Every Princess Needs a Prince(Paul imprint)

Created by topgunallstar on Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Megan Dylan Volturi Age:15 (real age 99yrs)


Personality:bubbly,bright, brat, bitch,sweet(at times)and cute

Info:Is Aro Volturi's daughter.Has every vampire power in the world.Is a designer baby.Has a twin brother named Michael.Is a cheerleader,dancer,and gymnast.Plays the guitar,piano,and violin.Loves her family,Invader Zim,and Pasta.Wasborn with a broken knee.Loves pink.

Michael James Volturi Age:15 (real age 99yrs)


Personality:Mature,Polite,Formal,and unselfish

Info:Is aro's son and megan's older twin brother.Has the ability to get what he wants and control people just by smiling.Loves his family,drinking blood,and pasta.Is a designer baby.Love green.

Jason and Jonathan Volturi Age:16 (real age 100 yrs)


Personality:fun ,bright stupid

Info:Ciaus Volturi's twin sons. They are trackers and fighters.Loves pasta,family,and spongebob.

Alexis and Alyssa Volturi Age:16(real age 100yrs)


Personality:like michael's

Info:Marcus Volturi's twin daughter's.They have the ability to make kill by looking at the person and thinking of them dead.They love family,pasta,and killing people.

The Wolf Pack The Volturi The Cullen's The Human's

Sam Uley-22 Aro Edward Kim


Jacob Black-16 Marcus Bella Heidi

Paul reece-18 Caius Carslisle Marissa

Jared-18 Alec Esme Michelle

Embry Call-16 Jane Rosalie

Quil Ateara-16 Demetri Emette

Leah Clearwater-22 Felix Alice

Seth Clearwater-15 sulspicia Jasper

Collin and Brady-13 Athenodorea Reneesmee


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