The penguins of madagascar human

well its about how marlene and skipper get changed into humans with a suprising twist!!! i suck at summarys but the story is much better, trust me

Created by awsomexgirl123 on Monday, July 26, 2010

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I was going to kill Skipper. Him and all of the other penguins.

Why? Because for lord knows what reason, he, Kwalski,Rico, and Private were in my habitat(again)searching for something that wasn't there.(again)
"Skipper-" I tried to say but was ignored.
I sighed. There was no point in arguing with Skipper.
When they were finally done my house looked like a tornado had passed by.
"Well Marlene-" Skipper was about to say but I held up my hand to stop him. Suprisingly he shut up immedeatly.
"Get out of my house." I said calmly.
"Come on Mar-"
I lookedSkipper dead in the eyes. " Get out you guys are not welcome here anymore."
His eyes widened with suprise and pain.
"But Marlene-"Privatetried tosay but I pointed to the door.
They got the massage and left me to clean my habitat. Again.
(Skipper's POV)
'I can't believe she kicked us out.' I thought to myself. Kwalski and Rico were talking about what was wrong with Marlene. To be honest I didn't know myself. So I jumped into the conversation.
About an hour later we still couldn't figure out what was wrong. During this whole ordeal Private was quite.Which wasn't like him at all. Finally he spoke.
"How can you guys think that she got bit by a radioactive spider. She kicked us out because we over steped our boundaries. we raided her place while she just watched. If I were her I would have kicked us out to." ouch.
His voice was like ice. Cold and hard. I wasn't too suprised. He looked up to Marlene like an older sister.
I hated seeing him like this. I just had too make this right. But how?

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