Remember me, yet? (Riley Biers one-shot for TwilightRocker12 )

Created by EmmaxTwilight on Sunday, August 08, 2010


Angel’s P.O.V.

Today was my seventeenth birthday - a year ago my best friend disappeared. Soon after that my family was killed, and I was forced to move with the Swan in Forks having to leave my hometown, Seattle. When I had nothing to live for, why did I keep living?

It had been a solid year since Riley disappeared, and I knew I need to give up and forget my feels for him, but never got to tell him.

It was midnight, and everyone in the Swan’s house was asleep aside from me.Well actually it was just Charlie and me in the house - Bella was at the Cullen’s. I walked over to her room to use her computer and saw a person in their. He was pale as the moon, but I didn’t see his face - his back was too me. I backed away form the door frame and tried to keep my breathing quiet, but the guy noticed me and turned around.

I gasped from shock, he looked like Riley, but with blood red eyes. I was about to scream, but he was in front of me in an instant and covered my mouth with his cold hand. “Don’t scream.” He said before removing his hand. I didn’t because I feared the consequences.

Suddenly, he disappeared form my sight. This was freaky. I left a note on the desk in my room that I was taking a walk and went outside. The cold air was refreshing to me. I was so confused and the cold air would do me good. If that guy was Riley, then what happened to him? After awhile I realized I was headed to the cemetery in my old home town to visit my family’s graves. I had gotten to the cemetery in twenty minutes, and kneeled by my mother’s tomb stone,since I was the closest to her, and the traced the engraved words and numbers; tears slid down my face.

Can we pretend that Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now,

wish right now,

Airplanes by Eminem

When it began to drizzle I began walking back before a red headed woman caught me. She forced my arms behind my back with one hand easily and moved my hair away form my neck with the other hand. “Welcome to the army!” She whispered her cool breath leaving goosebumps on my neck before sinking her razor sharp teeth into my neck.

I screamed in pain and felt to my knees, and began writhing on the ground in pain.

What seemed like an century later, the pain faded and my heart stopped. I felt my throat burning ,but I was so confused. I shivered - I was so cold. I was out side; it was dark and I curled up into a ball resting my chin on my knees.

A familiar looking guy with blond looked at me. He came closer and frightened I hugged my knees tighter, but the guy was thrown back by an unexplainable force and into the ocean. He came out, and was dripping wet.

“I won’t hurt you unless you give me a reason too.” The guy said in a calming voice.

“W-what did you do to me?”

“You’re a vampire; just try not to get killed.” He said bitterly as if he had an issue with me.

A vampire with long brown hair came to my side, “I’m Bree.”

“Angel.” I introduced myself.

“Riley seems to like you. And you have a power?”

“Like? Yea right, and power?”

“You threw him back with your mind!” Bree said.

“Oh.” I said, my throat still burned.

“Come with me, I’ll find you someone to drink.” She said.

I didn’t questioned her, at an impossible we ran to the city we stood on a roof top and saw few men trying to kill a girl.

“What do I do?” I asked her.

“It’s all instinct.” She said and hoped off the building, I followed after her and hesitantly snapped a guy’s neck, bit his neck, and sucked him dry. Almost to quickly he ran out of blood, but there were three guys so I drank the other guy.

Bree’s eyes were a ruby color now. “We have to get to the house before Riley gets mad at us.” Bree said in a worried tone noticing the sun was rising.

We just barely made it to the house before the sun rose, “Where were you too?” The man who against sounded like he had an issue with me asked.

“None of your business.” I said.

He hissed at me glaring.

“We were hunting.” Bree told him and ran down stairs. I was about to follow her, but he said.



She want to talk to you.”


“Just follow me.” The guy said and I followed him out of the house.

As we ran I asked him, “Why don’t the others go out?” I said looking at my sparkling skin.

“The think they’ll turn to ash.” The guy smirked.

“So why do I get to know that’s a lie?”

She request I bring you here.”

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Riley, do you have to ask so many questioned!?” He sounded annoyed.

Riley... Why did that name sound so familiar? We came to a house that had a Barbie doll look to it. I followed Riley into the house and when I got in he was making out from the red head the bit me. I sensed she was evil. Also, that kiss looked very fake, but I made me angry for some reason. I wish I could remember my human memories!

“She’s the one?” The red head asked.


“You, what’s your name?” She asked.

“Angel.” I said flatly.

“Riley thinks you have a useful power-”

“Your point is....” I said boredly.

“I want to see it.”

She put a baseball on the floor and I couldn’t move it with my mind like I did to Riley.

“I think she can only do it when she feels threatened.”

“Then train her to be able to do it at will, and she’s going to help you with the new borns.”

“What?!” We both said at the same time.

“She has no idea how to fight.” Riley said.

