Yeah I slept with your boyfriend...but I didn't intend on falling for him. The Final Chapter

Thanx everyone for reading the story. I hope you guys liked it cause I enjoyed writing it. Since it's august and school 4 me starts next month I'm going to try and squeeze in one last story. If anyone has anything they want me to write please let me know. Thanks again fans. =)

Created by DOFKHOTTIE94 on Tuesday, August 03, 2010

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5 years later

"Congratulations class of 2015!" said the dean.

Everyone stood up and the people applaused. All the graduates jumped up and down and yelled and hugged eachother. I hugged my friends and took pictures with everyone I knew.

"Layla we did it!!!" yelled Lori.

"I know!!!" I yelled back.

Me and her hugged eachother.

"Hey what about me?" said Shane.

We hugged him too and we all took pictures with their families. My parents were even here. I'm happy they were here to see me graduate.

"Congratulations sweetie." said my mom hugging me.

"Thanks mom."

"Another college graduate in the family. Honey we are very proud of you." said my dad.

"Thanks dad. I'm proud too."

"Okay. So we got a couple of surprises for you." my mom said.

"You guys really don't need to get me anything." I said.

"Oh hush its your special day we can get you anything we want." she said.

"Okay close your eyes." my dad said.

I closed them and waited to see what they were going to give me.

"Is it jewelry?" I asked.

"No." my dad said.

"Is it a new car?"

"Nope." said my mom.

"Oh god hush Layla and wait for it." said Lori.

I grunted and then I felt them place something in my hands.

"Um what is it?" I asked.

"Open it." they said.

I opened my eyes and saw a roll of paper. I unrolled it and it looked like some sort of document.

"What is this mom?" I asked.

"Well you will need your own space now so we decided..."


My parents laughed and knodded their heads.

"Lori said she'll be your roommate so everything won't be on your hands." my dad said.

I looked at Lori and she was smiling.

"You were in on this?" I asked shocked.

"Well yeah. I figured we canbe like the bachorlettes yah know."

We both laughed really hard and hugged eachother.

"Okay everyone. Dinner. Our house." said my mom.

"Okay let me go get my parents." said Lori.

Me and my parents started walking towards the car when someone grabbed my arm. It was Shane.

"Oh what's up?" I asked."Are you coming over my house for dinner?"

"Yeah. But um, can we have a minute?" he asked.


I told my parents I was going to get a ride home and they nodded their heads and left. I followed Shane so we can have a moment to talk.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I um...I got you a gift." he said.

"OH god Shane I really dont need any gifts." I said.

"I know but I think you really need this gift."

"What is it?"

"'ve been single for quite sometime, and I felt you needed to be with someone."

"I'm not desperate for a man." I said insulted.

"No no no. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying deserve someone to make you happy. Just for fun. To be with someone." he said.

"Oh god Shane. I'm flattered but I only like you as a friend." I said.

He started to chuckle.

"I'm not talking about myself Layla."

"Oh. So wait your hooking me up with a stranger?" I asked.

"He's a friend of mine and I really want you to meet him." he said.

"Oh no Shane. It's not happening." I said angrily.

"Please Layla. Just meet him atleast please. He came here to the graduation and..."

"He's here???"


"Oh great."

"Just please. 5 minutes that's it." he begged.

I paced angrily at this situation. I stopped and looked at Shane. I whined.

"3 minutes." I said.

"OH thank you Layla. I'm gonna go get him. Just please, don't move." he said running off.

I turned around and walked over to the gate. I looked out over the lake near the college. It was so beautiful in the spring.

I could feel someone's presence behind me. I rolled my eyes.

"Look. I don't hook up with strangers or anything so don't think your going to get lucky." I said.

The footsteps came closer.

"I wasn't looking for a hook up. But I was looking for something more than 3 minutes." the person said.

"Look I don't have to..."

I turned around and stopped dead in my place. My jaw dropped in complete shock. My heart literally stopped and started up again with much more power than before, for which I was so surprised by this so called gift.

"J...Jay...Jayson?" I asked.

"Wow did I really turn that ugly for you to look at me like that?" he asked smirking.

I slowly walked towards him.

"wow. What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I came here to see you. I heard you were graduating and I knew I was suppose to hop on a plane and come see you." he said.

He pulled out a single rose from behind his back.

"This is for you." he said.

I took the flower.

"Thank you Jay." I said smiling.

He smirked and shook his head slowly.

"Man have I missed that."

"Missed what?"

"The way you would say my name." he said.

I sort of blushed.

"So your my surprise. And from Shane? That's even a bigger shock." I said laughing.

Jayson laughed too.

"Yeah it's a long story." he said walking closer to me.

"I bet." I said.

Every step he took coming closer to me made me feel something inside. That same feeling I had 5 years ago when he was my love. Jayson stood up against the wall. I stood in front of him smelling my flower.

"So how is everything? I haven't talked to you in so long." I said.

"Well everything is good. Mom's is good. Dad is good. School is good. Everything is good." he said jokingly.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. He laughed too.

