Unloveable Heart~Hottie with a gun~Dean Winchester

Um, I know Dean's hair is probably dark brown, but I JUST found that out. I always thought it was blonde. But anyways, in this, his hair is going to be dark blonde-brown....if it isn't already that color

Created by MidnitePurpleRose on Sunday, July 25, 2010

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"Hm? Aww, the boys brought toys. Cute. I always did love a hottie with a gun." "Thanks for the compliment, but evil b***hes aren't my type," the shorter guy with dark blondish-brown looking hair retorted. "B***h? Dude, I'm not the one pointing a gun at a sweet, innocent girl. Am I?" The guy snorted. "Sweet? Innocent? Darlin there's nothin sweet or innocent about you.All I see is theb*****d who just ripped offa little girl's head." I dropped the girl's head and stood up, wiping my mouth on my sleeve. "Her parents are dead. There was no reason to keep her alive. No reason at all for her to be traumatized by it for the rest of her life. Trust me, this was better." The boy beside him chuckled. He looked slightly younger than the other, but not by much. "Trust you? Why should we? You're a demon." "You don't know me, little boy. For all you know, I'm the good kind with a misunderstood motive. Not all of us are the same you know." "Oh, so what, you had a hard life?" I cocked my head to the side. "Yeah, I did." I took a step. The two guys took a quick step back, tightening their grip on their guns. "Afraid? Gee, wouldn't pin you as the type. How about you put those guns down? You could hurt someone with it, you know." "Oh, that's what we're planning on doing." I took a close look at the blonde-dark haired guy. He didn't reak of fear like many others did. I mean, sure, his friend didn't either, but you could tell he was tense. This guy, he was....intriguing. I'd never met anyonelike him. "I think I'll have to take a rain check on that. Getting killed isn't exactly on my schedule." I grabbed the guns they held by the exit point((don't know what it's called, don't know anything bout guns, so that's just what I'm going to call it))and bent them up. The guns went off, shooting the ceiling. The guy cursed and dropped his gun, throwing a punch at me. I brought my foot up, kicking him in the nose and punched his friend in the stomach. I jumped on a couple of crates and ran to the exit. I could hear the echo of feet slapping against the concrete as they chasedafter me. I laughed, loving the chase. "So long, boys.Don't worry, you'll see me again soon." I dove out the door and ran around the corner, disappearing in a swirl of angry red smoke.

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