaned in pain more then pleasure.he then started going in and out slowly teasing started moaning in pleasure and said, "g-go f-faster Nnoitra...". "i'll only go faster if you scream my name..."said could'nt take anymore suffering so you screamed his name as loud as you can causeing the others hearing it and calling out whistles except for Ulquiorra.then he sticked nother finger in you and started going moanded even louder and started tugging on Nnoitra's boxers telling him to remove it.HE smirked and removed them,then he removed yours with his teeth.he then licks you wet treasure,and you moaned in can now see his now exposed manhood.he looked at you seriously and asked, "are you ready?"."yea i am..." you said. just as he was about to enter you,Grimmjow banged on the door."times up dumbasses!" Grimmjow yelled on the other end of the and Nnoitrasighed in disappointment,but decided to get unlocked the door and walked out,then you felt somthing warm around your looked behind you and it was just smiled and walked to wherethe others are.when you got there all of them were laughing except ulquiorra,but Nnoitra deathglared them all and he sat you on his lap for hte rest of the game :]

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