[Zacky Vengeance] A Little Piece Of Heaven [Synyster Gates] ~Chapter 16~

Chapter Sixteen: Being sick is a bitch

Created by xXFallexXxAngelXx on Sunday, August 01, 2010

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Man, I am on a roll today! That's what you get when you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Yeah, I'm sad person. Anyway, I'm sooooooo sorry for not updating. Shit happens you know. So hopefully, this will make up for it. And, if I really want to, I may even update AATWE. Maybe. Keep on reading folks!

"Guys, she's burning up. Real bad," Val's voice floated into my ears. I shifted a bit, trying to get comfy on my bed. I felt sticky, like I was covered in sweat.


"Let me feel," Jimmy's voice came next, and I felt a cold hand press against my forehead. Whimpering, I felt him pull his hand away. "Jesus, she really is."


That was when my stomach churned. I botled up straight up, holding my mouth. "Get her a bucket! Get her a bucket!" Matt said, and Lacey ran off. Everyone was here. Even Gena and Michelle. Why?


Lacey came back just in time, and I removed my hand from my mouth, and puked up whatever was in my stomach. The smell was awful, and it looked disgusting, so I heaved up more sick into the bucket. Somehanded me a water bottle, which I gladly took. Rinsing my mouth out, I smiled up at Johnny. Then I sprawled out down on the bed again, pulling the covers up over me. "Fuck," I croaked out. Coughing, a deep throaty one too, bits and pieces of the left over chunkys landed in my hand. I made a face, shaking it all in the bucket.


"Not well? Can't handle a hang over?" Brian teased lightly.


I rolled over to meet their eyes. "Please, I handle my drinks well. Think I might have the stomach flu though..." I trailed off, and heaved my guts into the bucket again. "Bleh," I said, sticking my tounge out.


"Poor thing," Zacky said, shaking his head.


I blinked. Wait, today is... Oh shit! "Eek!" I squealed, sitting vertical, trying to untangel myself from the covers. "I-I-I have to see the kids! Today, today!" But my friends pushed me back down. "No! I have to see the kids! They need me!"


In the end, I gave up. Flopping back down, I gave a groan as my stomach did a flip. Val's lips curled into a weird form as she placed her soft cool hand to my face. Looking at the boys and girls, she said, "Can you guys see these kids? Amy needs to rest. She feels like a fricken' fire."


Zacky smiled. "Sweet! I love the kids! Jacob is pretty cute."


I smiled weakly back. "Yeah, he really looks up to you boy." I turned my head a bit to look at Brian. "And Maria really looks up to you too, B."


Brian gave a small smile. He shoved his hands into his pockets. "Alrighty boys, let's go see those kiddy winks. Lace, Gen, Mich, you guys can come too."


Rev kissed me on my forehead, still feeling for my tempture. Johnny and Matt gave me hugs. While Zack and Bri were a little more akward, giving me a shuffle like hug and a wave. Pixee hugged me, while the other two bitches - uh, I mean girls - gave me a wave, leaving me with Mrs soon-to-be-Sanders.


She gave a kind smile before getting up from the side of my bed. "I'll go get you some soup," he soft voice said, as she walked over to my bedroom door. Slipping through it, leaving me in darkness, thanks to my closed blinds.


Light slanted through the opening, making a stripy patteren across my bedspread. This gave me some time to think. I yanked the covers over my shoulders, shivering from the cool air that just appeares. Sighing, I thought about last night. Zacky's lips... green eyes... brown eyes... rough hands in my hair... Brian...fuck. Damn my heart!


The named damn heart gave a flutter as I thought about the two sexy guitarists. Are my feelings physical? Hmmm, maybe. They are both very, very good looking. Just looking at them makes me want to press my lips all over their skin. Sigh, their tattooed, smooth, tanned.... Stop!


No, it's more than that. When they're sweet to me, I feel so happy, like I'm bubbling up. And when they flirt, it's so playful, cute. When I look into they're eyes, it feels like they can see right down to my soul. And when I learnt that they both had girlfriends, I was crushed to my core, not even knowing that I was in love.


