The Outsiders: Fan Fiction

this is my o.c fan fiction of the outsiders. its written as a screen play/ script. this is for my bestie emily (toxlivexorxnotxtoxlive). it is a VERRY long will aproximatly be 40 chapters or more. please rate and send me messages about what you think of the story :) P.S in some episodes i used quiz results from outsiders 7 minutes in if your story is on here thank you for awsome writing :)

Created by pUeRtOrRiQu7EnAcHiCa14 on Friday, August 06, 2010

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The Outsiders:

Chapter 1


Sodapop: Bye Kat. You promise that we’ll see each other again soon?

Kat: I promise Soda. I’ll see you again soon; and you to Ponyboy.

Ponyboy: I sure will miss ya’ Kat. Why do you even got to go?

Sodapop: She gotta go cuz’ she don’t wanna be no burden on Darry. Him takin’ care of us is already hard enough. So she’s gonna go live in a girls home.

Kat: Yea. I’ll write y’all every day. And you write me too, ok?

Ponyboy: Ok

Sodapop: Ok

Kat: And if Darry asks where I’ve gone, tell him that I’m ok. You can tell him I’ve gone to a girls home, but don’t tell him the name, got it?

Sodapop: Yea

Kat: Ok *Kisses Ponyboy on the head and give him and Soda a big hug*. Love you guys. Bye.*walks out door*

Sodapop: Bye sis.

Flashback ends

Kat: *running* I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years since I’ve seen my brothers. They’re gonna be so shocked when I come to see em’!

*knock on door*

Sodapop: Now who can that be? *opens door* *surprised face*

Kat: Hey Sodapop

Sodapop: Kat?

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