I Love My Enemy~Dramione -A Draco Malfoy Love Story- {Hermione Granger} *One*

Yay! One! Im so exited!

Created by MyHeartBeatsFast on Friday, July 30, 2010

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And a quick shoutout to slythprincess522, thanks for reading!
Hermione's Pov
As I made my way to the libary with Harry and Ron, I made a mental note to myself that Draco Malfoy had been watching me in our last class, Muggle Studies. I swear it, and it confused me, but how can you not notice eyes boaring into your skin? I sure can.

"Harry, did you not notice Malfoy in class?" I asked hopefully.

"No, why?" Harry said back from my right.

"Was he bothering you?" Ron asked me from my left.

"No, Ron, it's-" I started.

"Won-won! There you are, I've been looking all over for you!" I heard a high pitched squeal squeak. Ron rolled his eyes at Lavendar Brown, the girl I had been envying for a while. Who wouldn't when she snoggs you're best friend/crush right in front of you?

"Bloody hell," Ron said. "I can't get away from her. It's annoying. And all she wants to do is snog, Hermione. My lips are chapped!"

"Then break up with her," I told him, flushing a bit and looking down.

"I don't know, I think I'll hurt her to much. Oh, hi Lavandar! I have to study! See you later, though!" She pouted and turned, before giving me a death glare. Ron sighed.

In silence we all walked to the libary. To my success (hint the sarcasm), Draco Malfoy was sitting there. Once he had known my presence, he looked at me in the eyes. Our eyes met for a brief second, before I took mine along and scanned the books, but I felt his waiting along for mine to meet his again.

Once I found a book to read, I walked along with Harry and Ron to the only empty table. The one next to Draco. His eyes were no longer on the back of my head as I looked up at Ron.

"Ron?" I asked.

"Yes Hermione?" Ron answered looking up from his book aswell.

"Can I borrow a piece of parchment? I'm afraid I forgot mine."

"I don't have an extra-"

"You can have mine," a voice inturpted. My head turned, it was Malfoy. He handed me a piece of parchment. I didn't take it, instead, I gazed down at it, and back up to him.

"What game are you playing at?" I asked.

"No game, just trying to be nice, that's all."

"It's probably bewitched to anybody's touch but his, Hermione, don't take it," Harry said. "Here, I have an extra." He reached inside his bag as Malfoy glared at him, turning back in his seat. I turned back to Harry as he gave me a parchment, but my mind was on Malfoy. I was distracted studying, like I never had been before. Did he say, he was just trying to be nice?
Once I woke up the next morning-Saturday morning-I got dressed.
I crept out of my room and met up with Ron and Harry. Together we went to breakfast.

I was fully aware of Malfoy's eyes on me. I looked at my cerel, not trying for my eyes to meet him, but failing misserbly. I looked up and Draco gazed upon me. I followed the gaze for a while.

"Mione. Oi, Hermione what are you staring at?" Ron's voice echoed. I looked at him, breaking the trance.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"D'you mind if we do some studying later?"

"Sure, is Harry coming?"

"No, he's busy." I nodded, fully aware we were going to be alone. Flushing, I looked down at my cerel.

"Ugh! It's gone soggy!" I pushed the bowl to Ron. "You want it?" He shook his head and continued to eat his food. I put my elbows on the table and waited for him to finish eating. Not looking back at Malfoy even once.

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