Chapter 3

Created by littlezigy on Saturday, August 07, 2010

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Now the holidays are back. Hurray! So I took a holiday job in a pizzeria department in Chicken Republic. Today is the 2nd day of work; Saturday was the 1st day. I get Fridays off.

While I worked, my thoughts drifted back to Nonso (I spelt it wrong, its Nonso, not Nomso) and the Sunday two weeks before. We missed church last week b'cos we all came down with the flu. I was kinda sad cos that meant I won't see Nonso that Sunday and happy because he would miss me and that would serve him right for ignoring me even though we only see each other like once a week. I felt like my love life (well kinda) had come crashing down. How could he ignore me? *Sigh* I guess we weren't really for each other. I was so stupid to think he was attracted to me just because of some harmless flirting, right. But once in a while it’s nice to dream.

-------­­­Three hours later----------

After three hours of comforting and scolding myself I just thought Well I just need to stop thinking about him and face my work and my work alone.

“Wow. Are you always this gloomy?” a voice said at my back. I turned around to see… Kyrian. That was very disappointing.

“What are you…” I looked down to see a Chicken Republic uniform in his hand. Ugh could things get any worse!

“Yeah. We are now officially co-workers” I looked back up to see a stupid smile forming on his face. I managed to smile back.

----------After work----------

Thank God its over I said as I rushed home. I need to go shopping I thought as I looked around for a boutique. Then I saw the perfect one. Kinda reminds me of Nonso. I knew he was perfect, but now I’m not so sure.

When I got into the boutique I began buying. By the time I finished, I had two heavy bags. Just then I bumped into someone and all the bags unloaded themselves on that ‘someone’. Maybe its because I’m clumsy that people keep interrupting me or bumping me.

“Sorry.” I said as I began taking my goods off that person’s head. I then realized everyone was looking at us. That person got up and removed my silk red from his face. It was Nonso. My dreams came true and now I didn’t care if anyone was looking at us.

“Hi” He said and then he recognized me.

“Hi Naomi” He said, again.

“Hi” I replied.

“Do you need help?” He asked, smirking.

“Yes” I almost screamed. “These bags are heavy. Could you help me carry them home” I asked, unfolding a plan to get him to follow me home.

“You were doing fine without me before” He said raising one eyebrow

“Pleeeeeeaaase” I pleaded. “Ok don’t carry anything, but it’s a long way home so maybe you could keep by talking.

“Ok” was the reply


When we reached home, Nonso watched as I used my keys to open the door.

“Are your mom and sis out?” He asked

“Oh Amy’s staying with her friends for 5 days and mom’s out on a business trip.” I said

“What about your other sis?” He asked as I put on the lights “The one who always wears red”

“Oh Precious isn’t my sis. She’s Amy’s friend.” I said putting the shopping bags down.

“Would you like to have cocoa?” I said as he started walking away, before he said goodbye.

“Yeah, thanks” He said with another smirk.

“You know maybe we should exchange numbers

“Ok. But I’ll give you mine” so we exchanged numbers

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said

“You’re leaving?” I asked, “Ok, bye”

“I could stay for 30 minutes,” he offered


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