Keep Yourself Alive (Sherlock Holmes) #33- What Warm Unspoken Secrets Will We Learn?

Listening to Phantom of the opera. "The point of no return" is my favorite song which influenced me to have one of the lyrics as this chapters name. It suits it well since...well...Read on.

Created by Selenalunarox on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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"Yes. As a matter of fact, I do think you regret saving me! I've shown you more emotion than what you have shown me!" Sherlock bites his lower lip angrily & paces the room back & forth. "Alright fine." He said sarcastically "Since I regret saving your life according to you, I now regret making you my partner, solving the Sweeney Todd case with you, writing you a song which took some courage for me to do, but most importantly...I regret being intimate with you!" I was silent for a second & he continues "I have done the best I could to tell you about my feelings towards you! Is what I have done not enough for your liking?" He asks. I looked into his eyes & saw he was really hurt. I responded sadly, now guilty that I hurt his feelings, but still angry. "I do appreciate what you have been doing for me. Especially taking me in when I had no where else to go to. All I ask of you however is to just be honest about your feelings towards me." "I have been!" he exclaimed impatiently. I lifted my eyebrow up at him, very doubtful "Have you?" I asked him. He was silent for a moment until I spoke up "I know I haven’t been upfront about my feelings too, but I’ve been giving you hints that were so obvious even Watson noticed them!" Sherlock then looks alarmed "Watson knows of this?" "Yes!" I said impatiently "Come now Sherlock, it was obvious!" He looks guilty & I continue "That...intimate night we had...I asked you whether you thought what we were feeling was love & not lust...Remember what I asked of your opinion of it?" "Yes" he responded sadly. "I asked that because I wanted to know if you were feeling the same way about me as I did about you. Watson even asked me on the boat...if..." "If what?" Sherlock asks me. He didn’t look angry anymore, he just looked guilty & concerned over me. "He asked me if I was in love with you." A tear went down my cheek & he holds me in a tight embrace. "I'm sorry" I whispered "for questioning you & being rude to you. I know you were just trying to help me out by saying it wasn’t my fault for this catastrophic premonition I had. You must think of me as a villainous lunatic for having such a violent dream!" He shook his head "No. I would never think of such a thing. You aren’t the villain. The men causing fire to the building are the villains. In my honest opinion, your concern over my life as well as Watson's Mary's, yours & other peoples, are concerns only a heroine would have. Your vision can help save lives Lucy. Think of that." I smiled at him & kissed his cheek "Thank you."

Sherlock's POV---------------------

I never knew I would find myself in this position...with a client. Lucy's more then just a client though...As I held her in my arms, I noticed her features as the lantern glowed. Her long wavy black hair, her kaleidoscope hazel eyes, her pillowy lips & her beautiful face. These features were on a woman who was incredibly clever who could take down a grown man with her fists. When she told me what my colleague asked her, my hopes grew to a great extent. "What did you tell Watson after he asked you the question?" I asked her. She looked at me sadly & she responds "I told him...I have trying telling you myself that I you, but you didn’t notice." I held her face in my hands & looked into her eyes. Even in the dim lantern light, her eyes were luminous. " me?" I asked her. She nods her head "Please Sherlock...tell me the truth. Tell me the truth the night before we risk our lives you love me?" I was silent for a second, thinking about how I should address this matter. Just tell her simply the truth. I have never been this nervous in all my life. "Yes." I said nervously.

Regular POV------------------------

"Please forgive me" he said "I have never told that to anyone. Not even my brother..." I chuckled a little & ran my fingers through his hair seductively. "That was all I wanted to hear." I brought him closer to a soft kiss. He was surprised at first, but he deepened the kiss more & more. I ran my hand down his chest, which was slightly exposed since his shirt wasn't buttoned all the way. I could easily fix that... Before I stopped myself, I found myself unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt. I thought he would tell me to stop, but he didn’t. Our lips didn’t part at all. Once his shirt was on the floor, His hands then go to my nightdress straps & lowers them, exposing my shoulders. His lips went from mine to my shoulders & towards the nape of my neck. "I have always had feelings for you Lucy. Please know that." He said softly as his lips brushed against my neck. "I know. I just wanted to hear you say it to make sure it's true." I responded. I didn’t want any of us to speak anymore words. This moment was too good to be interrupted. What happened next…well let just say we both didn’t get any sleep for the rest of the evening.
OMG FINALLY! It took 33 freakin chapters for Sherlock to admit he loves Lucy!

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