Take My Hand, I'll Pull You Out. (Kidnapped. Chapter One)

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Created by crazyfun456 on Sunday, August 01, 2010

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The jolly Christmas carols in the background were not making me happier. They were making me bitterer. There were only a couple more people in the Starbucks, which I was working in. Would they mind hurrying up? I’d like to get home too, you know.

The door jingled, which meant some one else has shown up, not letting me go home any sooner. I looked up from my Bio homework, to look right into two, chocolate brown eyes. I gasped, taking in the beautiful eyes. Then I remembered that I should be waiting on him.

“Um, welcome to Starbucks. What can I get you tonight?” I asked, going through the regular greeting routine. I was too caught up in his eyes that I didn’t get a chance to look at the rest of him. He had dark, shaggy, brown hair that fell softly into his eyes. When my eyes made my way down the rest of his body, I felt my face getting hot.

His friendly smile, turned into a smirk. “Do you guys have regular coffee here?” he asked. Yeah, I could understand where he was coming from. Not wanting a whipped cream drink, just wanting something regular. “I know nothing like that is on your menu, but maybe you can whip something like that up for me.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command.

“I could, but you know, its not store policy to serve something not on the menu. Even for someone like you.” I replied back. He was flirting with me. Why not flirt back? He chuckled, and gave me a pleading look. “Fine, but I’ll only do it this once.” I mumbled.

I fixed the special order for him, and handed it to him, trying my best not to blush in the process. He swung his body onto the stool right in front of me. He sipped his coffee. “Just how I like them, nice and hot.” he whispered, so only I could hear.

I know it wasn’t meant for me, but I still felt my face turning really red. Swinging around, so he couldn’t see my face, I tried to keep busy. Taking as much time as I could to, clean the espresso machine. Pretty soon, I understood that I couldn’t stall anymore.

I slowly turned around noticing that the whole store was empty, except for the ‘regular coffee’ guy. He was staring right at me, making me wicked uncomfortable. “I’m going to be closing up in a couple of minutes.” I mumbled to the guy, hoping he got the hint to leave. He smirked. But I guess he got the message because he got up to leave. Before he left the counter though, he grabbed my hand. He squeezed my hand, let go of it and left.


Before I close up, I grabbed my Bio homework and looked at it. I never did understand why collage professors gave homework. Well, I guess I’ll have to finish it tomorrow. We were on Christmas break, so I had a lot of time to do my homework. I locked the holiday decorated Starbucks doors and quickly shut the door.

The late December air nipped at my uncovered cheeks. Winter was very cold in Boston. Well, a little suburb outside of Boston. This village was very small. Everyone knew everything about each other. There were never any secrets, which could be very bad sometimes.

Our little town did have some perks though. Like our little bookstore on the corner. And our…. wait. That was basically it. We did have a collage here though. It looked more like an elementary school, which I was fine with. I even made some friends at collage too. I happen to like small things, so this town was perfect for me.

Finally after some walking, I made it to my apartment. My apartment, like the rest of this town is small. I made my way over to my phone. It said I had 5 new messages. I played the first one.

“Please just pick up your phone for once in you life Echo! I have some freaking awesome news girly! Daniel asked me out. Oh yeah he did. He asked me out on a date! I’m so flipping happy! I thought for sure he didn’t like me as much as I liked him. But I was wrong! I’ll call again in an hour, and if you don’t pick up, I swear to the high heavens, I will come and hunt you down. Bye!”

I giggled. Of course that it something my best girl friend Zoey would say. Daniel is my other best friend, and from the first time I met them, I knew they were in love. And finally someone did something about their love, and this happened to be Danny himself. I loved them both with all my heart, but I know that now I’ll be like the third wheel. And what happens if they break up? That wouldn’t be good. But for now, they’re all hunky dory. Aw, Danny and Zoey… I can see it.

What about me though. I don’t have anybody. I didn’t have to listen to the other messages to know that they’re from Zoey. She’s the only one who ever calls. I picked up the phone and dialed Zoey’s number. It didn’t even ring once.

“Sorry Echo! I just remembered that you were at work. So disregard the death threats please.” I laughed. Before I could say anything, Zoey was off, giving an in depth explanation of everything that happened. I ode and awed at the right moments, trying to listen to what she was saying. “Well Echo, I have to run and meet Daniel. I’ll call you later.” We hung up.

Around 12:00 that night I finally settled down. All my homework was done and I cleaned the apartment. Everything was up to order. I walked into my room and saw last year’s birthday card from my two best friends on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it.

I loved my friends with all my heart. They were the only ones who cared about me. And I cared about them.

I plopped down onto my bed and ran my fingers through my hair. The hand that guy touched was still tingling. I hope I never saw him again. With that final thought, I let myself fall asleep.

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