13 and Pregnant...

chapter due!![2 in italian...:)]

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I had one true best friend who I'd known since I was three-Isabelle Lombardi.I called her that Saturday and invited her over.The thought that I might be pregnant was insane.I rotated in front of my mirror.I didn't feel different.Did I look different?I never imagined this would happen to me,of all people.
I dressed in a white button-up with the top buttons open,short denim skirt,and knee-high striped socks with no shoes.My house was all carpet.
Isabelle came at exactly three on the dot.
"Hey."She flashed her brilliant white smile that made so many guys love her.
She kissed me on the cheek(she's full Italian)and sat down on the couch."What's up?"
I sat down on the velvet seat next to her.
"You know Jack,right?"
She nodded vigorously."Yeah."
"We went to a high school party the other night-"
Isabelle looked at me sternly."High school party?"
"Yeah,I know it was stupid.Anyway,Jack got super drunk and tried to have sex with me.I told him no,and he looked like he was going to slap me,so we did it andnowImightbepregnantIwantedyo-
uheretotakeitwithme?"I finished,out of breath.
"OHMYGOD!!!"Isabelle shrieked.Calming down,she asked,"Do your parents know?What did they say?Are you keeping it?Are you pregnant for sure?What are you going to tell the people at school?"
"Yes,my parents know.My mom seemed cool about it,but started screaming at me about how I was only 13 and shouldn't have done it,how I shouldn't have dated him,why the hell didn't I tell them,that stuff.I'm taking the test today,so I don't know for sure.About keeping it,I have to talk to Jack and my parents..."I swallowed at the thought of Jack."And if I am,my parents are pulling me out of school for ten months saying that I broke my legs.My dad'll write the note.I broke up with Jack,by the way."
Isabelle's brunette hair gleamed like copper in the sunlight streaming through the window.
"Well,take it!"She took my hand and we raced upstairs,where she waited outside the bathroom for me.
I peed on the test,feeling weird.I waited the standard five minutes and swueezed my eyes shut,sucking in a breath.Stay calm.Stay calm.
I exhaled and started crying,swinging the door open.
Isabelle glanced at the test and covered her mouth with her hand."Oh my god."
"Don't tell anyone at school,"I sobbed."I won't,"she said,and I threw the test away.
"Maybe it'll be good.We can pick out names and I can help with the baby shower,"she said.
But I doubted it.Thirteen year olds didn't get pregnant.It was unheard of.And as for Isabelle's suggestions,I doubted it would be that happy.
"I have to call Jack."
"Hello?"Jack answered cheerfully,sounding nothing like his drunken pig-self.
"Gabriella,oh my god.I am so sorry about what happened the other night,I'm a total a-"
"Jack,I'm pregnant."
"I'm pregnant,"I said,holding back tears.
Jack said something really brilliant.
"What are you going to do?"
I wasn't going to be the weepy girl anymore.I cleared my throat and said,"are you going to be there for the baby?"
"Are you keeping it?"He asked.
"I'm not sure.It depends on you and my parents,and what my doctor says."Surprisingly,my father wasn't my doctor.He worked in an entirely different wing of medicine.
"When is your doctor's appointment?"
"Tomorrow at two."
"Okay,I'll skip school and go with you."
"Jack...Don't tell anyone,"I said.
"I won't."
"And you didn't answer my question.Are you going to support the baby?"
"And that means you're keeping it."
"Well,if I keep it."
"I don't know.My parents."He sounded uncertain,and that's when I realized that's what we were-kids having kids.
"Well,after my doctor's appointment we're having dinner at my house,so invite your parents."
Jack sounded distant."Okay.Love you,bye."
"We're not together,"I said before hanging up.
I looked around my room.There was my best friend,my TV almost always set to MTV.Framed pictures of me,Isabelle,and other pretty girls from school.An average girl's room.
But now,I was far from average.
For my doctor's appointment,I wore jean shorts and a shimmery gold tank top with gold flats-a carefree,teenage outfit.I put my blond hair up in a high ponytail and checked myself out.I kept expecting for a belly to pop out of me,showing off my pregnancy.
"Hello."The doctor greeted us warmly.She smiled at my mother."You must be the lucky one expecting,"she said.She glanced at me."How old are you?"She asked with a bigger grin.
"I-I'm thirteen."
"How do you feel about your mommy having another baby?"I was tall for thirteen.She didn't have to bend down.
Without waiting for my answer,she said to my parents,"the children must wait in the hall."
"Actually,I'm not pregnant,"mom said.
"Oh dear.We always get our lists mixed up.What doctor are you here to see,precisely?We can have you over in-"
"It's my daughter who's pregnant,"Mom said,and the office went weirdly silent.
"Your...Your thirteen-year-old daughter is pregnant?"
"Mmhmm.Is she having an abortion?"
Mom swallowed."No."
"Carrying out with her pregnancy may be very harmful to both her and the baby,"the doctor,whose jacket said Dr.Milan,said."Is she giving it up for adoption?"
"Are you finacially and emotionally prepared for a child?"
"We're already seeing a counselor,"Dad cut in smoothly."We just want the medical facts."
"Okay.Hop up here."She pointed toward the medical bed.
"When did you miss your period?"
"Um,two weeks ago."
"Mmmhmm.Are you sure you're pregnant and not just irregular?"
"I'm sure."
"Are you sexually active?"
"I only did it once."
"Okay.And did you use protection?"
"How old is the father?"
"Mmhmm.You took a test?"She asked,biting back a comment on Jack's age.
"Results were positive,I presume?"
"Y-Yes,they were."
"Mmmhmmm.So I'll give you these prenatal supplement pills,take one every day."She handed me a small bottle.
"You'll have to come back several times a week until you give birth for checkups and the like."She handed me a calendar with red circled around dates.
"And next time you come back,We'll do a sonogram to check in on the baby and you,and by the next few visits you'll havea due date."She smiled uncomfortably.
When we got outside,Jack was waiting for us.My parents glared at him and I waved.We rode back to my house in silence,as I clutched at the medical papers.
At dinner,it was me,Jack,Jack's parents,and my parents.My mother strained a smile on for the guests.When we sat down to eat,my stomach got butterflies.Here goes nothing.....

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