~A Game For A Shinigami~ {A Death the Kid Oneshot AngelHearts OC}

My first OC for AngelHearts! Hope you enjoy my friend

Created by destinykitten48 on Monday, August 16, 2010

~A Game For A Shinigami~ {A Death The Kid Oneshot AngelHearts O.C}

Angel spun her sythe, Shi, around in the air, a soft breeze blowing her long blonde hair around her pale, slender body. She took a deep breath and smirked playfully at the masked man in front of her. He had dared to steal from her town's bank and she was not at all pleased.

"As queen of Halloween Town I cannot allow you to get away with this," she shouted seriously, but her glare softened as she mocked the man by ending her sentance with a, "sweetie~!"

He scowled, not happy with her cocky attitude and reached into his cloak quickly unsheithing a rod. The man said nothing as he cocked it in Angels direction and she sighed. She had been alive fore aproximatly 8000 years and life was still hell. Her shoulders drooped and her lips curved into a pout. "I just wanted to go visit my Kiddo-kun and you had to get in the way!!"

Her hands gripped her everyday sythe tightly and in a flash she stood in front of the theif, swinging at his legs. He saw this coming and jumped back, shocked by the intensity of this small girls attack. Eyes narrowed, she peeked up at the man through her red striped bang. It glimmered in the setting sun and she smirked. "Come on sweet-heart, stay still for me, wont you?"

In his distraction she brought her weapon into the air and brought it down upon his body. A faint gasp was heard from him as he fell to the ground, grasping at his wound. Angels eyes softened as she kneeled down next to the dying soul, crimson eyes meeting with his own.

"Would you like to make contract?" He gazed at her confused. "A contract?" "Mhm!" Angel exclaimed excitedly. How she enjoyed making contracts with people. "Yeah! See I'm a shinigami so make a contract with me and I can save your soul." The dying man thought over her words. This woman was intriguing. What had he gotten himself into? But he nodded and she smiled pulling a scroll from the sleeve of the long black cloak she wore. "Just sign this and it'll be complete." He took the pen she offered (who knows where she got it xD) and signed the scroll. With shadowed eyes he mumbled an apology and passed on, his soul evaporating into the air. Angel watched contently and the looked down excitedly at the scroll.

"OH! Another contract!" she cheered, jumping up. She clung Shi to her body and smiled. Her weapon was ordinary but they shared a connection that no ordinary person could understand.

"Death-Sama, what are you still doing here?" came the voice of her life long friend Lorac. Angel spun to look adorinngly at her friend. Though they were close, Lorac still refered to her with her respectful nickname. {I don't know if she does but if she doesn't I apoligize! [bows] xD}

Angel threw her arms behind her head and smiled, ignoring her question. "I'm on my way to see Kiddo!" Lorac sighed and Angel huffed. "I don't pay you to give your opinion!" she cried, waving a finger in her face. Lorac sweatdropped. "Um, you don't pay me at all..." "Just shut up," Angel retorted with a laugh as she looked into the distance, sencing a powerful soul wavelength.

She recognized that soul and jumped excitedly as Kid came into sight on his flying skateboard, shouting something about the sun and the clouds and whatnot. Angel waved to her friend who gave a small smile as she ran off towards the decending Kid.

"KIDDO!" she wailed, latching onto his waist even before he had landed. "ANGEL!!" Kid cried as he went stumbling off of Beezlebub, rolling across the ground with Angel in tow. Liz and Patty weren't with him it seemed. How odd.

When they came to a stop the two of them stood up, Angel glowing with happiness and Kid muttering curses under his breath. "Angel, please don't attack me everytime I come to retrieve you." Angel just giggled, her voice like the ringing of bells as she messed with his hair. She hopped over to beezlebub and plopped onto the back of it, motioning for him to get on. "Come on Kiddo, let's go back to Death City. I was just about to visit you myself." Kid smiled to himself as he finished brushing the dirt off of his clothing.

