?Hot Mess?*TYL!Yamamoto Takeshi* [1/3] for Fanala

Reader x TYL!Yamamoto (KHR). My poetic stamina kicked in for this set of drabbles once again. XD Enjoy! :D

Created by Yesisoto93 on Friday, August 06, 2010

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There are many things that only look beautiful during this time of day, when the sun’s shift ends and the sky turn to navy blue; even the emotions defined the specialty of this type of setting.

A certain time when your [E/C] eyes twinkled in pleasure, glistened by the moonlight as the gentle hands of your lover massaged the sensitive areas of your body with lips attached at your neck and chest, leaving trails of kisses behind.

Your mouth parted open as a gasped moan yearned to escape and your back slightly arches to the developing pain as Yamamoto began to thrust inside of you, as gentle as he possibly could, though your legs stubbornly wrapped at his waist and pressed him down, costing you a slight whimper and teary eyes.

As the night progresses, leaving behind the resulting imprint of wrinkled bed sheets and dancing candlelight, the smile on your lips only widened as your finger drew circles on his moving chest while he slept.

Word Count: 166

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