“I don’t want him to train me!” I exclaimed.

“It’s that or you’ll die, Angel.” The red head cooed at me.

I huffed and grumbled something intelligible. Riley roughly grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside as he did that I sent his flying into a tree, and making him release my hand so I wouldn’t go with him.

Victoria saw the whole think and had that evil look on her face.

I would ask if he was okay, but he was glaring at me. He came back, “So I’m going to have too train you how to fight - later, at dark we’ll go to the docks and get a person willing to fight to the death; now I will teach you how to fight.

Riley won almost every time, but I was very proud of the two times I had actually defeated him.

“Don’t get cocky yet,” He said after I won the last round of our fight training. “Tonight you have to kill someone.”

“If only a had a choice.” I sighed. I was referring to killing the red head. She was far back in the woods in her cottage.

“What?” Riley asked raising an eye brow.

“Victoria’s not good.”

“How would you know?” Riley hissed.

I shrugged; then a flyer came to my feet and I examined it. It was for the lost kid Riley Biers...

Suddenly it hit me, the person I was with was Riley. I held the picture of him to compare the differences, there were little ones, but I remembered! I finally remembered Riley was my best friend, the guy who I had a crush on.

“Riley?” I asked.

“Yea I’m t-”

“No! Do you not remember anything from your human life?” I asked him.

“Not really.”

“Follow me.
I told him and ran to the forest that let to the back of my house that I had when I lived here. “Remember yet?”

He shook his had.

I when to the tree and picked up the big rock that marked the spot where our time capsal was built with ease. Then, I dug the metal box out.

“What does this have to do with anything?” He asked.

I sighed and took off my key necklace - it was the key to the box. Slowly, I opened the box. I pulled out two pictures.

I handed Riley to two pictures. We were in both of them - the first was both of his covered in silly string laughing our heads off, and the other was Riley, me, and my family.

I also showed him the bracelet on my wrist that he had given me that said, best friends forever.

“Do you remember now?” I asked,

“Yes...” Riley whispered.

I sighed in relief.

“Do you think your parents are looking you for you?” Riley asked looking at a flyer stapled to a street light pole nearby.

I swallowed remembering, “They died a few months after you disappeared in a plane crash...”

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered. I was warming up to Riley again because he was becoming more like the Riley I knew and crushed on.

I shrugged. “Um... sorry for , well umm... sorry for making you fly into that tree and the ocean.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” He laughed.

I saw the sun coming down. “So I’m going to have to fight someone to the death - way to support your best friend!” I said jokily even though on the inside I was terrified or being dead.

“Is little Angel scared?”

“I’m not little and I’m not scared!”

Riley laughed. “I may not remember everything from my human life, but I remember we’ve been best friends for the longest time and when you are scared or frightened you make a joke of the whatever is scaring you.”

“Oh your good.” I said. “Come on, the sun is setting. Oh and I want to make a bet...”

“What kind of bet?” Riley raised an eyebrow.

“If I win against Sara, you have to find some one for me to drink.”

“Your a little piggy,” Riley said poking my belly button.

“No I’m not!” I defended.

We ran back to the hose just when it was dark, well for a human. I could still see everything, but the color had just changed.

“Sara!” Riley yelled once we were inside.

She wants you to fight Angel.” Riley told the girl.

She nodded and we ran to the docks. Riley was kissing the red head I now knew as, Victoria, but it didn’t seem the same. Also, Bree had come to watch, but was on the pier.

Once Riley and Victoria stopped sucking face. Victoria told us to begin the fight.

Sara and I watched each other waiting for the other to make a move. She charged at me and we both went into the water.

About one hour into the fighting, she bit my arm and I growled and pounced on her and ripped off her arm. She howled in pain and charged at me pulling out a few of my hairs.

I flipped her off me and she punched my face leaving a small crack that I could feel was slowly healing. I ripped off her other arm and then her head. I pulled out a match and lit her on fire.

The crack on my face had completely disappeared and I was breathing heavy. My eyes were probably black since I was thirsty.

“Don’t forget our deal.” I told Riley.

He nodded, “Come on, lets find some humans.”

We went to the top of on of the many building and we saw a homeless lady with a box. Riley jumped down and cracked her neck before bringing her up to me. I drank quickly and threw the body to the ground with a light match and the body burned.

“You’re so lucky I didn’t die.”


“If I died I’d come back to haunt you.”

He laughed. “Wow, you’re even a better best friend than me.” He said sarcastically.

I laughed with him. I heard someone behind us, it was Victoria.

“I’ll go find Bree.” I said and dashed far away to Bree. She was still at the docks.

“Hey,” I smiled sitting next to her.

“So you and Riley... seem pretty close?”

“Yea, he was my best friend in my human life.”
“I goes farther than that, did you.. ya know like like him in your human life?”

