Alcohol ~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Spin-Off Of Cold Sunrise ~ One-shot ~ Part One

The continuation of Cigarettes. Features many TYL Characters from KHR only the poltline is tweaked a bit. Summary: Chastain has many vices, nicotone is just one she could pretty much live without. It's too bad that her husband won't let her indulge in her other vice...

Created by SugarLandBabyGirl on Tuesday, August 03, 2010

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn One-shot:

TYL Vongola Family, Varia, Mukuro’s Minions and Dino Cavallone

If there was ever a time when Chastain needed a stiff drink, it was now. Vongola the X, Sawada Tsunayoshi had done the impossible: all of his guardians were together in one room and so far nothing other than poisonous glaring had interrupted the somewhat placid atmosphere. Chastain was one of the ones glaring from her corner of the thankfully spacious room. Even the Cavallone family Boss, ‘Bucking-Horse Dino’, and a few of his subordinates were at attendance. Somehow, by some miraculous event the Varia had willingly come and Chastain cursed every deity she knew for that. She was already having enough problems trying to not shoot the smirking male Mist Guardian and his subordinates. They were standing much too close for her comfort and Mukuro was purposely trying to piss her off, while the reserved Chrome practically glued herself to his side as well as the other female she couldn’t remember the name of. The blonde haired dog, also known as Ken, and the rest of Mukuro’s male puppets were milling around their master looking as bored and uncomfortable as she felt.

I-pin was with Lambo who was openly and loudly crying like a five-year-old because there was no candy on the dining table, while Kyoko and Haru were chatting happily with Bianchi who was cuddling the fedora wearing infant Hitman in disguise to her chest like he was a puppy. A couple of the Varia members were sneering and glaring at anyone who so much as glanced in their direction; those would be Xanxus and Leviathan. Xanxus was nursing his twentieth glass of tequila but she could tell he wasn’t even close to being drunk, the stuck-up bastard. Squalo was chatting obnoxiously loud with a grinning Yamamoto Takeshi about sword techniques and one day killing the Vongola Rain Guardian with his own hands, while Belphegor was sneakily throwing his knives at the teal haired illusionist by Mukuro’s side. Fran or maybe his name was Flan? Chastain didn’t know nor did she really care, he might have been a genius but he wasn’t worth her time. Mammon was just hovering around the insane blonde Prince and Lussuria was speaking with Sasagawa Ryohei about god only knew what. Chastain frowned; the prestigious Vongola headquarters was turning into a damn circus.

Hibari Kyoya, the ever allusive Cloud Guardian and her husband was speaking quietly with Tsuna who was smiling gently, Dino who was smirking and the frowning silver haired right-hand man, Gokudera Hayato. Kyoya’s sharp metallic blue eyes were narrowed hinting at danger and his pale lips were drawn into a thin line. Hibari had not wanted to be at this untimely family gathering for several reasons, most of them the same as his displeased wife. To put it politely, the couple had been busy with their own private plans before they were interrupted by none other than the big Boss himself. Sawada had been smart to come himself instead of sending someone else, because that poor unfortunate soul would have been found brutally bitten to death and shot full of bullet holes, if they were actually ever found at all. It would have been a good idea for her to shoot something before she had to come to this gathering. She would have been a little less annoyed and trigger-happy.

“Yo, Chastain-chan,” A deep cheerful voice broke the fallow haired woman out of her reverie. Chastain watched as the tall, handsome Rain Guardian made his way over to her secluded corner. “How have you been, Takeshi?” She asked politely when he was closer to her. Her expression softened slightly in relief as he consciously moved to block the Mist Guardian from her direct sight with his lean frame. The taller male grinned with his eyes closed. “Good, I’ve been busy though. We’ve expanded the shop recently. You should come by and check it out sometime.” Chastain winced but nodded her head. “I’ll try.” She weakly replied trying to keep what was left of her breakfast down. The Rain Guardian laughed at her somewhat pained expression and grinned mischievously. “You still haven’t gotten over your fear of Sushi?” Chastain’s shoulders visibly tensed at hearing that word and her cerulean eyes narrowed at the swordsman.

