INFO?Itachi's Son??A Path That Will Never Be Forgiven??A Stronge Power Needs to be Well Kept?

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Created by littlejane2 on Friday, July 30, 2010

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Name:Kioshi Uchiha



Mother:Haruko Kato *Dead*

Father:Itachi Uchiha

Power & Past:He can control fire with is hand.He only knows three of all the elements.((Which is fire,water,wind,earth,& lightning))He had already mastered his Sharingan when he was 3 'cause his father killed his mother.((I know a young age))'you'll find out more about his powers & his past later in the story'

Personality:Cold,self-centered,Slef-confindent,anti-social.Kioshi talks alittle bit more when he with Yuuki,their great friend seans the Akatsuki took her away from her clan and killed every single one of then,also you never liked your father.His not that cold when his with Yuuki.

looks & Outfit:((And thats also what he wears in the Akatsuki))


Name:Yuuki Shimizu




The Shimizu clan is just like the Uchiha & the Hugga Hyuga clan,Daigo,((THats how they call the Shimizu Eyes))can be controled by the user's emotions.'Will learn more about the eyes later in the story.'

Power & Past:Yuuki can control water,and more other elements.((Which means she can control all the elements))She mastered her Daigo when she was 4 year old,she been traning with her older brother when she was little,but then the Akatsuki came took her away killed all the people in the clan except one ((which was her older brother Kane Shimizu))you never told any one from the Akatsuki 'cause then they'll kill him.She can see a persons Misery future,past,or present.'More will be lean in the story'.

Personality:Cold,self-centered,Slef-confindent,anti-social.Yuuki talk alittle bit more when she's with Kioshi.She nevered liked Itachi for what he dose to Kioshi.Yuuki is that that cold harted when shes with Kioshi.

Looks & Outfit:((her eyes are really dark brown and her hair is dark dark brown,but when she gets her hair when it turns black))


((These are the eyes from the Shimizu clan,'Daigo'))




R & M

Theme Song*If you want*:

In the End by Linkin Park

Numb by Linkin Park

Or What I've Done by Linkin

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