Shino shot, What a perverted bug...

Lol this one has it's funny moments and it's cute moemnts, please enjoy! ^-^

Created by SweetDreamer23 on Tuesday, August 10, 2010



"Okay well you two are being paried together because...Uhm..." Tsunade was obviously a bit drunk but you just calmly waited for her explaination. There is no way she summund you to the Hidden Leaf drunk....Is there?

'Ladie Tsunade!" excalims Shizune bursting in, you and the tall dark and...slightly creepy guy beside you look over, "Uhm, Oh my goodness, I apoloigze Miss, Uhm-..." you laugh, "Rina." you say holding out a hand, she shakes it firmly with a soft smile, "Uhm, Don't get the wrong idea about our village, Tsunade's just been hard at work and needed a little break." she explains giving her some coffee. "I'll pretend this never happend." you laugh nerviosuly, "Uhm, lets see here...oh-...." Shizune picked up te file under Tsunade and read through it, "You two have a mission." she says proudly, "Ah and couldn't be better for the two of you. Shino with your bugs and Rina with your...well you know." she says winking, you raise a brow but figure you'll find out later what she means. "Well heres the file, do your best and get back safely." she explains, you both bow and leave.

"So Shino, was it?" you ask, he looks down at you, "Yes, Shino Aburame." he explains, you nod, "Awesome. I'm Rina Nephos." you explain with a soft smile, "It's a pleasure to meet your acquantence." he says, you blush and look away, "Same here." you state, "Well I'm already set to leave, so I guess I'll meet you at the gates?" you ask, he nods, "Alrighty then." you say walking forward as he turns probably to get stuff from his house.

~Funny meanwhile spoof..~

"I saw the young ladie you were walking with..." Shibi trails off, "Yes, we have a mission." he explains, "Ah I see." he says, Shino looks over at his dad. "Did you need something?" Shino asks curiously, "Oh no no, I just thought you two were on a date at first." he sighs, "What would give you that idea?" Shino asks confused, "Well she's beautiful and seems nice." he explains, "Yes but I just met her." Shino explains, "Besides I don't think she'd be intrested." he adds, "Well, just in case..." Shibi whispers leaving, Shino raises a brow, confused at his dad's thoughts. Shibi was actually very sneeky with his actions because before leaving he slipped a condom into Shino's pocket. "I'll have grandchildren in no time." (((LOL)))

You waited at the gates, talking with Izumo and Kotetsu. "So your on a mission with that Aburame kid, hm?" asks Kotetsu, you nod, "He seems nice." you state, "Pfft, he's creepy if you ask me..." Izumo trails off, "Ya Rin, don't let his bugs crawl on ya." Kotetsu laughs tickling your sides, you giggle, "What's wrong with bugs? I like them." you state proudly, "Your one weird chick ya know that?" Izumo asks, you nod, "Yep. I was just born that way." you sigh laying on the table, "Damn..." Izumo and Kotetsu breath looking at you, you blush and get off the table, "Woah, you two are the creepy ones, if you ask me. I'm like ten years younger then both of you." you say sticking out your tounge, "No only like...six." they say doing the math, you roll your eyes, "Either way, I'm into mature and calm guys." you explain, "Like Shino Aburame?" Izumo asks nudging you, "Hah, maybe. If he can kill spiders that's a bonus." you state, "So you love bugs, but hate spiders?" they both ask confused, you nod, "It's common. Spiders are just too....Freaky lookin for my tatse." you explain shivering. "I can kill spiders." Izumo states, "Same here." Kotetsu says, you sigh, "And I'm sure you'll both make, hopefully, two diffrent girls happy one day." you explain, they sigh and lean back in their chairs, "Or maybe you two might end up together..." you trail off, "Hey!" they both shout, you giggle. (((Hahaha..)))

"Ready?" ask Shino walking up to the stand, you nod, "Yep." you say waving to Izumo and Kotetsu, "See you." you say to them, "Later." they say still annoyed, you giggle and sigh, "What's wrong with them?" he asks, you shrug, "No idea." you breath.

