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Created by AntoinettexXxShakespere on Monday, August 16, 2010

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How You Met:

“Hey, isn’t that Death City in the distance?” Gabby asked, squinting her eyes and trying to block the sun with her hand.

The two of you had been traveling from South America to Death City, Nevada in order to become official DWMA students. The two of you had been DWMA students active only on special missions and only in South America, so you two finally decided it was time to become officials.

“Yeah, it looks like it!” you cheered happily and slightly quickened your pace toward Death City.

When you arrived at the entrance to the city you saw a crowd of people, apparently waiting for you. Among them a large group of kids your age, Shinigami and some other men.

When you got close enough you began to wave sporadically at the group, a couple waved back and Gabby sighed.

“Please, don’t make a bad first impression, I know you’re trying to be friendly but you look like an idiot,” she commented, snatching you hand and forcing it down.

“Sheesh, fine,” you muttered, jamming you hands in your pocket and staring up at the sun, it was laughing at you. “Betch.”


“The sun, it’s laughing at me!” you explained, pointing at the sun as you and Gabby began to climb the steps that led up to Death City.

“It laughs at the general population, when isn’t it laughing,” she retorted, and began to drag you faster up the stairs until you were right in front of Shinigami and the group of people.

“Hi, Shinigami-Sama!” Gabby chirped, putting on her best smile.

“Hello, Shinigami-Sama!” you greeted sweetly, putting on your best smile and looking as innocent as possible.

“Hey, Hiyya, Hi! You must be Sarah and Gabby, welcome to DWMA!” Shinigami greeted, shaking both of your hands. “Are you ready to be official DWMA students?”

“Yes, sir!” you replied, saluting half-heartedly, some people giggled.

“Good! But first, let me introduce you to your fellow students and the staff!” Shinigami began to point out people starting with a tall man with round glasses and a lab coat. “This is your teacher Dr. Franken Stein, that’s Death Scythe, Sid, Naigus, and Mari,” Shinigami finished the adults by pointing out a blond woman with an eye patch and continued to students starting with a girl with beige colored pig tails and a typical school uniform, “This is Maka, Soul Eater, Tsubaki, Black Star, Ox Ford, Harvar, Kilik, Pot of Thunder and Pot of Fire, Kim, Jacqui, Liz and Patty Thompson and my son Death the Kid,” Shinigami listed finishing with a boy with a black suit and black hair with three white stripes.

“Ah, nice to meet you all! I’m Sarah and this is my weapon Gabby!”

How You Fell In Love:

School was out for summer and all the students who were on a mission roamed the streets of Death City aimlessly, much to Mari’s dismay, for she had to worry about all the unsupervised students of hers.

Normally your days were filled with lounging around at Maka and Soul’s house when the heat became to excruciating for even Black Star to bear, or playing basket ball when the sun was merciful.

Today, it wasn’t. You weren’t very happy with the sun either, and you reminded everyone of that fact by joining Black Star in frequently complaining to the gassy ball; much to Kid’s enjoyment. Black Star and yourself were often interrupted by the young Shinigami’s laughter.

And often you would say, “Oi~ Kid-Kun, what is so funny?”

“You, Sarah. You are very hilarious,” was his common reply.

So, today you decided to change things up for him.

“You stupid sun! Why be-ith thee so unmerciful-eth!?” you demanded, hanging out Maka’s window praying for a breeze.

“Yeah, you stupid sun! I’m bigger then you, why don’t you obey me?” Black Star questioned, following you out the window.

You were very tempted to give him a little shove. Maybe the air rushing past him as he fell to the ground would cool him off a bit.

It sounded tempting.

“Shut up, Black Star!” you moaned, trying to be as friendly as possible. “And why’re you so close-eth? You’re worsening the heat-eth in this area-eth,” you said pointedly. This earned many a chuckle from your crush Death The Kid. “And you!” you pointed an accusing finger at him, suddenly gaining some sort of energy. The same energy that always filled your body when he was paying attention to you.

Gabby sighed.

“What is so funny-eth?”

“You, Sarah. As usual.”

You sniffed in a sad, but dramatic kind of way. “No I’m not, I’m not funny at all. Stop laughing, I know you’re faking!”

This sudden change from tired and irritable to hyper and stage-worthy caught Kid off guard and caused him to jump slightly, much to Patty and Soul’s amusement, and his eyes widened, causing you to laugh.

“And what is so funny, Sarah?”

“Why you, Kid dahling,” you said, pretending to be a rich woman from the early 1900’s as you crawled across the floor toward Kid.

Gabby stopped you by placing her foot on your head. “What’re you doing, Sarah?”

“I am being bored, hyper, and slightly crazed from the immense heat. How about you?” you replied, smiling kindly.

“I am watching you be bored, hyper, and slightly crazed from the immense heat. It’s rather entertaining,” she replied, a grin gracing her lips.

“Is that so, and how is that working our for you, dearie?”

“Fabulously well, darling.”

“Good,” you replied, finally getting up and walking toward Kid. You sat down next to him and resumed your bored, and tired composer.

“Are you quite finished being weird?” Kid asked, almost scared to talk to you, but still showing that your friendship was still intact.

“You don’t like me being weird and hyper?” you asked, pouting your lip.

“O-of c-course I l-like you wh-when your w-weird, it’s just…”

“Just what?” you asked, leaning closer with a quizzically goofy look on your face.

“Just… Couldn’t we discuss this privately?” Kid asked, looking at Liz and Patty who were sitting behind you.

Quickly you spun around and saw them nodding vigorously, and just as vigorously you turned back to face kid.

“Sure. And if by privately, you mean outside, you better be ready to carry me back inside, buster, cause it’s freaking hot!”

“Why not outside?”

“Cause I’ll still be a decent temperature as we walk outside, but… You now, this is all pointless, I want to know what ‘just’ meant, so let’s go before I waste anymore energy babbling!” You rose quickly from your seat, grabbed Kids hand and pulled him swiftly out the door, down the steps and into the shady ally behind Maka’s house.

“This place is disgusting and so unsymmetrical!” Kid objected glaring at the garbage heaps.

“That’s alright Kid, just look at me ok?” you replied kindly, hoping he wouldn’t go into one of his fits.

He sighed, “Ok”, and turned to face you, his back to the unsymmetrical ally.

“So, again I ask, ‘Just What’?”

“Uh, just…umm,” Kid stammered.

“You don’t know, do you kid?” you giggled, smiling sweetly.

“No, not exactly,” he murmured, blushing a light shade of red, causing you to giggle more.

“Well that’s ok. So, if you didn’t know, then why did you ask to talk to me privately?”

“Oh, that.

“Oh, yes, that,” you replied.

“Well, it’s just that… I umm, really like you and… I umm, that is I mean to say, Liz and Patty both agreed that I should tell you soon, and umm, I really liked, even though it was fake, that you called me, umm, darling.” All of this he said with a rapid fire pace and half of it you couldn’t make out, though half of it was meaningless prattle anyway.

However, you did get the most important part. “Ah, Kid,” you said laughing a little at how horrible this was sounding in your mind. “I really like you too, that is, if you mean that you like, like me.”

Kid looked up, a grin gracing his countenance. “Of course that’s what I mean, Sarah. I think I am, actually, past the ‘crush’ stage. I think I might be able to say with confidence that I love you.”

“Yeah, Kid, I… Well… Ditto.”

Your Future:

As time goes on Shinigami retires and Kid takes his place. He asks you to marry him and of course you say yes and together the two of you had three kids, much to Kid’s dismay because he wanted 8, two girls and a boy.

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