Sometimes Love Comes Around (Stefan & Damon Love Story)

Created by chocofanatic on Sunday, August 01, 2010



Chapter 16: Prom
Song Featured:Bad Romance By Lady Gaga
Mackenzie's POV: "Ok Bonnie what do you think of this dress?" i asked as i looked into one of those long mirrors "They all look good Kenz i don't know" she gave me a warm smile then looked got back to what she was doing. Not to sound like a snob or anything but all the dreeses i tryed on did look good on me and i couldn't pick. I sighed to myself then went back into my dressing room "So Bonnie how are things going with Derek?" i asked trying to start a conversation. She never responded and when i walked out of my dressing room she was crying "What's roung?" i asked as i hugged her tightly "Bonnie what happend?" she just kept crying not being able to speak but she didn't have to i knew exactly what was roung. As we walked out of the dress shop i saw Derek and Damon out with Caroline and Quinn. Ugh Quinn! I can't belive he seriously dumped Bonnie for that slut. I mean she really is she used to be my neighbor back when i was like 7 and she was already making out with guys. If that's not sluty than i don't know what is. "Hey Bonnie wanna sleep over my place tonight?" i asked trying to distract her "Yeah i guess" she mumbled then we go into the car and drove past them. Thank god Bonnie didn't notice them. "Alright you go get your clothes n stuff i'll wait here" i gave her a smile and she got out of the car making her way towards the house. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and called Stefan. Ring Ring "Hey Mackenzie" he greeted "I just called to let you know that Bonnie's staying the night and that i'm waiting for her to get her things and then i'll be on my way home" "alright be safe and her home" "Love you" i said making a kissing sound "Love you too bye" and then he hung up the phone. Moments later Bonnie was making her way towards the car. "Ready to go?" i asked with a smile "Yeah! let's go" she responded with enthusiasim (me:Srry if that's spelled roung). Once we pulled up to the boarding house Damon & Derek were standing in front of the door. Slamming my car door in anger i walked up to them already pissed off "MOVE!" i screamed which seemed like it surprised them "No chance princess!" the said in unison "God damn you Derek will you just move!" i yelled but they just stood there smirking at us. I felt Derek grab on my arm and that's when i spoke agian "Stake" i said aloud and within a second a stake plunged into Derek's stomach causing him to fall to the ground "come on Bonnie" i commanded and she followed me in silence. Damon just stood there in shock. Yeah i've always had that power since i was 6 i knew i had it and i swore i'd keep it a secret but Derek rewind that. Once we got inside my room Bonnie spoke "What the hell was that?!" she half yelled "Bonnie please don't tell anybody please" i begged "Mackenzie i told you i was a witch! And you didn't even tell me this!" i felt tears welling in my eyes "I'm leaving" she said but i could let her "door close and lock" and the door closed and locked "Mackenzie let me go!" she commanded "No!" i shot back. Before i could react i was flying through my bedroom window with Bonnie following "Bonnie please i don't wan't to hurt you" i said as i picked myself up from the ground "What are you?" she questioned "I don't know" i said now crying. She walked over to me and hugged me tightly "I'm sorry i threw you out the window" i laughed and wiped away my tears "Sorry i didn't tell you about me" we both turned our attention to the glass that was all over the grass "Fix" i commanded and in seconds the window looked as if it was never broken "It's gonna take me a while to get used to that" Bonnie said still looking at the window "Come on Bons let's go inside and order pizza. Prom's tommorow!" i exclaimed.
THE NEXT NIGHT...... "Oh my god Bonnie i can't belive were going to prom!" i said smiling at myself in the mirror i was wearing this.........

My hair was curled and it had these pins in it.......
"Wow Mackenzie you look beautiful" Bonnie said giving me one of her warm smiles "Aw thanks Bonnie you look even better"Bonnie just blushed and said "Thanks". She was wearing this.......
Her hair was in a stylish bun but had no pin's like mine. Bonnie was able to get Matt to take her to prom since my idiot brother is taking that slutQuinn. I mean i seriously don't get why he's with Quinn any wayshe should be with Bonnie she is so much better for him but since Derek is an idiot he's not with her. Bonnie andI sat on her bed waiting for Stefan &Matt to come and get us. To be honest i'm really nervous because everybody knows what happens on prom night and ijust don't know if that's how i want mine to end up. "Bonnie & Mackenzie! The boys are here!"Grams yelled up the stairsBonnie & I got one last look in the mirror and smiled "Let's do this" we said in unison and made our way down the stairs. Stefan looked so handsome in his tux. Once hesaw me a huge smile came across his face "Mackenzie you look so beautiful" he said as heput the corsage on my wrist "And you look very handsome".We all walked into the gym and went our seperate ways "Would you like to dance?" Stefan asked as he extended his hand out "Yes i would" as we walked onto the dance floor the song Bad Romance came on. "Oh come on Stefan dance!" i said half laughinghe just shook his head no then the song changed to i'll be by edwin mccain "Now i'll dance" he said. I leaned my head on his shoulder as we slow dancedi wish things could always be this easy for us.It was getting late into the dance when i realized Derek & Quinn were missing "Stefan have you seen Derek or Quinn?" i askedskimming the gym "No why?" "Ileft somethingin the car i'll be right back" i said then took off towards theparking lot. Once i got outside i sawaQuinn running towards her car "Hey Quinn where's Derek?" i shouted but she just ecnored me got into her car and sped away. "Derek?" i calledout but got no response I was about to headback inside when i saw two legsby a cornerandas i got a closer look i realized it was Derek with a stake in his heart. I screamed loudly as i held hisbody in my arms "Derek please don't be dead" i cried as i shook him "Derek please you gotta wake up" i begged."Mackenzie what hap.." i looked up and saw Stefan with a sorrowful expressionon his face. "Come on Mackenzie" he said pulling me off the ground and hugging me "It was Quinn. That bitch killed my brother" i said as i cried intoStefan's chest "Come on let's go i'll have Damon take care of this" we walked over to my car and i waited as Stefan called Damon. In about 5 minutes Damon was at the school "WowMackenzie you look amazing"i smiled alittle but then i remembered Derek and started crying agian "Just take care of the body i'll take Mackenzie home" Damon nodded and made his was over to Derek's body while Stefan and i got into my car and drove back to the boarding house.I thoughtprom was supposed to be a fun and unforgettable night. It'scertainly unforgettablebut not fun.

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