~Funny, no?~

So while walking, Shino reads the mission out loud so you both know were your going, It turns out you both need to find this great bug enthusiolgist, Ento Kikai, who Shino happens to be quite fond of, and take him to the snow village, which is forever away, so to speak. "So our destination is North." he explains, you nod, "We'll pick him up on the way." he explains, you nod again and as he reads on, you both find out why Shino and You are perfect for this mission. Shino because he's a bug genious and Ento needs a second opinion of his latest reasearch. You because... "Ento requested a cute girl come along. " Shino reads, you raise a brow, "It actually says that?" you ask standing on your tippy toes to see, he nods and shows you, "All I'm known for, I swear...." you sigh annoyed, "I even cut my hair extremely short." you groan, Shino just watches you pout, "But still I'm sure you have pleny of cute girls in your village, I don't see why Tsunade requested I come all the way to the leaf village and do this." you sigh, "I couldn't answer that question but lets try to make the best of it." he says, you sigh lightly, "Ya I guess your right, sorry about that." you laugh nerviously, "It's alright. I know what it's like to be judged by your looks more then skills." he explains, you shrug, "Guess were in one of those metaphorical boats together, ne?" he nods in agreement.

Only a few hours later, Shino stops. "What are you doing?" you ask confused, "Setting up camp." he states, "But it's not even dark yet..." you say looking at the sky, "That is true but we need to sleep according to the bugs around us." he explains, you look around, "What bugs?" you ask, he sighs annoyed, "I'm not all that tired and I bet we could get a few more miles in before sleeping..." you trail off, "Plus we walked all the way here...Pretty slowly if I might add..." you explain, "Listen. I'm the leader of this mission so-" you raise a brow, "Woah woah woah...Who said?" you ask, "As I recall neither of us was condemed to be the leader. We should have equil partnership in this." you explain, "Alright, how do you suggest we decide?" he asks, you tilt your head to think for a few seconds. "Rock, Paper, Scissors." you state, he sighs annoyed, "Fine." he says, you cork a brow, "Don't cop a tude dude." you state putting out your hand, he sighs and does the same. "Rock, Paper, Scissors." you both say, "I win." you state with a smile, "Best out of three." he state, you sigh, "Alright..." you breath, "Rock, Paper, Scissors." you both say, "I win again, come on." you say, he glares, "Once more." he says, you give him an annoyed look, "Let's just set up camp." you sigh annoyed, Shino look down at you and sighs, "No, you won, we should go." he says, you look up at him and shake your head, "Okay, what is your problem?" you ask, he doesn't say anything due to confusion. "Why do you have to turn everything into a disagreement?" you ask, "I didn't mean to." he says, you sigh, "Okay, how about we just set up camp? I'm tired and just want to sleep." you say, he nods, "Alright." he says.

Once you two finish setting up camp you start a fire and cook some ramen and tea while Shino checks the surrounding area. After eating and drinking the tea you put out the fire and both got ready for bed. "Sorry about today." he says, you look over at him with a soft smile, "Tomorrow will be better." you say sweetly, he looks at you and agrees.

Shino woke up this morning confused as to where you went. You went to take a shower because you needed one. Long story short he saw you nude and got turned the fuck on. Thankfully he snuck away and pretended like it never happend. Which was hard. ((Lol)) When you came back, he had everything ready to go and you both set out for the land o winter so you could pick up Ento and take him more north to his meeting thing in the snow village.

"Hello, I'm Shino Aburame and this is Rina Nephos." Shino says shaking Ento's hand, he shakes it while staring you up and down, "It's very lovely to meet you..." he says flirtatiously, you hold out a hand, "It's nice to meet you as well." you say softly, he kisses your hand softly and smirks to Shino, "Well we should be off, we have a lot of traveling to do." he says proudly. Shino was annoyed by his so called, hero instantly. Shino had no idea he was such a womanizer. Rina was annoyed as well but just sighed and fallowed the men.

