Ron Weasley...a SEX god?! [Part 1]

Background information: Your name is Meggie Bronson. You're in your 7th year at Hogwarts and you're in love with Ron Weasley. You have brown hair and green eyes. Now, to begin:

Created by ThexEndlessFall on Saturday, December 17, 2005


"So how are things with Harry?" You ask Ginny who's sitting across from you in the train. You two have become close since she started Hogwarts herself.
"Pretty good, I'm a bit worried though...I mean, I don't know if he's ready for the next step yet." A blush flashed across her cheeks and you smiled as she vaguley reminded you of Ron.
"YOU ARE?" Hermione burst out, seemingly startled by her comment.
"Well, why shouldn't she be? They have been dating for almost a year now, besides, they've been through alot and they deserve a passionate night." You straightened you skirt that you had only changed into minutes before. Harry and Ron had left to change into their own uniforms as Hogwarts was growing closer ever so quickly.
"But she's only sixteen!" Hermione said exasperated. "Ginny, don't you think you should wait until your a bit older..."
"Oh, Herms!" You pushed her lightly. "Ginny's wild!" You giggled, knowing your were only teasing. "She's just crazy and wants to bang Harry- let her be! She can do whatever she wants WHENEVER she wants!" Your head turned towards the compartment door as Harry and Ron walked in. "-Yeah, well I still say she was looking at that i want you type way!" Ron was saying and plopped down into the seat open next to Hermione.
"Drop it, Ron" Harry muttered. "Miss me?" He kissed Ginny on the lips, pulling away and looking at her longinly.
"You're sure he's not ready" You teased, slapping Ginny on the shoulder.
She ignored you, but not before throwing a horrible death glare your way. "Who was looking at you?" Ginny asked.
"Just some girl- I don't even know her." Harry brushed off the question.
"Don't even know her?!" Ron shouted. "She's been sending you those pictures of her for months now and she transfered to this school just to meet you." His face distorted into what looked like jealousy and you smiled, thinking it was cute.
"What girl" Ginny sat bolt right.
"No one...I don't know." Harry shifted uneasily in his seat.
You glanced quickly at Hermione as you both shared knowing glances.
"Well, you would think you could tell me anything, Harry. But I guess I was wrong. I don't like this girl, not one bit." Ginny stood and stormed out of the compartment, slamming the sliding door behind her.
"Well, that went well." Ron scratched his head. "She's so jealous."
"You had to keep going with the converstaion didn't you?" Harry yelled, obviously annoyed.
"Your blaming me now? It's not my fault this girl is stalking you!." Ron looked at you and Hermione for some support, but you both looked away not wanting to become part of this conversation.
Well, you thought to yourself, this is going to be one hell of a ride to Hogwarts.
Ohhh....Ginny's getting jealous!!
Enough with Harry and Ginny...on with Ron and his sexxiness!
The four of you shuffled into the Great Hall. You looked up at the ceiling, it was your favorite part of hogwarts. You loved the night sky. OUt of the corner of your eye you saw Ron looking at you. Your heart skipped a beat as you looked at him and smiled. He blushed and quickly looked away.
*Leave it to me to pick the shy guys* You were quickly thrown from your thoughts as Hermione jabbed you in the ribs and motioned to her right. You glanced over her shoulder and saw Ginny pressed against the wall, Harry leaning against her. Their lips fell together over and over again as their tongues slid over eachothers lips, making the other want more.
"They sure make up fast." You whispered to Hermione who gave you a smirk.
The sorting ceremony was the same as always- uneventful. You couldn't wait for the food come. You found yourself glancing over at Ron alot more than you used to. You had liked him since your first year at Hogwarts and at times you had thought he liked you too- but nothing ever came of it. But this was your seventh year at Hogwarts- You're last one! You planned on making the best of it- and first on your list was confessing your love to Ron...whenever you saw the time passby. You took a few more bites of your chicken and then stood with all the other students to make the familiar walk to the common room. You brushed your leg across Ron's leg and you felt goose pimples form on your skin. Oh yeah- you had to tell Ron soon. You needed his fast- you needed him bad.
Your ending here? ::weeps::
You: Where's the sex scenes? Me:Soon I promise.
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