“Shut up Takeshi, or I’ll shoot you.” She threatened softly as a dark undertone made itself known. The swordsman just laughed and held his hands up in a surrendering motion. “How are things with you and Hibari?” Chastain quickly took notice of the seriousness in his tone and snapped her eyes up to meet his somber honey brown gaze. “How do you know about that?” She asked in a cool tone but kept her voice down, trying not to catch anyone else’s attention, especially the nosy Mist Guardian. This casual conversation was quickly turning into a very serious one she would prefer to not have in public. “You should know by now that you can’t keep something like that from your family.” He returned and placed his large hand on her tense shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m the only one who caught onto it.” He grinned and winked. Chastain’s shoulder’s slowly dropped and her serious expression faded into one of despair and resentment. “Don’t worry; I’m sure it will happen sooner than you think. These things tend to happen unexpectedly.” Chastain gave a nod but didn’t answer.

“I wish you both the best of luck.” He whispered lowly and squeezed her shoulder gently to let her know that he saw the insecurity that flashed through her gaze. “Thank you Takeshi, I–we appreciate your concern.” She told him truthfully, her voice on the verge of breaking. He flashed his million dollar smile and Chastain felt her lips twitch up in a small smile. “You’re welcome, now cheer up and try some of the food Kyoko and Haru-chan made! I even made some too, but I doubt you’ll like it.” He gently pushed at her back to move her towards the long dining table covered in a variety of foods, most of them Japanese. Normally Chastain would have pulled away from his light only friendly touch, but he was only looking out for her and trying to cheer her up after their depressing conversation, so she let it go and did as he wanted. She was actually pretty hungry, as it had been nearly eight hours since she ate breakfast at five o’clock that morning. Takeshi was strangely happy and hyper as he pointed out a lot of things that he thought she should try.

Chastain gave him a deadpan look when he suggested that she get a second plate since the first one was full. “I think I have more than enough already.” She told him in a threatening tone. He gave a cheekily embarrassed smile in return but wisely backed off. “Vooi, you two seem cozy,” A deep voice growled and instantly the two Vongola members turned to eye Varia’s long haired second-in-command. Squalo eyed the two with a predatory grin on his lips. Nothing good would come when he next opened his mouth, of that Chastain was quite certain. “You trash aren’t fucking each other are you?” Chastain’s eye twitched violently and her free hand slid to the holstered gun behind her back and quickly withdrew it. The sleek black gun was cocked and pointed right between his eyes before anyone could even blink or Yamamoto could catch her wrist. Her finger itched to squeeze the trigger and end him once and for all, as she stared emotionlessly into his narrowed gaze. “Sorry to disappoint you, Squalo, but the only man I’m fucking is my husband.”

The whole room went deathly silent as the two stared each other down. “Che! If you think you can do it trash, then fucking pull the trigger already!” The long silver haired shark taunted with a vicious grin. Chastain smirked and lowered her arm. “I would, but I don’t eat sushi.” Yamamoto couldn’t help but burst out into laughter despite the tension in the air. He wasn’t the only one who found the situation funny, some of the people laughed and some of them just smirked, but everyone found some humor in Squalo’s defeat. Chastain turned on her heel and sauntered off back to her corner, leaving behind a fuming shark. She was three gunshots and one more annoying person away from snatching that damn tequila bottle out of Xanxus’ hands and downing the whole thing in one swallow. Damn that lazy crimson eyed bastard for being able to drink so freely in front of her. The strongest drink her husband had allowed her to have today, due to their pervious interrupted activities, was raspberry lemonade. Oh yes, what a kind and understanding man she had decided to spend the rest of her life with.
To be continued...

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