Bakugan: The Little Mermaid [Shun/Ace] Chapter VI : Kiss the Boy (no altered lyrics)

Warning: there are two versions of chapter 6, one with the "Kiss the Girl" lyrics (though they have been altered to fit the male part). Summary: The first kiss may be near.

Created by NikokoYuen on Friday, July 30, 2010

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Sunrise was quick to arrive. Mira and Marucho were waving Shun and Ace off as they left for the tour of the kingdom. Shun pointed out things he had never seen before, only making Ace laugh. Baron jumped along the water channels, watching Shun and Ace closely and with a smile. Baron swam under the bridge. "Has he kissed him yet?" he asked. Lync whispered back to him from the carriage, "Not yet." Baron frowned a bit.

Shun looked at a wooden cage of chickens with interest. He had never seen creatures like them before, other than the seaguls. He could hear music and pulled Ace towards it. Ace was more than happy to comply and dance with the mute prince.

Dan perched on the outside of a tunnel, shouting towards Baron. "Hey, Baron, any kissing?" Baron shook his head sadly. "No, not yet." Dan sighed and looked at the tunnel, then back at Baron. "They'd better get crackin'!"

The white horse pulling the cart along shook his head, happily moving forward. Shun was fascinated at the scent of the bread Ace had bought in the market.
Now, they were heading through the woods and towards the river. Ace smiled and handed Shun the reins. Shun gave Ace the bag of bread, switching it with the reins. He snapped it, the horse going faster and faster. Ace looked forward, glad Shun was enjoying himself. He flinched, eyes wide, when a cliff came to him though. The horse whinied when he jumped, landing and pulling the cart up through the trees. Shun smiled, enjoying the ride.

Ace had taken Shun to ride a small row boat through a nice lake with plants, animals, a large willow tree in the middle. Ace moved them across the water, smiling and trying to start a conversation. Shun simply ignored the voices of Dan and Baron in the bushes. Baron hissed to Dan, "Move over! Move your big feathers! I can't see a thing!" Dan growled a little, shrugging. "Nothing is...happening! Only one day left, and that boy ain't puckered up once!" Dan looked up with a smile as a little light bulb went off in his head. "All right! This calls for a little vocal, romantic stimulation!" The seagull flew to a tree and began to caw, in a strange toon over Ace and Shun's head.

Ace winced, smiling all the while. "Wow...someone should find that animal and put it out of its misery!" Shun bit his bottom lip, and let his head fall into his palm. On the side of the boat, Lync covered his ears and glared at the bird. "Geez man, I'm surrounded by amatuers..." The little crab jumped into the water and swam down, mumbling to himself as he plucked a peice of grass from the bottom. "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself..."

Lync swam up to a group of turtles and ducks. He smiled to them as they stopped to listen. "First, we've got to create....the mood. Percusions!" The turtles flipped over and the ducks used them as little drums. Lync turned to the crickets, "Strings!" The wind brushed through some plants. "Winds!" The red crab stood on a thick plant, bowing before turning to the boat. "Good, good."

Ace leaned on one fist, gazing at Shun. He could hear the rhythm of the lake, but was passing it off as coincidence. Lync lowered himself to the prince's ear. Shun was observing the lake, admiring the night and slowly turning to Ace. His eyes widened when he saw Lync.

Ace looked behind him, Lync already escaping sight, and blinked. "Did you hear something?" Shun simply shook his head, shrugging with a smile.
Shun stroked his long hair and Ace looked into the water, trying to find the words to start a conversation.

Shun and Ace looked at each other and smiled warmly, Lync and the other animals trying to push them closer together. They both leaned in closer, Shun closing his eyes a bit. Ace shut his eyes and pulled back before any contact was made. Shun frowned a little.

Lync smirked. The nervous land prince was not going to ruin his sea prince's chance of happiness. He ducked his head under and nodded. "Sing with me now." The frogs, birds, and even the fish joined in, all hoping for the same reaction.

Ace leaned forward towards Shun. "You know, I feel really bad not knowing your name. Maybe I could guess." Ace leaned back, thinking hard. He thought about what kind of name someone like the black haired boy would have.


He laughed at the face Shun made when he stuck out his tongue.

"Okay no!" he laughed again, "How about...Richard? Dari?"

Each got a shake of the head.

Lync frowned, climbing up and whispering it. "Shun! His name is Shun!" Ace looked around, repeating the name. "Shun...?" Shun nodded, taking Ace's hands with joy. Ace sat up smiling as well, happy to have said it right. "Shun?" Shun nodded again. Ace looked up, thinking with a smile. "That's kinda pretty. Okay....Shun." He put his hand over Shun's own.

The fish under the water were getting excited. Surprisingly, so was Lync. The continued the song Lync had started, the fireflies and fish making fountains and beautiful lights. Ace gazed at Shun, as if the fireflies were sparkling due to Shun's beauty.
They slowly leaned forward, eyes slowly falling. Lync all but strangled Dan in anticipation, smiling happily. Their lips not even an inch away anymore, they were terribly close to their kiss.

The cold rush of sudden water greeted them rather than each other's warm lips. Ace helped Shun stay above water, wondering why they had suddenly flipped over. As Ace helped Shun stand, Spectra and Gus watched their work. They smiled, laughing to each other and twirling their tails together.

"Nice work, boys," Alice said, watching the scene from the eels' golden eyes. "That was a close one. Too close! The little tramp! He's better than I thought..." Alice rubbed her forehead and sighed, a hand tangled in her orange hair. She growled and shoved herself towards her potion cabinet. Forcing it open, she shoved away uneeded supplies and grabbed another bottle. "At this rate, he'll be kissing him by sunset for sure!" The octopus woman slammed ingrediants into her cauldron, angry as ever. "Well, it's time Alice took matters into her own tenticles!" She held the seashell necklace tightly. "Shioim's son will be mine! And then I'll make her writhe! I'll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook!" The orange smoke from the cauldron rose, covering the octopus with light. She laughed manatically, her voice and body slowly changing to something else.

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