"I really missed you Layla." he said.

I walked closer to him.

"I missed you too Jay."

I gave him a big hug and held on tight to him. It felt so right, the connection between us, the warmth we shared.

"You want to come over my house for dinner? Everyone is coming."

"Sure. I'd love that."

We went back to my house and had fun with everyone. Lori was shocked to see Jayson and you know she had something to say about us. When everyone left we helped clean up. After that we offered Jayson to stay in the guess room. Yeah...the guessroom.

I sat on my bed with Jayson. We have caught up so much that it was as if we never were seperated. At some points in the conversation, it was almost a tempt to talk about us, but we both didn't go there. It wasn't the right time.

"Well it's late. I'm gonna go to bed." Jayson said.

"Good night." he said getting up.

He smacked my leg as he walked out my room.

"Owww! Asswhole." I said.

"Mhm. Goodnight." he said with a smile and closed the door.

I layed back on my bed and closed my eyes. So many memories were flooding my head. Everything me and Jayson had been through. From every fight, to every touch, to every kiss. The emotions started to kick in and it had such an affect on me. I don't know what came over me, but I got up.

I got up off the bed and went to my door. I don't know what I was about to do or say, but it had to do something with Jayson. I opened the door and was taken back, because Jayson was standing right there. We looked at eachother for a good minute. Just staring. The emotions still were in me and a tear came to my eye. Jayson lifted his hand and wiped it away. He rubbed his finger on my cheek and held my face. Without a moment too late, me and him went half and half. I kissed him and he kissed me in return. It was so rough it was almost desire. His fingers went through my hair and my hands traveled up his shirt. He pushed me back into my room and slammed the door. He slammed the door so hard that woke me up.

I sat up in bed breathing really hard. I looked at the time and it was 3:04 am. It was only a dream. But the desire for that dream to be real was still in me. I got up for real this time and cracked open my door. I went down the hall and peeked open my parents room, they were completely asleep. I walked back down the hall and with hesitation, I turned the knob to the guest room.

I walked in and Jayson was laying in the bed under the covers. He saw me and turned his full attention to me. I shut the door and locked it. Jayson sat up. He had no shirt on, just his boxers. I walked to the edge of the bed. Something in me was saying this was right, so I took off my shirt, and was in my bra and underwear. Jayson still stared at me as I crawled on top of the blanket and was on top of him. He smirked at me and he kissed me.

The kiss got so heated, it was a make up for all these years of not seeing eachother,l let alone touching eachother. He took off my bra and pushed me. I fell on my back and he then pulled the underwear down my leg, to my ankle, and threw it. He pulled his boxers off and I got up and layed him down. We got under the blankets and started making out rapidlly. His hands traced my body as so did mine to his. He pulled me on top of him and I rolled on top. I continued to kiss him until I felt his hand go down to his dick. He grabbed it and he moved it towards my vagina. I felt the tip near me, and i quivered.

"Just do it!" I said.

He put it in me and a moan escaped my mouth immediately. I sat up on topof him and began to ride. It felt so good it was so hard to control the screems escaping my mouth. Jayson wanted more so much that he flipped me over after a while and he entered me from the front. I held onto him and scratched his back as he entered and exited me. We both moaned so loud as it was almost the finish, and we both felt it coming.

"Oh god...oh god..." I said wrapping my legs around him.

Jayson went faster and harder, almost reaching his climax.

"Oh...fuck!" he said going faster.

"Jayson!" I yelled out.

He went to so fast I was in complete pleasure. It was so strong that no sound could escape my mouth, and my face twisted in not knowing what to do.

"Fuck...fuck...Fuck!" I yelled.

"OH shit!" yelled Jayson.

We both came and I really was holding onto Jayson. He entered me really hard, but slow to finish himself, before he stopped. We both could not breathe. We couldn't move. That had to be the best sex ever.


The next morning I woke up and I was in Jayson's arms. He was already up and looking at me.

"Goodmorning." he said.

"Goodmorning." I said with a yawn.

I looked back at him. He moved his hand down near mine and tangled his fingers in mine.

"Remember in the airport, when I left, do you remember what I said to you?" he asked.

"You said you wanted to be with me if we ever saw eachother again."

He smiled.

"Well. Yesturday when I first saw you, I was so tempted to say Marry me right then and there, but that would so not have gone well."

We both laughed.

"But like I was saying, I really ment what i said Layla. Life has never been the same without you."

I looked at him and smiled.

"Yes." I said.

"Yes what?" he asked with wide eyes.

I laughed.

"Yes, I will marry you."

He smiled and rolled on top of me. I screamed lightly as he started to kiss me everywhere. It was so funny.

"I love you Layla. But you already know that."

"Yes I do. And I love you to."

Me and Jayson have been through so much, and this only made us stronger. Over the years, I realized that you can't give up, no matter how rough things may get. Certain paths were given to people, for their destiny's believed they could make it through. I made it through my path, and I wasn't walking it alone.

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