"Alright then," he chimed, stepping onto his board, "let us be off." Angel stood up on the board and clung to Kid's waste. At 5'4, she was a good 3 to 4 inches shorter than Kid. And he almost always used that fact against her when she messed with him about his hair. But today she had decided to wear her stilleto heels, making her just as tall as him. He peeked down at her feet and took in this fact, a frown gracing his features. Her black and red knee length stocking were encased in heels..."I don't like those heels," Kid stated blatantly as they zoomed through the air.

Angel tilted her head to the side and teased, "Why Kiddo-kun? Now you can't make fun of my height." "I can still call you old," he snickered and she glared at him but this went un-noticed. "Fine then! Let's have a game of ball! If I win, I continue to wear the heels. If you win, I take them off." She shrugged. Angel had no doubt that she would win this.

Kid perked up at the challenge and looked behind him to meet her gaze. As a smile overtook his features they sped up faster towards Death City. "That sounds like a fair deal." Angel lowered her head and when she knew Kid wasn't looking, smirked. There was no way she was going to lose this.


Angel and Kid had now some how managed to gain a crowd of onlookers consisting of none other than Maka and Soul, Tsubaki and Black*Star, as well as Liz and Patty. Aparantly they had not wanted to stay cooped up in weapon form just to come get you. Angel smiled warmly at her dear friends and waved a peace sign at all of them. For the game, she had sacrificed her heels over to Maka whom she thought of as a daughter.

"Oooooo-kay~!" Angel exclaimed, pumping her fists in Kids direction, "When I win this I'm going to strut around in those heels any way I want!" Kid paled. "There's more ways than the way you were doing before to wear those horrid shoes!" Kid cried, falling to his knees, anime tears trailing down his face. Liz sighed from behind. "Come on Kid. Just play the game." Kid apparantly heard her and stood back up, eying her intensly.

He took the ball from Black*Star, nodding a thanks to him. Kid tossed it to her saying, "Ladies first." She laughed happily, stepping from foot to foot, dribbling the ball. After a moment, Kid dashed for her and since she had expected this, Angel went to dodge but Kid hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her farther from his hoop. Though this was probably a foul, noone said anything, to entranced by the twos movements.

Death-sama~!" Patty cheered, clapping her hands. Kid shot her a short glare xD

"Two shinigamis dueling it out," Soul muttered, "how cool." And cool it was. The two of them were so fast and flexible, the game would have looked like a dance had it not been for the ball. Angel ground her teeth, trying to free herself from Kids arm but failed, finding herself on the ground, Kid lingering over her. Apparantly he had not meant to do that as his eyes widened. She also was surprised as she tried to surpress a blush. She propped herself on her elbows to help herself up, figuring Kid would do the same but as he lifted herselft up, Angels lips met his.

Everyone gasped as this happened, even Kid. Angel was shocked. What the hell...

But Kid showed no signs of moving. Actually, he only progressed into their accidental situation. He placed a warm hand on the bare skin of her stomach as he pressed his soft lips harder against hers. Angels face grew hot as a blush crept its way upon her face. His tounge slowly traced her lips and she almost imediatly gave in to his want. After a moment, Kid sat back up, gazing at nothing. She sat up as well. "Kiddo...?" "Did we just..." "Yeah." "Really?" "Yeah." "Oh..." Kid said in a daze. She laughed, grabbing her Kid in a bone crushing hug. He sighed. "Angel, your messing up my symmetry." "And you know you love it!" she joked as the two met in another sweet kiss... ~ <3

"Oh," Kid gasped against her lips. She peeked at him. "Hmm?" "Does this mean I win!?" he asked excitedly and Angel just broke out into laughter. "Not in the lease Kiddo, not in the least."


This was my first out of three for you AngelHearts so I hope you enjoyed. Sorry it took me so long :P I've been having trouble with stuff so it took me some time to get around to this but here it is! I truly hope you enjoyed. please tell me what you thought! I hope I got your OC right. I think I did... lol Rate and message everyone please <3 By the way, this was my first OC so yeah... different... haha

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