Love. It's a weird word, weird feeling. Four simple letters can mean so much. So fuckin' much. I'm sure Jimmy agrees with me. Love makes people act like dorks, makes them say things that are so cheesy that they belong to The Notebook. It makes you want to scream at the top of you lungs, to cry when you see the beloved hurt. When you get a Valentine's Day card in high school, it was so cute seeing all the girls squeal over their secret loves. It's much more than a crush. It makes you wear the most ridicoulus things, like baggy pants, or short skirts. Love makes you fall heads over heels. Love is when you're in pain about how much jealously you have against another woman. It makes you feel stupid, or crazy, or dorky.


Love pretty muchs makes you feel like a fool when you're rejected, a champion when it is returned.


Right now, I feel like a fool.


Clunk. Hmmm, thought time over. Val walked in, holding a large red cup, steam floating around the rim. Sitting down on the chair next to my bed, she smiled at me.


I raised an eyebrow. "What flavour?"


"Chicken noddle soup."


I made a face, sitting up weakly. "Eww... Gimme!" The lead singers girl handed me the cup. It felt warm in my hands. Taking a sip, I sighed in relife as it trickled down my throat, nice and hot. "Thanks," I said, sounding like a small groan.


Val still had that smile on her face as she puffed up my pillow, trying to make me comfy. "Good, 'cause right now, I feel like mother hen," she gave a laugh, and I gave a little huff of one. It came out like a 'heh'.


Once she thought I was relaxed, she rested back down in her seat and clasped her hands together in her lap. She looked at me with those deep eyes, as if examing me, like I was an experiment. Sorta. She even cocked her head to the side a bit. "What are you looking at?" I asked skeptically.


"What do you think about them?"




"Italian Hunk and Mr Ferdora, duh," she said, rolling her eyes to add emphisus.


I blinked, eyes wide. "Whoa, how do you know?!" The only person who knows about my... erm, crush... is Rev. Unless... I narrowed my eyes into slits, glaring at her just sitting there with an innocent smile. "Jimmy told you, didn't he?"


Val's smile faultered, before she burst out laughing. "Yeah. I kinds forced it out of him though. I wanted to know what you two were talking about the day it was raining. Johhny, Lace and Matty know too," she smiled at my flabergasted expression. Well, I was assuming it was flabergasted.


Feeling sick again, I leaned back against the pillow, my stomach cramping up. Val's mouth twisted up as I gasped in pain, before I was attacked into a coughing fit. "I'll be right back."


Once again, the blonde walked out of the room again. Thinking time begins. I cradled the warm cup to my chest, feeling the heart warm my whole body. Great, now Short Shit, Pixxe, and Dark Knight know about my fuckin' love-slash-crush-slash WHATEVER!


I sipped down some more soup, letting the noddles wriggle down my throat. Mashing my lips together, I thought about the two things that are making me pain like a mother. Gena and Michelle.


Don't get me wrong, they're pretty cool chicks. And they're nice. And kind. And sweet. And pretty. And bitchy. Wait, I didn't say that! Think that, whatever! Who knew thinking about loving someone could put you in so much thinking pain. Urgh.


"Back," Valary's fluttery voice said as she walzted back into my room, holding a thermomoter in her hand. My stomach churned again, and still clutching the soup, I chunked up into the bucket. "Ew." I turned back to her, frowning a bit. After drinking some water, she made me lift my tounge and placed the thermomoter under it.


The cool glass against my mouth made me shiver. Val waled around and sat down on the chair again. She turned the radio on, and 'Situations' by Escape The Fate played at a low volume.


After a while, she took the glass out of my mouth, her eyes wide. "Crap. You're gonna be sick for a while Amms. Sorry," Val said, giving a sorry smile and a small shrug.


I sighed, the warm cup against my chest. "Nah, it's cool. I get sick easily. Something that has happened everysince I was a kid."


