.::My Bestfriend's Father Got Me Pregnant?::.Chapter 1

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Created by CraziXxXChick on Saturday, August 07, 2010

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Gypsee's P.O.V
"Honey,Mark's on the phone!"my mother called downstairs from the kitchen.
I quickly dashed down the stairs,and skidded to a halt in front of the house phone.
"Hello?"I asked,twirling the cord around my finger. Why had Mark called me on the house phone,any other time,he would have just called my cell.
"Hey Gypsee,I was wondering if you would meet me at The Shop tonight,I have to talk to you." he said,he sounded different than usual.
"Um,sure,"I said. I wonder what he wants to talk about? I asked myself,my eyebrows pulled together.
We said our goodbyes,and hung up. I walked upstairs,a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I reached my door,I heard my little brother Henry crying in the next room. I paused,and decided to see what was wrong.
"Henry,sweetie,are you alright?"I asked,walking into his room.
He looked up at me with tear filled eyes,"Mom said I was just like dad!"he began to cry even harder.
I came closer,wrapping my arms around his shoulders.
"Aw,sweetie,mom is just having a rough time right now,he called yesterday,and now her nerves are frazzled."I explained,my heart breaking for my baby brother.
"Really sissy?"he asked,his eyes looking hopeful.
I smiled and nodded,his arms wrapped around my neck,and he smiled hugely.
"You're the best big sister ever!"Henry cried,standing up from his bed,and running downstairs to go outside and play.
I laughed softly,and noticed how messy his room was,I rolled my eyes,and set to cleaning.
I made his bed,and swept every inch of floor. When it was cleaned to perfection,I decided to go to my room,and chill out.
I turned on my stereo,playing some quiet classical music. Beethoven's 9th symphony filled my room. I reached for my writing notebook,and began to write some poetry.
Midnight cries,
your hazel eyes,
are lying to me,
you say you don'tfeel.
that we are real,
you say things,willrearrange themselves,but now I'm aware that you have changed yourself.
I wrote,thinking about Mark,and how differently he was acting lately. Whywas he changing?
I glanced at the clock,noticing it was already 6:00P.M.
I got up,and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt out of my closet. I quickly got dressed,brushing my hair on my way downstairs.
Henry walked in,dirt all over his face,and a tiny cut above his left eye.
He smiled at me,missing one of his front teeth,he then walked upstairs.
I giggled,he had been at Johnny's,Johnny was a little boy in our neighborhood,he and Henry had been friends since they were six. Almost every time he went over to Johnny's,he came back with a bloody,or broken part of his body.
I shook my head,and saw my mother passed out on the couch,a bottle of scotch on the floor beside her.
Ugh,I really hated my father for having this effect on her.
I continued out,I saw my green punch-bug sitting where I had left it.
I slid into it,turning the key in the ignition. I heard my baby come to life,I put thecar into reverse,and then drive.
I sped down the highway,with the windows down. I loved feeling the wind in my hair. When I finally arrived at Mark's dad's shop,it was 7:00p.m.
I saw him out front waiting for me,I smiled at him,but he just turned and walked inside.
I followed him,feeling my heart drop to my knees.
He sat down at a table,not looking at me.
"Gypsee I asked you here today,to tell you that I'm not in love with you anymore,I mean sure we had a good run,but did you really think I would stay with someone as average as you the rest of my life?"
Ouch,that hurt. My heart deflated,falling down into the pit of my stomach.I promised myself I wouldn't cry,I stood up.
"Is that all you wanted to say?"I asked,holding my head high.
He nodded,and I walked out.
When I reached the parking lot,I took out myphone and texted Lydia.
Pick me up at my house in an hour,and we are bringing Henry,I'm gonna stay at your house for a few days....I'll explain when you pick me up.

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