He Knocked Me Up, Possibly Saving Me From An Arranged Marriage If I didn't Hate His Guts Right Now I'd Kiss Him. . . Again

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Created by UglyVampire on Wednesday, August 04, 2010

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[3] The Innocence Is Gone [3]

"Morning Mrs. Prat is Rave awake?" I asked stepping into Rave's house as her mom pulled the door aside.

"She's up stairs in her room go right ahead dear." Mrs. Prat said leading me to the stairs where I slowly went up, once on the second story I turned and sped down the hallway to Rave's room.

Rave's house was pretty big not mansion type big but big enough to run and play tag in her hallways. I made my way to the all too familiar pink sign hanging on her door.

Enter With Out Knocking And You Will Get Bashed With A Pillow.
Said the sign. If I wasn't in such a big hurry I probably would of stopped and laughed remembering the time we were twelve and decided to make the sign. Yeah Rave and I have been through a lot together.

I slammed the door opened ignoring the rule we made and went straight for her bed only to find she had fallen asleep.

That lazy arse. I thought rolling my eyes.
"RAVEN MAKAYLA PRAT GET YOUR BUTT UP RIGHT NOW!" I yelled right into her ear using her full name.

"AHHH! I was up I was up I swear I was just. . . " she said trailing off before rolling back into her bed sheets.

"Rave this is serious!" I said stomping my foot on the ground. Suddenly I had the idea to pull the bed sheets making her fall off. And you know what I did? Just that.

"Ow! You know what thats fine, the floor is waaaaay more comfy anyways. " She said staring up at the ceiling then looking at my eyes.

"Whats wrong?" She finally asked before placing her hands on her stomache and just letting them rest there.

I sighed running a hand through my tangled wavy hair and slid down on the wall opposite of her bed making me direclty across from her.

"I- I don't know what happened. It just sorta just happened it was one of those just the right moment type of things I didn't mean to it was a mistake." I said not sure how to explain what I did.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Rave said sitting up on her shoulder.

I sighed again not looking up I said
"I-I kinda lost my. . . my uh my V-card." I said waiting for her reaction.

"Haha great joke no seriously what's wrong?" She said staring at me trying to read my thoughts.

After I didn't say anything she finally realized I was serious. Her eyes went completly wide.

"Holy F&%k you're serious! With who?" She asked now giving me her full attention.

"Thats the problem I don't know who? I don't even remember how it happened one minute I'm down stairs downing a few bottles next thing I know I'm up stairs making out with a blonde haired guy. " I explained.

"So he had blonde hair?" she asked.

"Yeah and I found this key" I said holding up the silver key that had been weighing down my pocket, metaphoricly of course.

"You think that's blonde haired guys' key?" She asked taking the key and looking at it like it was an alien.
I nodded.

After just a few seconds of scilence and breathless thinking Rave spoke up.

"So you really did lose it huh?"

"Yeah. Ugh I don't know what to do. I mean you know how extreemly guilty I'll feel."

"Yeah I have noticed and you can tell."

"Tell what?" I asked suddenly intrested in what she was talking about, I mean not that I wasn't before but that was small talk.

"That you've you know done it. Your hips look a little more bustier. I guess thats the word I'm looking for." She said examening me.

My eyes widdened. You can tell that easily?!
"You can tell?! What? Holy cow! My parents are so going to kill me!" I said and sunk my head in my hands.

Wait did I even hear myself? My parents are going to kill me, and wasn't that the whole point to tick them off? Okay I admit I wanted them to get so mad at me that maybe they'd call of the darn wedding but I think I may have crossed the line just a huge bit.

"But I doubt your mom pays attention to your figure. . . which she does but all you have to do is wear really long hoodies like usuall and no one but me and you know."
Rave said trying to lighten me up.

"And the guy I lost it to." I pointed out miserably. Ughh. Why? Why did I have to go? I should of just been the good girl they always controll and I wouldn't be in this mess right? Or what if I was meant to go to that party after all?
Yeah right like destiny or fate or what ever had it planned for me to lose my virginity and not remember to whom I lost it to. Ugh life sucks officiall.

I mean I thought it sucked before but now it was official. And then after this I'd have to face my parents with all their cr*p about where I was and who I was with and blah blah blah. Thats right. I cursed. First time in a long time but I really could care less right now.

"Well hey at least you lost it already." Rave ever so kindly reminded me.

"And that's suppose to help me cheer up how?" I asked looking up at her face trying to see where this was going.

"Well like I mean I know we're in high school and that most of the student population doesn't even have it anymore but what they didn't tell you was how hard it really is to loose it." She said looking down at her pink a baby blue stripped socks.

"Um okay why would you want to loose it in the first place? I mean I know its suppose to be all great and everything but that's only if you love someone. . . I think. And anyways I'm not the best example, I don't even know who I lost it to! How do you think it feels to know you lost it and not even to some one you like? Much less love." I said explaining to her why she should wait.

I mean come on she wants to loose it just because everyone else is loosing it, and to me not everyone should lose it.

"Yeah I guess your right but I mean I just feel so left out you know? I mean I know we're popular and all but I don't get it everyone says its so great and all. . ."

"Well yeah when you're in love or really love someone and we're not popular you are popular. But just please don't follow my example. Promise me you'll wait till you're ready okay?" I said being completely serious. What kind of friend would I be to encourage her to be just like me, a
slutalmost. Ew that just feels weird.

"Fine I promise." She said holding her pinky out. See thats what I love about her no matter how serious it is she manages to bring some laughter along the way.

"Good. Ha ha funny how I always thought you'd loose it first. I mean no offence or anything." I said as we got up and sat on her bed turning the television on.

"Me? How come? And none taken of course. "

"Well because I mean you're just so pretty and your eyes! My goodness your gorgeous green eyes! I'd kill to have your eyes you know. And besides everybody likes you." I said as I took the control and flipped the chanels to life time. What? They have some pretty darn good movies there. Don't judge me.

"I'd kill to have your hair its so beautiful and curlyish and perfect"

"Yeah well its a mess ha ha but yeah I guess there's something that makes everyone of us special." I said as we started to watch the Pregnancy Pact.
I am guessing they are doing one of their movie re-runs but I didn't mind it meant quality time with my best friend.

[3 hours later]

I felt something vibrate in my pocket and found my phone. I looked at the cover.
20 missed calls, 30 texts, and about a billion voice mails all from my parents or Kenton, mostly from my parents.

Hey where are you? Ur Parents are going mad and I don't think I can cover for you longer.

Kenton suddenly texted.

Oh ha thanks for covering for me :) um I'll be home in like ten minutes okay so just don't freak out.

I texted back. Kenton really was a good friend a brother maybe even but not my husband.

k and I'm not the one freakin out hurry!

Kenton texted back. Freak. He knows that I know that he worries about me sometimes.

"Looks like I have to go home and face the rath of my parents." I said getting off the bed and stretching.

"Tell them I said hi!" Rave said. I laughed.

"Yeah sure once they're done killing me I'll be sure to remind them of your love." I smiled and walked out her door.

Ahh geez I have to face my parents now, great thats even better. Nothing could make my life more miserable.

*Next chapter you get to find out who knocked Alexandra up *

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