When it was Shino's usual time to set up camp he decided not to say anything because he wanted to let Rina decide whether they should continue. Ento had diffrent plans. "We shall set up camp now. Shino knows what I mean." Ento says, you sigh, "Yep." you say softly, while you bend over and take your stuff out of your bag Ento nudges Shino, "Check out that ass...Mmm." Ento says, "Think I could score?" Ento asks, "Actually Master Kikai, we aren't permitted to have any kind of relations with clients." Shino explains, "Pfft, then what was the point of asking for a hot girl to travel with us?" Ento asks, "I think you should talk to her, you know try to put a good word in for me." Ento says nudging Shino. Shino puts his hands in his pocket and walks over to you. "Rina..." he trail off, he then feels something in his pocket touch his hand, "What the-" he pulls out whatever it is and both you and Shino and Ento's eyes widen, "Ya, that-a-boy." Ento laughs, Shino looks at you, who is blushing, then your eyes meet and you glare hard at him, "Geez Shino, I thought we were in a boat together, but your just another imature jerk." you snap leaving. Ento laughs loudly, "Woah, dude I think you should've smoothed it in there. That wasn't as suttle as I would've hoped..." Shino sighs and wanted to go find Rina but he had to stay with Ento.

Meanwhile you walk as far as you could with tears at the edge of each eye and drop down, crying softly. "Fuck!" you shout punching a tree and making it fall over, you cry a bit harder and punch another, and another. Once your nuckles are too bruised to punch anything anymore you just lay on the ground, soaked in your own sweat. "I need another shower." you breath getting up. You find a nice hot spring near by and look around, checking the surrounding area before hopping in and washing away all the dirt, blood and sweat. After your little bath you got dressed, dryed your hair and went back to camp. You saw Ento was asleep in his tent so you went into yours and Shino's quietly, "Rina..." Shino says sitting up, you sigh and sit on your sleepingbag, "Thanks." you say, "For what?" he asks, "Laying down my sleeping bag." you state, he lowers his head, "Listen, I wasn't implying anything with that...Condom. I didn't even know I had one." he says confused, you smile to him. "It's alright." you sigh, "Ento wanted me to ask you if you'd sleep with him..." he trails off, you shiver, "No. I'm not intrested." you state, he nods, "I figured you wouldn't be." he says, you sigh lightly and scoot closer to him, "Thank you." you whisper pulling down his collar and kissing his cheek. "Uhm...Right well good night, Shino." you say blushing at what you just did and laying down, "Night." he says soflty.

The next day you ignored Ento and his womanizing while Shino just nodded in agreement to everything he said. It took you all two weeks to enter the village of snow and Shino helped Ento prepair his speech and findings to the people at the meeting. It was a lot of fun in the village of snow, you and Shino went out for some dinner while he gave his presintation and had a great time. You both stayed the night in a nice hotel and went swiming together in the co-ed hot springs. (In bathing suits of course.) But when it was time to leave to get Ento back to his village, he simply paid you extra and told you he found a sexy woman to hang out with a while longer. You and Shino thought this was funny and left with a good bye and some womanizing tips.

On the way back...

After a week of being alone with Shino and not having Ento with you, things got a bit romantic. Not on perpose though. You were both walking in the cold air of the winter land and walked down a large hill when a strong gust of wind hit you and made you fall down the hill, when Shino got down to you he helped you up and asked if you were alright. You told him you weren't feeling that good and needed to rest. So you both set up camp in a relativley warm cave near by. Shino set a fire and made you some soup. It was sweet. ((^^)) "Thanks, Shi-Shino." you say shivering, he sits next to you and wraps an arm around you, trying to warm you up, "Are you feeling any better?" he asks, "Much." you say sweetly. "Rina..." Shino trails off, you tilt your head up at him, "Yes?" you ask, he pulls down his colloar and leans down, kissing your lips softly, you kiss back instantly after the shock wares off and hold him, he holds you tighter and you both share the most blissful and intense moment of your lives. You both went into the tent and slept close to eachother, the next night you even put your sleepingbags together for more warmth and so you could hold eachother. You didn't know how good it felt to have someone love you for you. But now you did.

Arriving back at Kanoha, you ans Shino turned in your report and you got to meet Shino's dad. Shibi nudged Shino, "I knew that condom would come in handy." he says, you and Shino look at one another and laugh. Shino tosses the condom to his dad. "Don't sneek stuff in my pockets, Rina and I have an undertsanding and we are not ready for that kind of thing...yet." he explains, you nod and hug him. Shibi sighs lightly, "I may never have grandchildren..." he crys.

Fin (Hehehe, that was cute.)

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