Lucario Love Story Part 4

Lucario Love Story

Created by LucarioLoveStory on Thursday, August 05, 2010

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Lucario and Ash were breathing hard. They had just done it. Lucario was still red from when he first began to... you know. And Ash was smiling from the pleasure of it. Lucario and Ash looked at eachother and smiled. Lucario got up and walked out the door. Ash sat on the bed and tried to catch his breath. And when he did he ran outside. But Lucario was gone.

"Lucario! Where are you? Lucario! Lucario!"

Ash franticly looked for Lucario but she was no where in sight. Finally he gave up and returned to the cabin.

The moon shined in Lucario's eyes. How could she have just done it with a human?! Was she crazy if any of the other pokemon knew of this she would surely be dead. As she wandered through the forest she decided maybe she should go back to Ash. He wasnt however responible for their sex. She was the one that turned him on in the first place. But just then a Gallade jumped out of no where, grabbed her and ran off into the night.

Ash awoke in the moring expecting to see Lucario by his side but she was gone. He worried but thought maybe having sex with her wasnt a good idea. But he thought of how she looked and how he had done her. As he walked out of the cabin a Lopunny came close to him and pushed him silently back into the cabin.

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