[Neji One Shot] All Thanks to Sewing Class [For Muzic4lif3]

Please enjoy...im sure it's horrible. Lmfao...

Created by kiba8kun8forever on Friday, August 06, 2010

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Neji.png(Authors Comment: I couldn't help myself >_> It was so funny...)


"Jannie...can you pass me the thread?" you asked, yawning in the process. You were in sewing class, trying to makea pot holder. But failing...sewing really wasn't your thing. 'And the guys are in woodshop, working their asses off for an hour. How I'd die to do that!' You thought, pricking yourself with the needle.

"Hello? Hellooo? Aisling, heres your thread?" I said, pokin your stomache with my pinky. You jumped and grabbed the thread.

"How many times have I told you not to do that?" You asked, sticking out your tounge.

"No thanks...I used toilet paper!" I started to laugh like a maniac, whilst you rolled your eyes and continued sewing.

Your hand had small pricks here in there from the needle, but all would be fine. You sat the needle back down on the table, and patted your hand while Shizune walked in. She walked over to you.

"Aisling, you might want to use a thimble next time..." she said, frowning at the small splotches of blood on your hand. She grabbed a tissue and put it in front of you. "Clean up the blodd, your excused to go to the bathroom and wash it off." Shizune exclaimed, walking back to the teachers desk.

You blushed and walked out of the room. The hallways were bare and cold. 'I thought schools weren't supposed to freeze their students to death!" You thought, rubbing your hands together and chattering your teeth.

The pricks on your hand were spilling out more blood. You pulled up your sock with your right hand, and ran towards the girls' bathroom.

You frantically spazzed out because there were no paper towels. Or toilet paper, for that matter.

'Damnit! The bathroom is closed for cleaning. Aghh!' You had another spaz in the hallway. By this point, your stripened socks had already reached your knees. Your left hand was covered in blood, and to top it all off, you were going to be late for Compute/Typing class. You groaned, and facepalmed yourself.

'Well...I don't want to go to the bathroom on the other end of school. Then I would be late for Type. for sure...the only real options I have is to wait for the girls to be clean, or go into the guys.' To be honest, you really liked Type. It was easy and required no effort. You could close your eyes and cross them, and type. It was a walk in the park.

You gazed at the Woodshop class, which was right across from Sewing class. You groaned again.

Your eyes grew as your turned around, and saw the door to Woodshop and Sewing open. You gritted your teeth, and slammed into the guys bathroom.


Almost a minute later, you were standing on the toilet seat in disbalief.Two guys had walked in, and you felt like falling into the toilet.

'It could ust be the janitor...' You thought, trying to stand perfectly still so who ever it was wouldn't notice you were there.

"Catch you later Neji." Someone said, you didn't care who that was, the point is that the other person was Neji. You started to blush bright red, and your legs grew weak.

"This has to be the worst moment of your life, huh?" Someone said. You looked down, and saw Neji's head sticking out from underneath the stall door. You blushed a brighter red, and slowly stepped down from the toilet seat.

"What the hell are you doing in the guys bathroom?" Neji asked, placing his hand in his pocket. His pelvis thrust forward. You looked at him, and what he just did made you blush even m ore.

"I asked...what are you doing in here?" Neji was growing impatient, while you felt like melting.

"U-um..." You started but was caught off guard by Neji holding your waist close to him. Your eyes grew wide, and you snapped back into reality.


After about..let's say..fifteen minutes of rough kissing and missing out on Type, you only had one thing to say.
"And this...is all thanks to Sewing Class."

You would like Sewing class alot more now that this would happen after it...

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