If I could I would blush, “I guess so.”

“And you still do?”


“Maybe what?” Riley asked coming into view.

“Maybe pluto is a planet.” I covered up and Bree giggled.

“Okay, well as much as I’d love to get into your little conversation of... the planets we have to get back to the house.” Riley said.

At the house, I saw a mirror and was able to see my reflection for the first time. My eyes were crimson and my long blond hair was so softy and shiny looking. As I already knew, my skin was pale like everyone else’s.

On the way I had told Bree the red head made me help Riley be in charge of everyone.

“Wonderful.” Was her response. Then Riley took my arm and we ran out to the forest, “Victoria wants us to get a human’s scent.”

“Why do I have to come?” I whined.

“Because, if I get attacked you can be my back up.”

“Wow, this is true best friendship!” I said sarcastically. “What if they attack me?”

“I’ll have your back!” He said.

We ran to a white house and jumped up to a vacant room that had a delicious scent. There was also the faint smell of vampire who ever the vampire was they were lucky to have a delicious smelling human as a pet.

Riley found a red shirt hanging on a rocking chair and inhaled it. He handed it to me; i inhaled it before he put it into a a plastic bag. We heard someone coming up the stairs, and we dashed outside immediately.

We ran back and passed the sent around the the vampires in the house. “The human we are going after smells so good!”

The all the newborns - except for Bree and a mysterious blond guy - were freaking out over the scent.

After that I went with Riley up stairs. “You do know this fight could kill us...”

He nodded.

“And Victoria is still lying to you.”

He sighed. “I’m halfway convinced, your right.”

“I have a plan, but do you know where the vampires we are after live?”

Riley looked at me. “Forks - why what do you have in mind?”

I grinned. “Come on, we’re going to try to find them.” I grabbed his hand and we ran outside and into the shaded forest.

I ran until I faintly smelled the human’s scent mixed with the stronger scent of vampires. And suddenly Riley and I were pinned to the grounded, but a blond guy with a bunch of vampire bite scars. And a big, buff guy.

“We mean no harm, we have a deal to make with you!” I said.

“What are you doing, Angel?” Riley asked me.

“You’re from Seattle!” A small girl said.

“We mean no harm if you’ll hear me out!” I said and the two guys released us.


That night, I went by the pier looking at the moon.

“The moon looks beautiful tonight,” Riley said joining me. I looked next to me and smiled at him and nodded. “So I’ve been thinking...”

“What?” I asked softly.

“That you’re right about Victoria...”

“That’s why we made the plan for the fight, smart guy.” I smiled.

He nodded. “Angel?” I said I turned to face him and suddenly his cool, stone lips covered mine. The kiss was short, but said enough. Riley wrapped and arm around me smiling like an idiot and I rest my head on his shoulder.

The day of the fight came soon enough. Around Victoria, Riley and I had to act like we hated each other.

“Get away from me.” Riley said in a disgusted tone as I came near him.

“Jerk.” I hissed.

Victoria came to Riley and they started to suck face. It didn’t bother me, I knew Riley’s feelings for her were gone.

“It doesn’t bother you?” Victoria asked.

“Should it?” I shrugged and walked to Bree.

“How can that not bother you!” She yelled.


“Riley and Victoria sucking face. how doesn’t that bother you!?”

I shrugged.

When Victoria left Riley I nodded to him and he nodded back, “We have a plan, you have to stay out of the fight if you want to live. We have to go with Victoria, but we’ll be alright.”

Bree nodded.

When the time came to fight Riley and I lead the newborns to the place we discussed with the wolves and the Cullens and then went to meet Victoria by where Edward and the young wolf boy would be waiting for their cue. Also, the human was in on the plan to.

We got their when Victoria and Edward were still fighting. Riley went to go ‘help’ her.

I charged at Bella and she got into a head lock then Bella jabbed herself with a rock and began to bleed. I held my breath not wanting to ruin the plan. Then I carried her up the hill.

I watched as the wolf grabbed Riley’s arm and he screamed “Victoriaa!!!!” He looked at me when the wolf dragged him over the hill and released him.

Then Bella actually slipped and followed down the hill and I chased after her a few seconds later. She had already gotten to where Edward and Victoria were. Victoria stopped again distracted by the blood and ripped off her head then threw a lighted match at her.

“Go.” Edward told us. “You don’t want to get caught with us with the Volturi.”

“What about Bree!” I asked.

“She’s still here, if the Volturi don’t notice her and do anything bad to her, I’ll tell her to find you guys.” Edward said. That calmed me down slightly, but the chance that my first friend in this life other than Riley had the chance of dying.

Riley and I ran out of the forest and I looked at him. “Where do we go now?”

“Anywhere, Angel.” Riley smiled and peck my lips.

Hope you liked it!

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