Val cocked her head to the side. "Speaking of which, yesterday, you said something very interesting. You said something about living on the street." Her head rested beside mine, snuggled into the pillow. "What happened when you were a kid?"


I heaved a sigh, and told about my whole past. From dad with cancer, to living on the streets, to getting pregnant, to getting my life back on track. She listened the whole time. It was nice talking to someone about these type of things. Once I had finished, her warm arms wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me into a nice hug. One that only your closest best friend can ever give you, and you feel comfy giving back.


Does that mean we're best friends now?


"WE'RE BACK!!" BANG! I jumped as Jimmy slammed my bedroom door open with enough force to break it. Crying out in pain, I looked down to see that I had spilt the soup all over me. Oh, by the way, it's hot soup.


"Omigosh!" Val said, getting up in one fluid motion, ripping the blankets off of me. The cold hair hit my bair legs, goosebumps rasing up all the way to my ankles. She helped me up and pulled me into my bathroom room, closing the door. I heard a faint 'sorry sis,' from Rev behind the door.


I smiled, even though I was in pain. "It's alright bro!" I called back to him.


Val grabbed the hem of my white shirt, trying to pull it over my head. "Hey! Wha-what are you doing!?" I asked crazily as she threw the shirt on the floor. Then she pulled off my sports bra, making me give a weird noise, sounding like 'Argh!'.


She spun me around to face the mirror. Pointing to my boobs, she asked, "Do you see that?"


I rolled my eyes at the taller girl. "The scares and bruises? Yeah, I've been aware of them for quite a while." I frowned at my reflection. The bruises were turning yellow around the edges, meaning they were healing. The scares were disappearing a bit, but still very visable.


Val gave a 'tsk, tsk'. "No, this!" she exclaimed, pointing to the large red sploch that had formed inbetween by breasts, under them, and above them.


"Oh my God! Oh those burns?" I asked, touching them. The red turned white, before turning back to the dark flesh colour. They sting a bit, and I cringed back.


The lead singer's girlfriend nodded, the first aid already in her hand. She turned me to face her as she started to treat my burns. It didn't feel that akward being topless infront of her. I'm used to being in nothing in front of my girlfriends. Man, I hated those fricken' sport lessons. I'm gonna kill Natasha and her 'healthy' cycle.


Once Val put the last of the cream on my chest, she handed my bra and shirt back. I smiled at her. Oh yeah, she is totally my knew BFF.





"Okay chika, you need to rest," Jimmy said, pulling the covers right ontop of my shoulders.


I smiled at him. "Were the kids okay?"


Matt gave his dimple grin, his arm holding Val into his side. They are so cute together. "Yep. They missed you alot though. Jacob even got some alive roses for you."


I whined. "Aw, my poor little cutie."


Zacky chuckled. "Yeah, they all missed you."


Brian smiled, his eyes shinning. Smirking I said, "Zack, Brian, can I talk to you alone?" The rest left, smiling at me.


They sat on either side of me, their weight pushing my bed down. "Thanks you guys, for looking after Maria and Jacob. They love you so much." I kissed both of their cheeks, both feeling warm under my lips.


They smiled and said thank you, before getting up to leave. Zacky opened the door, ready to get out and play COD. But I had another idea for them. "Oh, and boys?" They turned to look at me. I gave an evil smirk. "I remember last night. All of it," My smirk deepened as both turned completly pale, and raced out of my room like bats from hell.


I laughed evily. The evil cackle that all witches do. But, in the end, I started a coughing fit. And then I puked up my guts into the bucket.

 Flopping down on my bed, I sighed. Being sick really sucks.

Aww, poor Amy. Like I said right at the top, sorry for not updating! And since I've already updated twice, I have nothing to say... Oh yeah! I need to know how the fuck to make a banner for free, since Quizilla won't let me use the ones I made on paint. (Like I said before, I'm a very sad person) So if any of you know where there is a good site, send me a message please. Hope you liked it!



Thanks for reading! You know the drill. Message and Rate!


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